Dating a 20-Year-Old Woman

There are several unspoken rules when it comes to dating. Some most commonly frowned upon are large age gaps where either the male is older or the female is older. Most people consider a few year's age gap to be sufficient enough to not cause an uproar.

However, the relationships with 7+ years of gap often result in either party being labeled as good diggers or wanting to have a trophy wife. The most outrageous combination in the eyes of many is the mix of an older man with a younger woman. However, age is merely a number, and assuming one's intention is downright wrong.

Complications of Dating a Woman 20 Years Younger

Society will always have its perception of things, but psychologists have scientific evidence that indicates a bumpy ride when dating a younger woman. Here some of the common complications tied with dating a woman 20 years younger than you:

1. They, too, have a past baggage

Many men assume that when they are dating a woman 20 years younger, they won't have a past relationship history behind their back. And this misconception often leads to disappointment since it destroys the stereotype that younger women are "pure" and "innocent."

Just because she's young doesn't mean she hasn't had her fair share of heartbreaks. Hence they too will have a hard time getting intimate with you. Either you accept the past baggage or move on. It would be easier to begin dating a woman 20 years older who has had time to deal with a past relationship's trauma than someone who hasn't.

2. The reason for dating isn't always innocent

Most men don't want to assume the worst when receiving attention from younger women. However, there's much to be suspicious of considering that a 20 years old woman is showing interest in you now when she wouldn't have shown it when you were young and probably better looking.

In such cases, it would be safe to assume that such women might actually be gold diggers. Younger women are attracted and enticed by your wealth and security you can provide them, which most men their age can't. There's little to no factor of love involved.

3. The difference in emotional maturity

It's no doubt there will be a vast difference in the maturity level between you and your match when dating 20-year-old women. To put it simply, the life experience and encounter will never match between a 33-year-old dating 20-year-old and even more disparity between a 50-year-old dating 20-year-old.

Our life experiences shape our perception of things. Still, the difference in opinion isn't just limited to understanding how the world works but also includes trivial things like talking about favorite hobbies and movies. This lack of similarity in taste will make building a healthy relationship hard.

4. Partying all night is tiring

Most men begin dating younger females to reliving their youthful days, but in the spur of the moment, the realization often hits reality, making one realize that one's action needs to match one's age. Your body isn't the same as it was 30 years ago. You'll get tired more easily and get a major hangover easily. Once the exhaustion settles in, the relationship's sure to break.

5. Dating a woman 20 years younger is the honeymoon phase

If you're a 30-year-old dating 20-year-old, you'll soon grow out of the connection you have when the time comes to commit to a long-term relationship. The initial encounter is based on passion (infatuation) or intimacy (liking), or both (romance), but the fundamental absence of commitment renders the relationship short-lived.

6. You're her first, but she's your last

Don't expect your relationship with younger women to end up with a happily ever after ending. Most men make the mistake of assuming that the women they date will stick around regardless of how they're treated. Not every young female is into your money: they expect compassion and love too.

They are young and have a whole life of meeting people ahead of them. Dating you might just be an experimental phase of trying new things.

Benefits of Dating a Woman 20 Years Younger

Not everything is terrible when dating someone younger. There's some positive to it as well. Here are some advantages of dating women younger than you.

1. A whole new world

Limiting your dating circle to people closer in age to you shuts away a large possibility of meeting new people. By dating younger personalities, you open your heart to an entire demographic of people to experience love with. This not only makes finding love more exciting but also opens a larger possibility of finding love altogether.

2. High energy

Younger individuals are more active than the people closer to your age you'd date. This opens a gate to new adventures and makes you feel "alive" once again. When you begin chasing the same level of energy younger people possess, you'll realize you've grown to be much happier and satisfied with life.

3. The nightlife

One can't deny the added advantage of what goes behind closed doors when dating a younger woman. They are not only energetic when it comes to outdoor activities. They're also lively in bed. In fact, most men opt for dating older women based on this very reason.

4. No added responsibilities and maturity

Younger women rarely have kids that you'll need to adjust into your life or support. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's not a choice everyone's ready to sign up for. Although most people say dating someone younger means dealing with immaturity, there are times when the opposite can be true.

You'll be surprised by the time a younger lady is ready to lend a hand, give advice and support your decision to try new things. On the other hand, dating a woman ten years older wouldn't bring such understanding to the table.

Marrying an Older Woman

Falling in love is a sudden blissful feeling where one can't predict when and with whom you'd develop feelings. The moral dilemma begins when the relationship has an age gap that society deems abnormally huge but does age matter in a relationship when the woman is older? Should you be dating a woman ten years older?

We'll help you answer these questions in the next few paragraphs. Before we dive into it, a piece of advice if you're planning on being with an older woman, you're going to have to change your approach 180 degrees from your previous ones.

Pros of Having a Relationship with Older Women

One might question why a man would want to date a woman who's older than him? Has emotional baggage, probably few kids, and has lost her youthful days? It's more acceptable to see an older man chasing a younger woman but the opposite's rare. Here are some reasons why younger men are chasing older women.

1. The vast experience

Older women have a greater experience in dating. Hence, they can teach you much more than you'd learn when dating a younger woman. Older women have had more than plenty of time to overcome their insecurities and build their confidence.

We all know how men fare in understanding and being patient with women, so you won't have to spend time building them up as you would be with an older partner. Additionally, you won't have to worry about petty drama involving jealousy or "lack of attention," they've received their fair share of drama and want nothing more to do with it.

2. Level of maturity

The years of dating experience increase their level of maturity when handling situations in the relationship. You won't have to act as a mentor: instead, you'll have more to learn than she would. Moreover, with maturity comes the absence of playing the "hard to get" phase. You won't have to decipher the meaning behind her words of action; it is what it is.

3. Independence

Often, having a younger partner calls for being financially secure and being able to support your partner. This isn't an issue with older women: they've had plenty of time to become financially independent that even you'd have a comfortable life without working.

You'll get to enjoy extravagant vacations at the most luxurious spots around the world without having to be the one that worries how to fun the travel itinerary.

4. Timepass

If you're looking to pass the time with older women solely to experience what it's like to share a bed with one, you aren't alone. Just because you think you're the one who wants to show off having an older wife doesn't mean your partner doesn't have this kind of view. You can always assume your partner is with you for the very same reasons as you're together with them for.

Cons of Having a Relationship with Older Women

Not everything sugar, spice, and everything nice when dating older women. There are several problems with marrying an older woman, and we're going to highlight a few:

1. Caring for a family that not yours

The most common complication between the girl-older-than-boy relationship is having to care for a family that not yours. Older women are often married and have few kids from the previous relationship. When you sign up to date them, you also sign an unspoken agreement of accepting her kids.

Hence, if you're looking to start a family of your own, be ready to compromise because she might not want to increase her family further. Moreover, biologically speaking, women are only fertile for a limited period of time. If you're going to date a 50-year-old lady expecting her to pop babies, you need a lesson on the basics of biology 101.

2. Past relationships

Although older women have more time to get over their past relationships, they're the ones who have more things to overcome than a younger partner would. This is especially true if they've got some form of attachment with their relationship, such as in the case of kids from a previous marriage.

This is something you need to be accepting, or else you'll have a difficult time making the relationship work. After all, there's no relationship without hardship.

3. Rejection from society

Although your buddies will swarm around you like flies around a lollipop asking how you managed to woo an older woman, society won't accept it. It's still taboo to accept a relationship between a younger man and an older woman.

When you're getting to dating older women, you're going to stand firm against the vast majority and face disagreement from your family members.

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