Top Reasons to Date a Short Girl

Dating a short girl is favorable to many guys. Whether it's about the couple's look when they walk together or the preference to be taller than their woman, many men are interested in girls shorter than themselves.

While some believe the height of a girl is not an essential factor to consider, it's pretty important when the couples decide to date. The adventure differs in many aspects, even for simple things such as holding hands when walking on the streets. Overall, many men believe that it's an enjoyable experience to fall in love with a short girl.

Cuteness is among the top reasons to have a short girlfriend. Short girls are pretty nice to talk to, and they appear to be cuter and more adorable than the tall ones. Many people automatically associate the short height with cuteness in their minds when they think about women. Men get an excellent feeling when their loved one looks up to them with their fun size. Plus, you can feel more special when your partner is shorter than you because your girl always looks at you as her protector.

Moreover, the short feet, hands, and body figures of such girls give you a more powerful sense of self-confidence. When you stand beside them, the state of being bigger makes you feel more powerful. Caring about a short girl makes you feel you have a princess by your side who empowers you emotionally for whatever decision you want to make in life.

Before going over more reasons for dating a short girl, let's review what the men and women think about this kind of relationship.

Why Short Women Love Tall Men?

Women commonly prefer to be shorter than their men, even if it's only by a few inches. A study showed that women were most happy with their partner's height when they had around 8 inches of difference.

Studies show that women who have taller partners have happier relationships than others do. A part of this feeling is related to our biology. Women get a stronger sense of protection when their other half's height is taller than theirs. So whether they understand or not, this prehistoric rule influences their satisfaction level in a relationship.

From another point of view, taller men gain advantages in many fields over their shorter counterparts. People feel at a gut level that taller men have more responsibility and capability to handle different tasks. They're most of the time first in line when people think about choosing the right person to do something, and it adds to the happiness of their short girlfriend.

There's a wrong belief generally accepted by society that short men and women are usually less successful. This is significantly more bold among women because they look at short men as less attractive and less masculine options for starting a relationship. In other words, shortness in men is more of a disadvantage than a tall height is an advantage.

Why Tall Men Love Short Women? - They Feel Powerful

The biggest reason to have a short girlfriend for men is that they don't feel inadequate or ashamed when they walk together. The way other men look at their friends who date a taller girl is not a pleasant experience for any man. Many also prefer to go out with girls below the average height so that they look taller all the time, no matter what kind of shoes their girlfriend wears. Short girls are generally shorter than most men and look smaller in all conditions.

Moreover, most men share the mindset of taking the lead in a relationship. Tall girls seem to be more confident, and it puts off many boys since they can't satisfy their inner desire of being in charge. Even the simplest things around the house, such as picking something from the top shelf, can make a man feel more powerful and masculine in the eye of their beloved.

Similarly, dating a short girl appeals to the protection instincts every man has. Males believe that a shorter girl needs more protection than their tall counterparts, even though it might not be accurate. They want to appear as the guardian of their special someone, and short girls seem to have a higher potential of covering this need.

Why Tall Men Love Short Women? – Societal Etiquettes

Since our childhood, a perfect couple has been pictured as a handsome, tall gentleman next to a petite, lovely lady for us. These societal norms have turned into standards at the back of our minds. They play a factor in how men feel about their girlfriend. Therefore, many guys prefer not to date a tall girl so that they don't look unusual.

We all know that no one should care about how others think about their pairing. But the typical vision of a couple tells everyone the man should be somewhat taller than his girlfriend, and many tend to follow this norm. Additionally, there are so many short men around us who never want to date a girl even at the average height, let alone the tall ones.

Advantages of Dating a Short Girl: Total Cuteness

Most men see short girls as the cutest and most adorable types of partners. There's a certain kind of innocence in these girls that makes them endearing and cute. Many men like this instinctive attraction and find short women pretty alluring.

Body Size

Short girls are always beautiful and cute, even when they're angry. They're gutsy and loud, and these qualities make them irresistible when they're mad at you. However, it doesn't mean that taller girls don't look this way. It's a comparison between similar conditions, and most agree short girls are the winners of being angry.

Furthermore, the smaller body figures make these girls look younger than their tall counterparts. While other important factors like personality traits keep two people together, this physical appearance can be the major attraction that draws men to women to take the first steps.


Short girls look amazing when they wear an oversized shirt and walk around in the house. Especially when they appear in front of you with their wind-blown, shoulder-length hair that leaves you in a state, you can't help but stare at.

You can rarely find a man who doesn't like high heels. Short girls look stunning when they wear high heels since their posture and attractiveness improve dramatically. The good news is that they may not reach your height even with their heels on. But that's not the case with tall girls since they might outgrow you.

More Feminine and Understanding

Femininity is among the top reasons to have a short girlfriend for many men. The way they talk and walk provides men with an increased feminine look that adds to their attractiveness. Scientific studies also approve this feeling and relate it to the increased levels of estrogen in their bodies.

The desire to feel needed is an essential motive in many men for a relationship. The size of short girls adds to their femininity as well as making their boyfriend most helpful. It's hard for them to do many things around the house, like changing the light bulbs, and it makes their man feel he's a much-needed person in the life of his beloved.

Plus, researches show that the love between men and short girls tends to last longer. This group of girls will stay around in different conditions, and you can trust them more for a long-lasting relationship. They are more approachable to talk, act wiser, and can profoundly improve your motivations for success.

Happier and More Fun

Nothing is more pleasurable for a man when he wraps his love into hugs and holds her head over his heart. Cuddling with short girls is much greater than the taller ones since you can hold them the closest to your body and even wrap them in one arm!

Another attraction of girls with small body figures is the way they kiss their partner. To make up for the height difference, they need to stand on their toes and lean on you to kiss. This gives you an incredible feeling and makes the peck she gives you so enjoyable.

If you're into playing physical and silly games, having a short girlfriend will bring you a lot of fun. Even the intimate encounters are more fulfilling and rewarding because you can experiment with different positions and feel more dominant. Many men believe short girls are more flexible, and they can have an increased power to please their lady better.


Dating a short girl is a lot of fun. Many men are attached to shorter women and find this relationship more enjoyable than an average or tall girl. Despite the physical attributes and differences in heights, a relationship thrives when you're sure you're made for each other and enjoy each other's company for a long time.

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