Top 10 Questions to Ask a Boy

Do you have a new man that seems like the ideal guy but is unreadable? Naturally, this only piques your curiosity and eagerness to know him better.

One of the most fool-proof methods of getting all you need to know is asking the right questions. The answers your partner gives will serve as a window into his mind so you can understand him better.

However, you might wonder, "How do I know which questions are good to ask?" This excerpt on 10 things to ask a guy will help you know the exact areas to look. Let's dive into it!

10 Questions to Ask a Boy During Conversations

Maintaining discussions can be a little tricky if you are not used to starting small talks. It's even more difficult when you're talking to a taciturn person. Nevertheless, you can ask great questions that will require your partner to provide comprehensive answers. This will ultimately transform your conversation from a boring affair into an interesting activity.

Here is a list of 10 questions to ask a boy during conversations:

  1. Could you describe your proudest moment?

    This will surely provoke a long-winded answer from even the most introverted boy. No matter how much we deny, we feel great telling our achievements to others.

    This question will help make the discussion more interactive, especially if he throws the query your way. Besides, his answer will provide an insight into what he values.

  2. What is the weirdest fact about you?

    Everyone has a weird habit or interest; anyone who says otherwise is simply posturing. While certain folks prefer to keep this private, others wouldn't mind telling. Asking a guy such a question can make the guy grow interested in the conversation. He becomes curious in knowing yours as well, making the overall discussion livelier.

  3. What do you fear?

    Please note that this is a personal question, so you might be a little cautious when asking it. Otherwise, it should help you get more insight into your partner's personality.

    He could mention something serious like "failing an exam", or "living an unfulfilled life". Alternatively, he could mention something weird or funny, like a fear of spiders or heights.

    Talking about your fears tends to spice things up. Who knows? You might share one or two, and that will be a perfect ice-breaker!

  4. What film are you likely to watch time and time again?

    If you prefer a surface-level, non-invasive question, this is highly recommended. You are guaranteed to get a reply since a lot of folks love to talk about their favorite movies.

  5. What embarrassing act did you pull off as a kid?

    Most guys at cradle ages are very adventurous and pull off many surprising acts. More often than not, they do not realize how embarrassing some of those antics are until they have come of age. Asking this question is likely to enliven the conversation and provoke long bouts of laughter. Plus, you can tease them with this information in the future.

  6. What would you consider your worst decision yet?

    This can trigger some of the funniest replies you have ever heard. And, surprisingly, it may also expose a little of your partner's personality and facts about his life.

    For instance, if he says lying to escape punishment is awful may suggest he's big on morals. Should he say something like, "I almost forgot to launch my parachute while skydiving", it's obvious that he's a thrill-seeker.

  7. What do you think of yourself?

    This is the right way to go if you want to know more about the guy. It is a great revealer of what he thinks of himself and may signal his self-confidence and self-awareness levels.

  8. Are there any insecurities you have?

    If you are considering something beyond dinner dates with the guy, we recommend asking this. Knowing his insecurities in advance eases your preparation to handle them. This ranks as one of the best 10 questions to ask a boy.

  9. What do you look for in a relationship?

    This is another question to ask if a guy seems nice enough to date. His answer will reveal his idea of what a romantic relationship should look like.

    More than anything, it helps clear the air and lets you know if he shares your thinking on relationships. And, obviously, this is part of suitable questions to ask to keep a conversation with a guy going.

  10. What qualities would the perfect partner have?

    If you're interested in pursuing a relationship with a guy, asking this question might be worth it. From his answer, you'll quickly determine if he'll consider you a good fit or not, which saves you time.

We believe these are some of the best 10 things to ask a guy. After all, you don't want to enter a relationship with someone who has no sense of self or personal identity.

Are There Any Interesting Things to Ask a Guy?

Sometimes, asking superficial questions about a guy's likes/dislikes or favorite things won't cut it. Especially if he's an intellectual, you want to ask him thought-provoking questions. Here are some interesting things to ask a guy:

  1. What unpopular opinion do you share?

    Individuals, especially intelligent ones, often hold unpopular opinions about some facets of life and society. They may keep this hidden for fear of backlash but will be willing to share them with someone they trust.

  2. What is your opinion on attempts to make humans immortal?

    Life extension science is one field that attracts both awe and hate for what it represents. If your guy understands major life issues, he should be able to give a well-reasoned answer. That way, you'll know more about his thought process and ideas on life. Also, you can give your counter-opinion and spar with him in an intellectual debate.

  3. What movie best reflects life?

    Art, as they say, imitates life. Some movies are great at depicting real life, and they warrant deep discussions to evaluate them. This question is suitable if your guy is a movie geek. But even the most anti-movie person will know one or two movies that portrayed real life perfectly.

  4. What topic can you speak on for 30 minutes without preparation?

    This question reveals a guy's expertise in a certain area. It can also help you understand the things that interest him the most.

  5. What would you do as the president of the country?

    These fun questions can bring up some really interesting answers. It could also infuse some humor into the conversation if your partner replies with something like, "I'll legalize free smoothies for everyone".

Five Questions to Ask a Guy You Love

Love is a beautiful thing, especially when the feeling of affection is mutual. Below are the best questions to ask a guy you love:

  1. Is it possible to hurt someone you love?

    A question like this makes for pretty deep conversations with someone you love. Their answer might also reveal how they treat those they claim to love.

  2. Do you think "love at first sight" is unrealistic?

    You can ask your love interest if he thinks "love at first sight" is a charade. Just as it is with other questions, it may help understand his views on romantic relationships.

  3. Do you believe you can grow to love someone?

    Here's what you should ask if you feel he's not reciprocating your love enough. That way, you know that he may still end up admitting his love for you someday.

  4. What's most loveable about me?

    We recommend asking this during lonely times discussing random things with your partner. Without a doubt, your partner will likely mention many things, which will only deepen the love you have for him.

  5. Can a beauty defect affect your love for me?

    Sometimes, a guy can claim to love you until the end of times — but it may all be a ploy to get you. You can ask this question to confirm if this guy loves you or wants you in his bed.

Good Questions to Ask Your Guy Best Friend

Your guy best friend can be an indispensable tool to understanding men. From his answers, you can form conclusions about the male psyche.

Here are some questions to ask your guy best friend:

  1. What does a man in love do to signal his interest?
  2. Do men love bold women or prefer shy ladies?
  3. What are signs that a man is in love with a woman?
  4. Do men love girls that play hard to get?
  5. How do men tell women they like them without saying it?
  6. What feminine qualities appeal to men?
  7. Is it natural for guys to ghost their partners?
  8. Is it good to flirt with a man even if I'm not in a relationship with him?
  9. Can I ask a guy out?
  10. How do I recognize an insecure guy?

How to Play a Question Game with a Guy

Many experts recommend question-and-answer games for individuals looking for dating and relationships. These games follow the same pattern: someone asks many questions that the other must reply to, then the roles are reversed. An example is 21 Questions, where you ask a guy twenty-one questions that can cover a range of topics.

Please note that you can form your own question-and-answer game; it doesn't have to revolve around the 21 Questions game. You want to keep questions interesting, engaging, and insightful; ask ones that encourage deep thinking. For example, something like "Are you an optimistic or pessimistic individual?" may sound random — but it says a lot about an individual.

Other examples include:

  1. Are ghosts real?
  2. Do you prefer classic rock 'n' roll or new-school rock? (if he's into music)
  3. Are you scared of death?
  4. Do you prefer wealth to popularity?

Remember that you can always come up with your questions for this game. It will be even better since you'll be able to channel your creativity into it.

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