Some of the most ideal compliments for men

When it comes to thinking of perfect compliments for a man, you don’t have to stretch your imagination. The average guy will be more than receptive for pretty much anything you could tell him. That’s not to say they are all egotistical and so self-centered that anything you say will strike its target, but it does hint that complimenting guys tends to be much easier than the reciprocal activity where females are concerned.

  • There might be many situations where you might wish to make a strong impression, particularly if you are interested in connecting with a potential partner. If you are a single who is in the habit of browsing through the personal profiles on dating sites, compliments are an important part of the process of getting to know other site users.
  • There is only so much information you can glean from details into the online descriptions – so when it comes to building a rapport with one of the other members, you need to get involved in one-on-one discussions.
  • These websites all provide secure communication platforms you can put to your advantage. Any guy who has chosen to upload flirty details tales to one of these platforms will have done so because they are keen for this information to be noticed by potential suitors, who will feel compelled to get in touch.
  • So whether you are the person who is initiating these messages, or someone has alighted on your profile and decided to get familiar, good compliments for a guy will help you to ingratiate your way into his affection.

So what are the main compliments to give a guy that will boost his self-esteem, and let him know that out of all the other singles he might choose from to start initiating online chat, you would be the best one?

  • Pay close attention to his profile photo. After all, this is the first impression that he will be making to the outside world, so he will probably have spent some time posing for the most flattering portraits and getting them framed appropriately. Telling him how handsome he is will always give a considerable boost.
  • Guys are just as proud of their fashion sense as any females these days. If he has gone to some trouble in choosing his outfit before a date, let him know that you have noticed.
  • Males can sometimes be fixated on their voices, whether they use authoritative tones or employ seductive regional accents. Whether you have chatted over the phone or are meeting for a face-to-face encounter, let him know that you find his gravelly tones irresistible.

Words to compliment your boyfriend and make him happy

Much as online dating is all about first impressions and good looks, personality is important, especially when it comes to kindling those all-important sparks of chemistry. Once you know enough about a potential date to pick up aspects of his character, let him know that you think he has a wonderful personality, one that sparkles and you find endearing- but also sensual.

  • Males on dating sites will often try to sweep you off your feet with witty asides and a lot of charm. One of the top compliments you can give a guy is to laugh at his jokes as if he is the funniest potential stand-up comic you have ever met!

There are many one-word compliments for guys, and it doesn’t take a massive degree of common sense to work out the ones that would go down the best. Here is just a cross-section of these examples:

  • Handsome.
  • Rugged.
  • Sexy.
  • Masculine.
  • Assertive.
  • Dominant.
  • Sensual.
  • Seductive.
  • Muscular.
  • Athletic.
  • Endearing.
  • Trustworthy.

There are many more of these, but choosing any one of them is guaranteed to make him feel special. Of course, any female could rattle off a series of compliments for guys like handsome, guaranteed to make him feel worthy and appreciated. But you will stand a far better chance of being noticed if you think outside the box a little.

  • What if he happens to be a stereotypical nerd who lives for his computer games and has a day job that involves a lot of computer coding? He might not necessarily appreciate being fawned over in terms of how good-looking or fit he happens to be.
  • He might prefer words like ‘cerebral’ or ‘intelligent’, phrases that are all about harnessing his inner nerd (nerd being extremely complimentary in these cases.) If you want to think of the best compliment for a guy, picture the types of positive affirmations that would bring a smile to you.
  • The key aspect of giving compliments to someone you are interested in is to do so with sincerity. Too often there can be a temptation just to say the things you feel he is going to expect you to say.
  • This is particularly the case when you are meeting in offline situations such, as bars or nightclubs where singles gravitate to socialize. People in these circumstances often have preconceived ideas of what goes down when they are getting to know a prospective partner.

As long as you look him straight in the eye and tell him something that appears to be honest and aboveboard, you will soon have him eating out of your hand!

  • If you are in the habit of interacting with more than one guy at a time on a dating site – and it is not uncommon for site users to have a shortlist of likely candidates they regularly chat with – it would be important to remember which person you are addressing at any time.
  • Guys certainly love compliments in whatever form they take, but they will not appreciate if you get them mixed up with someone else you are also in the process of interacting with.

