How to Tell When You're in Love?

Everyone agrees that falling in love is one of the strangest, exciting, and at the same time, the best feelings a human being can experience. From the constant desire to send text messages to intense feelings of unusual excitement, this peculiar feeling can happen in seconds or be developed over time after a few months or years.

What Does Falling in Love Mean?

Starting a romantic relationship with someone you love is a key goal for many individuals. But, what does falling in love mean? How can you make sure you're in love? What comes to your mind when you hear a friend saying, 'I think I'm in love with someone?'

It's interesting to know that scientific studies have discovered the different in-love brain conditions compared to experiencing lust or even a long-term commitment. Results show that it's a unique stage for the mind that's different from other states, and the signs of romantic love may vary from person to person.

Here we're going to shed light on 10 signs of love common between most men and women. Read on to discover the characters that help you know whether your feelings are real or not.

10 Signs That You’re in Love: Everything is Fresh

The difference in how you see things, even the most ordinary everyday activities, is one of the significant signs that show you're in love. People in love welcome repeating the tasks they've done hundreds of times before because their partner is with them. They can experience fresh feelings even though they repeat the most usual chores.

Love sparks change in males and females. It changes your perception, the way you look at ordinary things and provides you with a renewed sense of bliss. So the special someone conveys to you a feeling of being awake and going through new joys. No matter if it's watching a sports game, buying groceries, or a trip to the fast-food place in your neighborhood, you find all of these activities more fascinating than before.

A romantic love refreshes your soul.

You Think of the Person All the Time

When the special someone dominates your thoughts throughout the day, you can say, 'I think I love someone.' The feeling stretches out to your cognition, usual emotions, and social bonding, leaving you in a state that you notice everything reminds you of them.

In this situation, you not only dream about seeing each other after work but also keep thinking about what your partner is doing right now and how she feels. You think about finding a way to surprise her for the next birthday, want to come up with ideas to help her overcome her difficulties, etc.

This effect is backed scientifically. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates our mood and stabilizes our feelings. Studies have found a drop in the serotonin levels of a person in love. That's why you can't get your partner out of your head. Instead, you keep them in the back of your mind all the time. This feeling affects you mentally and emotionally, but it never gets overwhelming.

You Like to Spend More Time Together

The increasing demand for being together is one of the signs that show you're in love. A true relationship means spending a long time together, and you find it more appealing than other things.

If you're wondering how to be secure if you love someone, consider the state that you find being with your partner the most favorite thing to do during the day. Let it be necessary to jump in the car for a long-distance drive to see your partner or feel exhausted after a long day at work, you love to be with them in all conditions.

Meanwhile, you feel that there's never enough time for the two of you to spend time with each other. You get energy from your partner, time passes faster than usual, and when you get back home after a date, you start feeling sad about why it ended.

On the other hand, if you haven't fallen in love, you feel tired after a couple of hours and want some space from them. The time you've spent seems like a couple of tiring hours that you wish had ended sooner.

You Lock Eyes on Your Partner

Fixed eye contact and long stares are other important indications between the 10 signs of love. Finding yourself lost in the eyes of your loved one has long been a classic symptom of being in love. That's when you keep all the freckles on their face in mind, and your attractions continuously grow every day.

Scientific findings show that locking eyes on the partner is one of the main signs of romantic love and a healthy relationship. Staring at your loved one isn't just about seeing how they look. You may imagine the future you can have together and dream about how positively your days and nights change for the rest of your life. Some lovers even go further by picturing the way their beloved looks like in the elderly ages.

You Idealize them and Like to Always Talk About them

Asking how does one know they are in love? Consider the feeling of uniqueness you have about the person. Being in love with someone conditions you into idealizing their best personality traits and ignoring the negative characteristics.

People in love always talk about their beloved's positive qualities and overlook whatever negative traits the person has. Moreover, being really into a relationship urges you to talk about the person with your family and friends to make them know each other. That's because you want his presence in all aspects of your life and do whatever it takes to make your relationship last. Although it's normal to highlight your partner's best side, you should not forget about their incompatibilities either.

People in love barely tolerate anyone talking about their partner negatively. You get mad at family members or friends when they address the flaws of him, even if you know they're right. That's because you feel you should protect your partner just the way you look after the other important people in your life.

Future Plans Together Come to Mind

Thinking about a promising future together is one of the signs that show you're in love. You do your best to include them in your future plans, no matter how big or small those decisions are. It's also probable to find yourself talking about the things you do in the future without even intending to do so.

The emotional union is a drive to seek ways to get closer and be together, which results in planning a future in which both of you play your role for its improvement. The habit of daydreaming about the future can range from deciding where to go for the next vacation and the type of ring your woman likes for marriage to the best possible stocks for mutual investments.

This feeling has roots in our existence. Scientists link this tendency with the biological drives in human beings towards reproduction, even though you don't think about babies at all.

You Welcome New Activities and Ideas More Than Ever

Inspiration to try new things in life is one of the psychological symptoms of falling in love. You might have seen people around you who suddenly start a new activity and become adventurous.

Being in love gives you higher self-esteem levels and an additional openness to diversify your routines and open doors to new horizons for yourself. You may feel compelled to go after a new business, learn a new skill, study for a higher university degree, learn a new language, or even find some inspiration for going out on a date differently.

This result of falling in love is also scientific because this state of emotions involves plenty of hormones within our body. These hormones make you feel charged and give you the energy and determination you need for new adventures.

You Feel Like Always Making Your Partner Happy

Unlike fake loves, where each of the sides expects the other person to make them happy, you do your best to make your partner happy even if it's difficult for you. Compassionate love is the healthiest kind of relationship between couples.

Paying close attention to what your partner likes is one of the crucial signs of romantic love. Let it be a favorite concert or food they love, you listen and remember them to make them happy as much as you can.

This mature devotion shows a long-lasting love in which both sides want the same happiness level for each other. Such men and women feel totally dedicated to each other and don't mind if they have to make sacrifices. They try to overcome the hurdles of their relationship and personal life so that their lives get more comfortable and more joyful. This attachment flourishes over time and provides more profound happiness through the ups and downs of a relationship.

Heart Rates Synchronize

You might have heard the famous song from U2 saying 'two hearts beat as one.' Even though it seems to be a poetic claim, scientific studies have proved it actually happens.

Researchers have found that the heartbeat rates between true lovers synchronize, even when they're not touching each other. Once the couples fall in love, their hearts beat at the same time, even though it's not always easy to figure out whether the synchronization happens or not. As a result, hearts beating in sync are among the signs that show you're in love.

10 Signs That You’re in Love: You Feel Empathy with Your Partner

Psychologists believe that love appears in two distinct types:

  • Passionate Love
  • Compassionate Love

The first one, probable of fading away, mostly occurs in the early stages of a relationship when couples find it hard to keep their hands off each other. The second kind, which can potentially last for a long time, results in a growing intimacy that gets deeper as time goes by.

So if you believe you fell in love with him, look for signs of compassionate love. Lovers see each other as an extension of themselves and share the same feelings of happiness, sadness, and anger when different things happen in life. No matter if he's disappointed because of losing his job or extremely happy because of a promotion, you share the same level of disappointment and happiness as he does.

Wrapping it Up

In this article, we tried to give you some insights into the answer to this common question: 'What does falling in love mean?'

Real love is exciting. It helps both parties in a relationship have a thriving and peaceful life together. The 10 signs of love we discussed here will help you get a clearer understanding of your current state and do what it takes to foster your relationship more than before

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