Signs he doesn't love you any more that you should seek in him

A relationship is very complex in that we can only tell how it begins, but what will happen in the relationship, and where will it end? No one can predict it. It is when the did is done that you come to the full reality of yourself. Those who are very observant get to know what may play out from how things unfold in the relationship. It is accepted that there is no 5-star relationship. But if the parties involved see themselves as imperfect persons, they will achieve perfection in their affairs.

In case one of the parties in the relationship doesn't subscribe to this, they will keep jumping from different partners to another, looking for perfection.

When you have such a guy, it is obvious that his attitude will change towards you and start giving signs he is not in love anymore. One thing about guys is that he will never tell you straight that he is no longer in love with you due to some preferences he may be having for you or want is benefitting from you. But signs he doesn't love you anymore will be visible because it will be hard to hide such.

To have a clear-cut of the signs that your boyfriend doesn't love you anymore, you must be able to put some indices together to arrive at an accurate conclusion. One out of it is that you must not be too in love that you are emotionally carried away. How your relationship started, you must be able to define it. The way he was relating with you then and how he started behaving now. If you cannot and ask him about his attitude, he will give excuses that will make you think he is still in love with you due to what he is probably getting from you.

With this, you will be making a fool of yourself and forcing yourself to tag along in the relationship. Sooner or later, his unspoken words will be made known when you see him with another lady. This may cause an emotionally hurt for you. But, if you take note of the signs that your partner is not in love with you anymore, you will be able to define your relationship. Not only that, you will save yourself on time of emotional damage by walking out of the relationship due to his swing in behavior.

How to deduce that he doesn't want me anymore

Going by the two popular sayings, "action speaks louder than words" and "…by their fruit you shall know them". You will be able to differentiate right from wrong without the help of a fortuneteller or seer.

Your boyfriend or man is such a person you have been proud of when you start your relationship. He will call you early in the morning, send you some romantic text messages, and give you a call to check on you during the day. At night, he will be on phone calls with you for several hours to listen to how you spent your day and share his. He doesn't allow you to go to bed without teasing you and singing lovely songs, and reciting romantic poems to you. A day doesn't pass by without you too having some nice and long chats on social media. Very romantic and sweet, right? Good relationship vibe!

Recently, you noticed that the way he chats with you has been deteriorating and not as smooth as it used to be. If you chat him up, it took him a while before he replies to your chats despite being online. If he replies, it's in a one-word syllable or phrase.

When it comes to calling you up on the phone, he rarely does. A day or two might pass before he gives you a call, and whenever he does, the time he spent on call is always short, and he has lost those good old days vibe.

Finding yourself in this situation or any related to this, telling him about it, all he could muster are things you couldn't relate with. Then you have been wondering and contemplating if he still loves you or not. This has taken you to the point of finding out signs he doesn't love you enough and signs your partner doesn't love you anymore.

When it comes to a matter that involves feelings, it is not something to be taken for granted. You might be standing in between the devil and the red sea on the accurate decision to take. If cutting off the tide yourself is the best antidote or giving him time to see if he will put himself together and rejuvenate your relationship's vibe.

With those attitudes and having no clear expression to give or any form of assurance, it is more obvious that the person who once loved is trying to gain freedom from you and move on with his life. But due to the sweet and memorable time you have spent together, he found himself in a tangle to come out plain. Despite the memories of you both still lingering in his memory, that won't stop him from stopping what has been moving on well between you duo.

There are red light signs that will be beeping at you that hey! This dude is not gonna change or come back to you, he has determined this in his heart, and it is the final. These signs can be dug out mainly from his body language, in the way and manner he acts. That is where you will know that he doesn't care again, the love and connection have failed, and that he's only managing himself and putting it under control. The problem must ladies have is that they try to ignore those signal as if it was not there until the hard beat makes its sound to their ears.

Basic signs that your partner doesn't love you anymore

No one will do what is necessary and right for you. If you know what to do and do it not, you will be the carrier of the consequences. The reason for saying this is that most ladies don't want to accept and take to these signs. They are probably scared of not being in a relationship again or thinking what friends will say to their faces in mockery. But when the fact hits them like a volcano, it brings more hurt. We will be looking at some obvious signs that your partner doesn't love you anymore, which you should note early and decide what to do.

  • Break-in communication: this is the first and basic sign you will notice in a guy that is not in love with you anymore. Once there is no effective communication between the two of you, there is no more relationship. Effective communication stands as the bedrock of a lasting relationship; in it, you talk out your feelings and share your intending plans. When you noticed this, try putting yourself together that there is no more relationship after talking it over with him and no changes.

  • He cuts-off from you: when you observe that he is avoiding you or ignores you in various ways, this is a red alert that you should watch out on. He begins to live his life to himself, no longer share his plans and ideas with you, unlike when there is mutuality that you know about his decisions before he executes them. Even your lines don't cross with each other, no more hanging out or spending quality times together. This is a clear sign not to be ignored.

  • He is detached: before these signs beginning to show up, he is involved in matters that have to do with you. He gives his advice, support and asks how you are progressing with things. But now, he no longer asks about your affairs. When you share with him, he turns a nonchalant attitude towards and never gets concerned. Things that interest you that have been his desire turn irrelevant to him. Know that he is totally out of your life, and there's no reason for you to force things again with this.

  • He doesn't put in any effort: all the effort and the energy he puts into the relationship to keep it going, he doesn't put in any again. Whenever you talk about it with him, he turns a deaf ear to it; what he tells you indirectly is that he is no longer interested and wants out of the relationship.

  • He becomes aggressive: someone who does communicate with you in a cool and friendly tone now begins to talk in an aggressive, rude, and harsh manner both indoors and outdoors. This sign is telling you that there is no more tide whatsoever.

  • He ridicules you: once you noticed that he begins to talk ill of you, says things that will bring about bad reputation for you, or shun you and keep you shut while talking, no longer cherishes or values you as he used to do, the game is over between you two. Just find your exit quietly.

  • He always excuses you: whenever you showed up in his place and wanted to have a vital discussion with him, he always excuse you and never gives you an audience in any way. The end has come to what you have together; just wake yourself up to that reality.

  • He starts making a comparison: one of the signs that I'm done with you is that he will start comparing you with other girls out there and complaining of your personality, stature, dressing, looks, and behavior which he once embraced.

  • He stops calling you pet names: there is a specific pet name he used to call. Once he stops calling you by this pet name and calling you by your real name, be certain that things have fallen apart between you both. It extends to not saying 'I love you' again, and when you bring it up, he gets annoyed over it.

  • He starts digging up things: when things were sweet between you two, you share everything about your past with him, the good and the bad. When you notice that he starts picking from what you have shared with him of your past and started lambasting you with it, don't force yourself with it any longer, he doesn't want you anymore.

  • He doesn't want you in his place all the time: when he begins to demand that you should get him informed before showing up in his place and cut down your time of visitation demanding he needs some time to himself, believe me, he has started withdrawing or has probably withdrawn away from you.

  • Your special days don't count to him: remarkable days of celebration you always spend together such as your birthday, Valentine, Christmas, etc. doesn't count to him anymore. When you bring it up, he ignores the idea even to you celebrating his birthday with him.

Giving a critical examination to these signs, and you discovered that your partner has some of this attitude towards you; at an early stage, call his attention to it and discuss it over with him. If you observe that he is not changing, put in more effort to get across to someone he is close to that can talk to him. If he is not changing or ready to change in these strange ways, the best thing is to pull out from such a relationship as it is an unhealthy one that may hurt you badly if drastic steps are not taken on your part. If you peradventure pulls out, forget about him and mingle with friends to get your life going smoothly.

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