Stop Looking for Cute Singles!

No, we’re certainly not saying stop looking for cute single guys! Let’s be honest—physical attraction is extremely important, but what we tend to forget is personality definitely matters too!

We’re sure you’ve been there. You’re online looking for male singles near me when you stumble upon a cute-looking fellow. He messaged you & you think he’s attractive, so you send him a message back. You flirt for a bit & he seems alright, so you meet up for a date. How does it go? Total nightmare!

The point we want to make is there are always lots of guys out there, but a lot of them have less-than-desirable personalities. Whether they’re boring, rude, angry, or anything else—if you want to have an actual relationship, you definitely need to be attracted to them beyond just looks. So how do you find these nice single boys? We’re actually glad you asked!

Where to Meet Young Single Guys

If you’ve always asked yourself, “where can I meet men” we’ve got you covered. It’s definitely easy to meet hot single guys, but finding a man worth your time is actually another challenge altogether. Let’s go over some of the common places to meet guys, the pros & cons, & where you should definitely go if you’re looking for a certain type of guy.

1. The Club

One of the first places that might pop into your head is the club (or a bar). Sure, if you’re looking for the ideal “single white male near me,” chances are you can certainly find him in some crowded, loud club, partying his butt off & trying to pick up chicks while out with his mates. In the end, it’s just harmless fun, & since this type of guy will certainly approach you first, it seems like a win-win. Is it? Maybe. If you just want to meet good-looking single men but don’t really care about getting into a serious relationship, then the club is definitely a great place to meet new guys. On the other hand, if you’re always looking for something more, you should try somewhere else.

2. Guys You Already Know

Forget “guys in my area”; try guys you already know! If you’re willing to (potentially) risk a friendship, then going after the guys you know can be an easy way to find love. Chances are, at least one of them is already head over heels for you, & they’d definitely love it if you made the first move! The positives of this are definitely obvious: you already know them, they know you, you most likely share similar interests, & you already have a history. The downsides are that you might ruin your friendship if things go south, you already have a history (so that can get a bit messy), & your selection is unfortunately somewhat limited. Still, if you’re always looking for more than just a one-night situation & actually want to find that forever partner, taking a second look at the guys you already know just might find you your Romeo!

3. Online

“Where to meet great single guys?” Why, online, of course! If you’ve always wondered how to find cute guys online, good news! It’s not hard at all. There are tons of dating sites these days, some paid, some free. Of course, we don’t mean posting a “single guys wanted ad or something cheesy like that. We’re actually talking about an honest, legitimate dating website for singles searching for their soulmate. While you definitely do run the risk of running into someone who only wants a fling (or worse, a weirdo), you also have the opportunity to meet someone you’d certainly never have met otherwise, & dating sites are definitely the easier way to meet single guys in your area.

As you can see, where to meet nice single guys is a question with an easy answer: just use online dating sites! Unfortunately, like most things, the idea is simple, but the practice is not.

How to Find Single Guys for Short & Long-term Relationships

If you’ve always wondered, “where can I meet single men online” you’ve probably signed up for a few sites in the past. Just in case, we’ll explain the two main types of online dating sites: dating sites & mingling sites.

Dating sites are exactly what they sound like: for dating. The men on these websites are generally looking for a long-term relationship & more likely interested in settling down with a single partner. If you’re actually looking for something serious, a dedicated dating website is definitely the way to go.

On the other hand, are sites to find a partner for a short-term relationship. While technically a type of dating site, these sites are all about having fun without strings and commitment. If you’re a care-free person looking for something lighter, then these sites can definitely be great, but if you’re wondering where to meet decent single guys? Well, certainly not on here! Only join these sites if you’re not looking for something meaningful because guys will be messaging you day & night trying to meet up for some “fun.”

Now you know where to go to meet single guys & what type of site will have which type of guy. Joining these online communities is always very easy, but if you want the best chance of success, it definitely pays to take the time to complete your profile. After all, window shopping is nice, but it’s certainly better if you get to know a bit more about the person (or in this case, they get to know a bit more about you!). By taking the time to fill out your profile, you can easily let any guy looking know what you want, what you like, what you don’t like, & what you always expect out of a relationship.

This definitely might sound a little intense, but we promise it’s not. Most dating websites keep it relatively light, so the info you’ll always want to include is generally just details like height, hair color, eye color if you smoke if you drink, & other useful information. Admittedly, lots of these questions can easily be answered by a quick glance at your photos, but dating sites often use detailed search filters to help singles find potential matches. If you don’t take the time to fill them out, then the search filters won’t always work, meaning you could miss out on meeting your potential man!

Most websites also let you include an “about me” section. This part is definitely key because it lets you find hot single guys while weeding out the idiots. When guys want to have a chance with a girl, they’ll usually look through their profile to try to find something they can easily start a chat with. If you’ve included this info, & the guy just shoots you a generic pickup line, then you can definitely assume he’s messaging a bunch of other girls & just waiting until one responds. Of course, this may not always be the case, but caution is certainly key to online dating (especially when you’re trying to find a serious relationship!). Keep it light, short, but always informative. Anything you’re really passionate about is definitely something you should include!

The Best Places to Meet Professional Singles

If you want to find a white-collar love, you’ve always got at least a few different places to look. The obvious choice, your job, is definitely an easy way to meet men, but you may not have the options you’re seeking. Another option you have is networking events. There will always be tons of men you can meet there, but as the environment is mainly work-focused, it’s not exactly optimized for romance. Where to find men to date that are classy & well-educated? Once again, the internet is definitely our prime pick

You’re definitely not the first person to wonder, “where can I meet single guys that I know have a job?” In fact, there’s an entire genre of dating websites dedicated just to that! Using sites like EliteSingles, which claims that 84% of its members are actually educated & is primarily used by white-collar singles, always give you the best shot possible at finding a serious, long-lasting relationship despite your busy schedule & limited local options. Sites like this tend to be more in-depth as well, so you can really get to easily know a guy before you start messaging him. Compatible personalities are definitely a must in any relationship, so it’s nice to use a site where personality & personal achievements are prioritized over simple looks.

As you can see, there are many different ways to meet guys, both online & off. The type of guy you’re after will ultimately determine which route you take, but if you want to meet a man worth meeting (AKA relationship-material), then online dating is definitely the way to go!

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