Top ways and signs he’s falling in love with you

You just met this cute and good-looking guy; ever since you have met, the conversations between you have been going well. The way you both get along with each other is very amazing, like you have known each other for decades. The conversation is good, the date and hangouts you have had are amazing, and you do spend quality time with each other talking about different life issues, past experiences, and the likes. Since you have met, you both have no secrets kept away from each other. He is very supportive, encouraging, and caring towards you. He makes you happy always; he makes your problem is and your sadness his. He has gotten to know most of your friends and has given you space to meet and mingle with his buddies. The bond between you is so perfect and cool that you have become a talking point among friends.

Despite all the good side of life he has shown you and the wonderful moments you have been having together, you have found yourself in muddiness to know the signs he's starting to fall for you or not. He has refused to make his intention for you to be known in his words if he has plans for you or not. As time and tide halts for no man, as a lady, you don't want to keep being with him and wiling away time in the name of mutual friendship, which you are not certain of. With that, you want to have some certainty through signs he's falling in love with you even he hasn't made it known by hitting the three-letter word.

Signs he's falling in love to look out for in him

Men are such rigid beings that they have the nerves to put things under control without allowing anyone to have an idea of it. Their feelings, pains won't be known until it has gotten to climax and unbearable. When it comes to feelings of love, most men don't admit on time that they are in love. If they are sure within them, they will suppress it. As a lady, you are looking for signs a guy is falling for you. Well, that is a good decision and thought. According to Joyce Carol Oates that says, "In love, there are two things– bodies and words." To know the symptoms of being in love for men, you must be able to think and look outside their verbal words to their non-verbal expression.

This can only be known mainly through their body language. If their mouth has refused to talk, their body will speak it out unconsciously. Though some men also tend to live above their body language and put themselves under control, the time to do that is always limited for them.

You will want to take things slow no matter the love which you have developed for him. You won't want to be taken as being desperate for an affair or love relationship. For observant ladies, the signs of falling in love with men are universal and can easily be spotted. Clear signs will help you know your position with him; even if he is still acting reserved, you will tell what the future holds in the relationship.

How do men see love?

Love is potent and powerful that can make a powerful person weak. It is beyond what anyone can deny as it can take anyone by surprise. Men see love as something sacred and shouldn't be taken anyhow. Amidst men and women, men are more likely to be in love faster than women, and they also make the expression known earlier. Though in most cases, they act rigidly as not to be in love when they noticed that the lady in the picture is in love with them. This is because they are quite aware that the feeling of love will have a deep influence on them as they will need to care for and make their partner happy.

Men show and express their love differently from the way women do. Most women prefer spoken words. While men in their masculine nature display their feelings by the actions they perform. Though some still express in words but before they do that, it will be more obvious in their actions earlier.

Signs he's starting to fall for you

With all his actions and sweet romantic words, you are already asking yourself and finding out is he starting to fall in love with me? To know this, there is some basic attitude that will show a guy off that he has got feelings for you which is beyond plain friendship. The key here is to know the right thing to look for in him. Once you can ascertain these signs beyond 70%, you should indirectly push the discussion of his plans to him relating to the relationship, and that will also aid you further. We will briefly look at those signs he's starting to fall in love with you here.

5 top signs he's falling in love with you

  • He is attentive to you: whenever you are together having discussions, if you noticed that he gives rapt attention to whatever you are discussing with him, that is a sign that tells you that you are more important and special to him, and with that, he looks forward more than friends with you. This, most guys won't do it; they will only pretend to be listening, whereas they are not.

  • He looks you in the eyes: when a guy maintains intense eye contact with you without looking away, such an attitude should communicate meaning to you. When someone who loves you gives a gaze, there is always a clear difference from that of the person who is in for flirt. Though some guys in love cannot maintain contact for long, they will do it by looking away once in a while when you are about to notice them.

  • He loves spending time with you: when a guy prefers staying with you longer than you expect yourself and finds it difficult to want to depart away at the end of your hanging out, such action is an indicator. If it is someone that has just attraction for you, such will be for a short time. But if such an attitude persists for long and he creates the time for you in his life amidst his tight schedule, you have gotten a space in his heart.

  • You're in his mind: your guy may not open this up for you, but you can know this from the way he behaves to you. If he frequently gives you calls, texts you to check on how you are doing at work, or he just popped up at your work or home without announcing to you, he's fallen for you.

  • He shows you care: a guy who renders services for you without you demanding for it, like getting things you need without telling you. Changing household items without requesting, etc. that is a good sign for you as men love to help in one way or the other if they truly love someone.

10 signs he's falling in love with you

Falling in love is beyond what anyone can define. According to the individual and the sting it has on them will tell the meaning they will ascribe to it. This is the reason there has been a plethora of meanings and definitions to it by different poets and writers. Words, in most times, fail in giving an accurate expression of things; no wonder the saying' action speaks louder than words. So is the love of men. Their action and attitudes capture the state of their mind accurately. The main reason as a lady, you need to have an eagle's eye to notice them. Let's take a look at those obvious ten signs he's falling in love.

  • He accords you some respect: someone who loves will treat as he should. There will be mutual respect. For you to know that he has got feelings for you, he will respect you in various ways without you demanding it. This is a sign from a man who loves one.

  • He brings out the best in you: being together, he treats you in such a way that will fashion you to bring out the hidden treasures in you by helping you to work things out and giving you drive to achieving success in it. With this, be certain that he wants more than friends with you.

  • He talks about the future: when you are having conversations, he talks about how he wants his future to be, where he would love to be, the type of family he will love to have. While discussing all this with you, he puts you in the picture of his future achievement. This sign is very crystal clear that he has made up his mind with you.

  • He relates his intending plans with you: it is rare for a guy to discuss his intending plans with people randomly. They only make such based on a close connection with friends. If your guy has dim it fit to share his plans with you without taking aback, he has already taken you has his in his heart.

  • He doesn't have multiple female friends: a man that is interested in being just a friend with a lady does have many of them at his disposal. But if your man doesn't have except work colleagues and doesn't spend time with any of them as he does with you, know that he places great value and interest in you.

  • He shows interest in your ambition: a guy who is in love with you will want to know more about your plans, visions, and dreams. When you share it with him, he motivates you in achieving it and gives support in various ways to see to the realization of it. There is no looking sideways for you again; settle your mind with him.

  • He name calls you: as it's known that guys don't come straight in spoken words to declare their love for the lady they have interest in. one of the signs he will employ and use is calling you different pet names like 'my angel' 'queen,' 'my treasure' etc. it is rare for you to see guys calling ladies sweet names like this. This should be a clear-cut sign for you that you are special to him.

  • He is a gentleman: he doesn't behave silly and weirdly with you. All he does is to give you a welcoming impression, and he keeps to his words, promises, and appoints with you. Not only that, he accords you trust, and he shows it. Search no further; a game boy or someone in for friends alone doesn't have time for such. He is in for you.

  • He doesn't keep away: a guy that is in love with you will have nothing hidden away from you; he will make it plain. He will make you known to his close friends and relatives. If he does this, open up for him, he has feelings for you.

  • You get over issues: in any relationship, it is not possible for misunderstanding not to exist. But if he settles things with you quickly without allowing it to go fierce, he knows when to say sorry and forgives and forgets your offenses. You have arrested his heart, believe it.

In noticing the signs a guy has fallen in love with you, your judgment may not display all of this; he might even display what is uncommon to the all-male gender. This is the reason your sensitivity will be needed. Once you noticed his true inner feelings, assure him through your words as well.

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