Funny Questions to Ask a Girl over Text

You might see yourself as something of a smooth talker, but every now and then, there might be a special kind of girl who stops you dead in your tracks and leaves you with plums in your mouth. Girls like that get lots of attention from lots of different people. In order to stand out, you need to be armed with good conversation and an ability to keep her interested over text. You want your name to be on her mind long after you have finished speaking for the night. Take it from us – you need to plant the seeds in this instance.

Do you find yourself staring blankly at your phone screen with no clue as to how kick off your chat? We are here to help! We have broken down the very best ways to inspire friendly debate and banter. If you implement some of these questions into your conversation, you’ll never have to worry about being stuck for something to say again.

These questions will let her know you are genuinely intrigued by her opinions, personality, and well-being. Follow our lead, and we promise you will never be left in the friend-zone again!

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Questions to Ask a Girl You Like over Text to Get to Know Her

  • Is your glass half-full? Or are you one of those half-empty sort of people?

    Everybody asks this question. Honestly, we are not surprised. It is a tried and tested way of figuring out a large part of somebody’s personality. Most people prefer to be with somebody who is optimistic - unless you are a pessimist who loves to complain! If you are seeking a girl who sees the positive in every situation, this question should reveal everything you are aching to know in that regard.

  • If you swap lives with any fictional character, whose life do you think you would enjoy the most?

    This topic stops you from asking boring questions like “what is your favorite movie?” You are basically asking a similar question but with the potential for even more riveting conversation. Get her chatting about her favorite fictional characters, and you’ll get some sort of idea about how she sees herself in her own mind, not to mention what she values most in life. Be prepared with your own killer response and give her something to think about.

Intimate Questions to Ask a Girl over Text

If you have been itching to build an intimate connection with somebody, you will want to move the conversation towards matters of love and affection. Be prepared to show your vulnerable side and let down your walls. Make sure there is no doubt that you are a sensitive person who is unafraid to show his emotions. Stuck for ideas? Try these questions on for size.

  • When and how did you last truly fall head over heels in love with somebody?

    This question depends on the maturity levels of the girl you are texting. She could be too young to have experienced true love just yet. However, once women reach a certain age, they will undoubtedly have some history. Asking open questions about each other’s past helps prove you are not a jealous person. It also prepares for any walls you may have to overcome in order to get close to her.

  • What do you love most about yourself and why?

    Give this girl an opportunity to sell herself. Encourage her to think positively about herself while she’s talking to you. However, that is not the only reason why we ask this question. You basically set yourself up to offer compliments and make her swoon. Pro tip: make sure you mean everything you say. Start this potential relationship on the right foot by being honest.

  • When did you realize you were beautiful?

    This may induce a fiery response. A girl may already think she’s attractive and be forward about that fact, in which case you can simply agree. However, if your crush suffers with self-esteem issues, you can pick her up and give the compliments she deserves. Say something like, “you must be blind because you are definitely stunning in my eyes.” Works every time – just remember to be genuine!

Fun Questions to Ask a Girl over Text

You don’t always have to be so serious all the time! Keep things amusing and light as much as you can. Nobody wants to date somebody without a funny bone. Think of some hilarious scenarios and pose them to your crush. Texting should enjoyable and should NEVER feel like a chore.

  • If you were in a freak accident and suddenly developed a superpower and could only use it to help other people, which superpower would best suit you?

    A word of warning: you should probably prepare your own answer before you break out this question. This sort of conversation provides a clear glimpse into her creativity and allows her to show off her sense of humor. The possibilities are endless, and every superpower inevitably comes its own plus-points and pitfalls.

  • What is the weirdest celebrity crush you ever had? Is it still a thing?

    We all developed strange crushes when we hit puberty. In fact, I had a friend who had a huge thing for Kermit the Frog. Luckily, the girl you are texting probably won’t respond with something as strange as that. Regardless, getting an idea of somebody’s weird celebrity crush gives you an insight into their preferred personality type.

  • Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?

    “Would you rather” scenarios have seemingly existed for as long as courtship and human relationships. You don’t have to ask this particular question, but making them choose between two difficult yet funny choices is a fabulous conversation starter and a sure-fire way to amuse her in the way you want. Have a competition and see who can come up with the funniest suggestions. Unless you are harboring a raging foot fetish, the right answer is obviously hands for feet…

  • If you woke up one morning with the magical ability to suddenly swap bodies with your mother for 24 hours, what would you get up to?

    Talk about being sneaky! This is a prime opportunity to gain some intel on her family before you actually meet them. They always say that if you would like some idea about the women a girl will one day become, take a look at her mother.

Try and think of other similar fun and light-hearted questions to inspire friendly chat and interesting debates with one another. If you can inspire gut-busting laughs and humor-tinted flirting, all the better!

Deep Questions to Ask a Girl over Text

Do not shy away from intense topics when chatting over text. Nobody wants to put up with idle small-talk. Get your crush thinking about philosophical issues and the intricate nature of the human condition. These may not be funny suggestions, but they will most definitely help your connection grow.

  • If you were to meet yourself as a child, what retrospective advice would you impart?

    Everybody changes as they get older. Some for the better; others not so much. If you are willing to get super deep, ask her to get really introspective and offer her best advice to her younger self. This way, she will allow you a glimpse of her morals and what she holds sacred.

  • If you were given the opportunity to converse with a higher power, what guidance would you seek?

    Religion is a touchy subject, but one which usually results in deep thoughts and musings. We all contemplate a potential grand design, and I’m sure we all have a thing or two we’d like to say to our creator. Like the previous suggestion, you’ll get serious insight into her core beliefs and plenty of philosophical debate.

  • What would your ideal version of the afterlife consist of?

    And while you are on the subject of God, you might as well get her thoughts on where we go once we kick the bucket. We all have some idea about heaven and what we would want do if we were left to explore another realm of existence. Don’t be afraid to get really spiritual with this sort of conversation; it will help you seem very mature and intelligent.

  • What do you consider to be the most vitally important thing in life? Has it changed with age?

    Don’t plump for the boring “meaning of life” topic. Get a little bit more creative and get her to pinpoint the single most important factor in her life. We warned you these suggestions were going to get deep!

There you have it!

We hope we have given you a fraction of inspiration. Obviously, you’ll know your crush better than we do. These topics are designed a jumping off point and should hopefully help you maintain a positive relationship and allow you to grow closer as friends. Here’s hoping you bloom into something more!

Good luck!

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