For success with online dating, the first message is essential

More and more people worldwide embrace online dating as a lifestyle and frequently meet new partners through this discreet and very practical channel. In the online environment, all communications are digital, and the first contact is typically made through a short text message. Clearly, the relevance of the first message to send a girl on a dating site is immense since it can largely shape her opinion about you before you had any chance to elaborate. Every word in the message must be carefully weighed to determine how it could be interpreted by the other side, preventing misunderstandings in advance. Simultaneously, a cute first message that expresses your interest could tickle the lady’s imagination and cause her to respond in kind. Of course, the type of the dating site and the person's profile play important roles, so it may be necessary to consider multiple factors before deciding what opening line to use.

Some of the best first online dating messages are very polite

You might think that everyone is communicating directly and openly on dating sites, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to be rude or to assume anything in advance. Quite the contrary is true, as some of the online dating first message examples that work the best are very polite and don’t include any references to an actual meeting. Instead of pressuring the girl with an aggressive approach, going slowly and trying to get a feel for the person you are talking to allows you to gain ground inch by inch. After a while, when you establish a trust relationship, you may consider adding some spice to your words, but the first message should ideally be kept completely clean. Some of the things to include in good messages to write on dating sites are personal information about yourself, your primary areas of interest, as well as tastes when it comes to women and dating. It’s also OK to ask one or two questions in the initial message for as long as they are not too intimate for a first conversation.

Presenting yourself in a good light

One of the primary purposes of the introductory message on dating sites is to present you as a perfect gentleman who knows how to please a woman. You won’t achieve that if you just pick up something from an online dating first message template and copy/paste it to every woman you meet on the site. Writing an honest and authentic intro is much better since generic messages are easy to recognize and not too hard to ignore. Just try to think about some of your good traits or major accomplishments and speak without any pretensions or prejudice. While you may be impressed with someone’s picture on a dating site and imagine that woman as some kind of a love goddess, she is just a human being and will react well to normal communication, so no need to use big words. Most importantly, stay truthful when you describe yourself since it won’t be possible to hide anything if the relationship progressed to the real world and you meet the lady in person.

Providing the woman with enough space to make a decision

Being too pushy doesn’t allow the woman to consider her options freely, which is why many ladies are automatically rejecting all men who behave like this. Taking things easy and enjoying small talk for a while will provide a safety buffer and clear any doubts about your character. The best online dating messages are flirty in a sweet way and also respectful in an essential way, so they manage to get through. Dating is a voluntary thing, and you should never try to influence the person to decide in your favor – not only this almost never works, but it’s also totally unfair and insensitive. You should trust that your natural charm is sufficient and let the process play itself out, as any kind of pressure actually reflects your insecurity and will be perceived as whiny in many cases.

Understanding what’s a good message to send on a dating site

If you can learn how to write successful first messages, online dating will become much more fun for you as you will get far more responses. It’s really amazing how big a difference a few words can make, but anyone who spent time on online dating platforms will vouch that guys who know how to express their thoughts in a bold but respectful manner have far more success. That’s why instead of complaining that the website you are a member of doesn’t have enough female profiles, you should improve your own game and start sending messages that show your best sides without boasting and compliment the lady without sounding corny. You also need to make every message a little bit different – if you compare over 100 online dating first message examples that lead to success, you won’t find two that are completely identical. It takes some effort to think of a new wording every time, but the last thing you want to be on a dating website is lazy.

Speak clearly and with emotion, but without entitlement

Online communication should never turn into a game of riddles, so hiding your intention behind cryptic sentences is just as creepy as pressuring someone into a date, if not more. The most optimal approach is to send catchy messages on dating sites that clearly signal who you are and what your expectations are. It’s perfectly fine to show your soft side when addressing a pretty girl, although you should probably save deeply emotional outbursts for when you already know a partner. Another big red flag is using language that implies you somehow have a right to receive an answer since this implication puts the recipient of the message in a subordinate position. Such language is offensive in the real world, and you shouldn’t resort to it in an anonymous online environment either.

Build an element of interaction into your first message

A large percentage of the best first email online dating examples are built around an interactive element such as a question or a joke. The point is to gently nudge the person towards replying without making any demands. This approach has many advantages and allows both sides to act completely naturally while maintaining a shared stream of thought. This element doesn’t have to be something important since even simple information such as age and marital status can be conversation starters that lead to more meaningful exchanges down the line. To use this strategy with success, you need a lot of patience, quick wits, and a sense of humor, but if you pull it off, you might win the affections of many ladies and acquire a reputation as a fun person to talk to. You can learn from the outcomes of your first attempts and gradually develop a highly engaging communication style.

Learn how to respond to online dating message examples

Good communication can be practiced, much like any other skill. A good way to start is to find some good online dating conversation examples and carefully consider each step of the process. Some of the wisdom you pick up there could be applied to your situation, albeit with some changes. Replying to the message well is extremely important since it means you managed to establish contact, and it would be terrible to ruin it with some careless words. For this reason, you should resist the urge the type out your response right away and instead think for a few minutes about the content of your next message. There are a few aspects in particular that you should be aware of, starting with the tone of the message you received, the point in the conversation, as well as the preferences of the person on the other side. A suitable answer should take all relevant information into account and be delivered in a reserved but very friendly tone.

Staying on topic and advancing your agenda at the same time

If you want to have a continuous exchange of messages with a woman you just met online, you should make sure that you follow her thinking line and stay on the same page. Understandably, you would like to ask many things about her life, but inserting questions about boyfriends while you are chatting about music tastes is going to get you in trouble. You need to steer the conversation in the direction you prefer very subtly and without forcing the issue. This is a fine art that newcomers to online dating sites sometimes have trouble understanding. Good messages to write on dating sites are nearly always lighthearted and flexible, and they can be interpreted as flirty but not brutish and selfish.

Understanding the timing of online dating communication

After you send your opening message, online dating communication tends to follow a specific rhythm, and it’s best to go along with it. You should definitely wait for a response before sending another message since it’s very annoying to receive a bunch of similar requests from the same guy. On the other hand, once you do get an answer, you shouldn’t keep the lady waiting for your next message for too long, or she might lose interest and move on. Keeping the conversation going is the way to arrange a date, so you should frequently check your inbox and respond within a few hours every time you find a newly arrived message. Dating site users who understand how the timing of a conversation works and act optimally can greatly improve their standing on the platform and gain many new contacts.

Good messages to write on dating sites must be authentic

No matter how many online dating message examples you look into, in the end, you will have to take matters into your own hands and compose an original opening line that suits you the best. Women get a lot of messages on dating platforms, and in order to stand out from the crowd, you must sound unique and 100% authentic. That’s why you should search for your voice and style and dare to experiment with different approaches until you find something that consistently elicits a reply. Including bits about your life or references to current events can demonstrate that you are the actual author or the message and put you in the lady’s good graces. Yes, composing smart and lovely messages can be arduous, but you will be rewarded with a great experience on a dating app that would otherwise elude you.

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