Learn All About What a Guy Really Wants

Men and women might be naturally attracted to each other, but the direction that relationships take depend on the things men like and the things men love. Life is full of surprises, but meeting someone new could be considered one of the biggest surprises of all. After all, personalities and desires determine what men want when dating, which keeps things interesting.

Understanding how guys think or how they work increases the chances of meeting the perfect match, but there is always more to it than many realize. So, we’re going to identify what do guys really want in a woman.

The Things Men Like in Women

Fortunately, guys have certain tendencies and expectations when dating a woman. Unlike women, men are not complex or challenging but slightly easier to understand.

10 Things Men Want in a Woman

She Loves Her Friends and Family

A guy seeking the perfect woman appreciates someone who values her friends and family. Guys love women who understand the importance of solid relationships because it proves that they value long-term commitment. This informs guys that she’s loyal and will always be there because the example of she’s always there for friends and family shines bright.

Furthermore, a guy also wants his freedom so she’ll understand the importance of his friends too.

She Shows Kindness

There’s a misperception whereby people believe that men crave a woman who is rough and ready, but this isn’t true. Kindness is what men expect from women because she’s caring, understanding, and always there, no matter the problem. Her ability to take care and carry out small acts of kindness make her attractive while people love her. This kind of woman ignites that spark in men and leaves them feeling satisfied, loved, and wanted.

She’s Intellectually Pleasing

One of the main things men want from women is an intellectual personality. Naturally, men are drawn to looks, but they are not all as superficial as that because guys want someone intelligent.

Guys love women who can hold their own in a conversation and keep things challenging by bringing up the topics they can discuss. As mentioned, looks will only take a relationship so far, but if she can discuss the latest events and newsflashes, venture into new topics that keep the relationship interesting, and can hold her own in discussion with other people, then she’s a catch.

She Shows Empathy and Understanding

Men naturally want to take care of women because that’s an instinct that’s buried deep within them. Despite this, men still require women who can provide the support they need. They’re looking for support in any decisions they make, and should they make mistakes, they crave someone who understands what men want and shows empathy.

Life captures every challenge, every up and every down, making it important that you tackle things together. Therefore, men want a lady who stands by their side and remains there with them through thick and thin.

Ambition is Vital

Guys want to be the breadwinners and the ones who provide, but things have changed. In contrast, when identifying what kind of women do men want, the answer “ambitious” always sits near the top of the list. Having a lady with her own goals and desires keeps things fresh and exciting. This doesn’t relate to work alone; it can stand true for any passion she might have. Her commitment is extremely attractive, and of course, if she’s willing to do anything required to reach her goals, a guy will understand that she’ll work hard for their relationship.

She Never Changes

Guys are relatively simple when choosing a girl. However, one characteristic or trait that really turns men away is a lack of consistency. Understanding who she truly is involves getting to know the real her. So, guys expect the same throughout the relationship, which means keeping things exactly how they were during that first date. If she is bubbly, outgoing, and exciting, then those characteristics need to remain, and any changes could prove that she is volatile. Males require a clear understanding of what to expect every day. If she is happy one day and angry the next, then he’ll be dashing for the door.

She’s Hard Working

We’re not talking about her career here. What we’re talking about is her ability to work for the relationship. Every relationship faces challenges and difficult periods, but how she approaches these is vital. A guy wants a lady who is willing to seek out happiness, even during tough times. This isn’t a one-sided affair but a team effort that certainly helps the relationship to flourish and grow.

Whether it’s accepting she is wrong, listening to opinions, or saying sorry at the right time. They are things that really matter and are highly valued by men.

She Takes a Joke and is Funny

There are times in life when seriousness is required, but there are times to laugh, even at your own expense. Many men like to joke and laugh, which can prove challenging if she is constantly serious or dry. In fact, she could become angered by his constant joking if she doesn’t have a sense of humor, so it helps if she can go with the flow.

Being playful is crucial in any relationship because it’s a great way of lightening up situations and enjoying time together.

Things Men Want From Women - Do They Really Matter?

Men have every right to seek certain characteristics when finding a match or a date. After all, they have needs and expectations, just like women who say, “I want a man who is good-looking.”

It’s always been considered chauvinistic for guys to have specific needs. After all, throughout history, men have always had what they wanted, but the modern world changes everything. Women now dictate relationships and have expectations, so men have adapted their approach to dating.

Despite this, men should have a voice when determining what they’re looking for in a lady. Whether it’s someone funny, someone ambitious, or someone kind, these characteristics matter to men. In fact, many men have become familiar with their sensitive side, which includes understanding what they’re truly looking for from a relationship and women.

Women should consider themselves fortunate that guys have changed their approach. They should no longer worry about what do guys really want in a girl because men are no longer wasting time or letting girls down. They’re in tune with their feelings, and they appreciate that women have feelings, too, so they avoid playing games or letting them down.

Ultimately, men deserve an opportunity to explore their deepest needs, particularly after identifying what they’re looking for. Times have changed, and the modern man is completely different from men from eras gone by. Therefore, everything that a guy stipulates he is looking for should be respected.

What Women Think Men Want

Women tend to have a completely different set of beliefs when it comes to what men want. Men have a reputation for wanting and expecting intimacy whenever they want it, but that’s not strictly true. It’s stereotypical, but men have changed. Of course, men are hot-blooded and want intimacy, but they’re also ready to listen to her needs and follow her lead.

Commonly, women feel as though guys want someone who is weaker than them or less successful, but this isn’t true. In past decades, males worked, females stayed at home, and although some super-traditional guys still think this way, times have changed. Men are now comfortable being with women who earn more money or are highly successful. Furthermore, they’re satisfied with women who are strong-willed and confident, as they want their partner to be equal, not subservient..

Men are attracted to women with their eyes first before their brain pulls them back in line! Therefore, women consider guys to only be interested in their looks. Magazines and newspapers have created a perfect image, and women believe guys crave a slim, smart-looking girl, but it’s not always the case. Of course, they want someone attractive, but this comes in many forms, yet women still consider men single-minded when looking for a woman based on her looks.

Another trait that ladies think men like in women is someone who is a pushover. They believe that guys will only date someone who is easier to boss around and walk over, but guys are respectful. Women believe he wants to control, but that is not the case in most instances.

Men are more complex than women might realize. Guys have become more understanding and sophisticated while their attitudes towards women and beliefs have changed considerably. It’s no longer a one-sided affair where guys control women, but it’s shared equally because being respectful, understanding, and committed always turns out better for guys in the end. So, men are no longer the type they once were because the modern world has dictated how they should approach women.

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