So make sure that you use the correct name during your correspondence – a slipup can prove to be costly if you are interested in someone but inadvertently make it clear that you are secretly interested in another site user.

It’s easy to learn a list of sweet compliments for guys

When we enter the online world, a whole new set of circumstances need to be addressed. If you want to know how to compliment a guy on his looks over text messages, you need to be more of a wordsmith. In the real world, you can appraise a guy and make him feel special without opening your mouth. People often rely on subconscious communication to gain a sense of what someone else is feeling about them. This might translate as receiving appraising looks before any conversation has even been entered into.

  • When it comes to sending online messages, this aspect of human behavior is denied to you. You can only go by what is printed on texts or emails to gain a fuller picture of what someone thinks about you. So when it comes to complimenting a guy through your messages, you need to be much more direct and aboveboard in what you are letting him know.
  • Make him realize you have paid attention to the hobbies and interests that he has specified in his profile. This will give the impression that you have focused on him, even if the reality is that you have been sifting through any number of profiles before alighting on his. If he has certain hobbies, this is another aspect you can compliment.
  • Say he is particularly sporty or athletic, something that has been confirmed in the images he has posted in his profile description. You can let him know exactly how fit you think he is, judging by his photos. For many male singles, having someone subtly massaging their ego can be a wonderful prospect, one that overrules all other types of compliments.
  • No matter what a guy does for a living, if you can compliment him on his hard work, this is another aspect that will make him appreciate you all the more.

It could be the case you have had someone round to do some odd jobs in the house, or if you are lucky, that new person you have been interacting with on a dating site has turned out to be a handyman, as well as an attractive potential partner.

  • If they have been doing anything in the way of home improvements for you and have made an excellent job of it, make sure you let them know how much you have appreciated all their hard grafting. This could extrapolate to other areas.
  • Whatever tasks this person has done for you, ensure you let them know how much you have appreciated what they have accomplished. You could either reward them by complimenting them in some way yourself, or by going the extra mile and offering them some gift, giving them something physical to take away where the extent of your gratitude and can be confirmed.

Do you want to know how to compliment a guy you like?

There are so many different aspects of a male character that you can make comments on, and as soon as these become positive you will achieve the desired effect of making him feel special.

  • How to compliment the guy on his personality? Pay close attention to every aspect of his character, the flaws as well as the positive traits.
  • No one is so squeaky clean they have no negative attributes at all. But if you can prove you have noticed these and accepted them, perhaps even suggesting there are certain areas where improvements can be made, then you have put in place all the necessary building blocks for a flourishing relationship.

When it comes to dress sense, fashion is unique to every individual. Even guys who work in offices and have to turn up every day in conservative-looking suits, with a regulation collar and tie ensemble will have moments when they dressed down and feel relaxed in your company.

  • Perhaps it might not be such a good idea for them simply to resort to scruffy jeans and sneakers. In the modern age, most guys would appreciate girls prefer males who have taken the trouble to show off their style a little, as this is a strong indication of their positive feelings for you.
  • So when it comes to finding out how to complement the guy on his outfit, all you have to do is pay close attention to any new clothes that he shows up in for dates, and make it clear that you have noticed.
  • If he is wearing an item of clothing that you are not so keen on, there are tactful ways of pointing this out without hurting his feelings.
  • All you have to do is make subtle suggestions about how he could improve on his look. So rather than simply telling him you dislike something, make suggestions about different color schemes, or choosing an alternative that would enhance his figure even more.

The list of compliments for guys is practically endless, given the fact they are all so individual in their tests and outlooks. But there are universal traits for you to focus on, and if you are in the slightest bit hesitant about the best things to say to a guy, all you have to do is ask around his friendship circle.

If you have platonic friends in common, you could initiate conversations with them to try to find out the types of things that make him tick, and the particular compliments he would most appreciate. This can all be done surreptitiously so that when you do broach the subject of praising him, it doesn’t sound secondhand in the slightest.

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