How to not dry text a girl who you plan to date

Since the introduction of mobile phones, one of the most popular means of communication today is texting. Preferably, it is the most adopted means to express your feelings when you have just newly met a girl and want to date her. You will be required to send texts at a different time, and depending on how you converse with the girl, this has a huge part to play in their decision making to either develop an interest in you or not.

You can be assured that knowing how not to be boring when texting a girl is very important to walk your way through to her heart. Nobody loves to be with a dry texter, not even the girl you just met. For her to develop an interest in you, you should not be dry texting her whenever you have the chance to text her, even when you are used to this before; else, she will not be interested in you. It is pretty cool if you wonder how not to dry text a girl you just collected her number or just met on a dating site. However, the last thing you should ever try with her is to be boring or dry while texting her. Doing this gives you a huge chance of being turned down by her.

Since you dare to request her contact, you have successfully achieved one of the most difficult to walk your way to her heart. However, conversing in a way that will make her pick interest is very important. It is from your texts a girl will start to understand if she will like you or not. This means you should do everything possible not to dry text her if you truly want her to be yours. Now, think of this.

If you are a boring texter, your newly met girl will pay more attention to other guys than you, especially the ones with a great sense of humor as well as funny ones. However, it is not about being too serious while texting. Not only will a boring or dry text leads to avoiding a girl to exchange texts with you, but it will also label you as a dry guy. You need not be told that when a girl is not enthusiastic about exchanging text with you, there is no way she anticipates or be excited to meet you in person, as well as erasing the potential to have a date with you.

Several ways to avoid dry texting

Being excited is an essential thing if you are on the lookout for a date for a girl. Lots of excitement can be derived from texting, most especially if the girl had a bad day. A single line of text can bring a thousand relief, but how do you get to achieve this if you are a dry texter? Even if you are not naturally dry, but you do not know how to keep or hold a conversation with a girl, you are termed boring, and no one cares about a bore. This is why you must understand how not to be a boring texter, as some ideas can make you her favorite within minutes. With these ideas, not only your newly met girl will be interested in you but others as well.

Avoid asking typical questions: 'hey, how are you doing?' or 'Where are you?' are typical questions that are very common. The percentage of finding these questions at the beginning of every chat is very high. Not only are they boring, but truthfully, you know within you that you do not care about their well-being. Ask more reasonable questions that may require them to think a little and not these commonly asked questions. However, questions like these may be needed in some circumstances but not completely necessary.

Do not use one-word response: A quick and single-word reply has no good to offer if you want her to pick interest in you. Truthfully, it has no value to offer to your texts. Sometimes, it shows you want the conversation to end as quickly as possible or a good indication that you are tired. Words like "okay," "understood" may be a turnoff for your newly met girl and may not let her be interested in you. Do everything to avoid them when you text her. A single-word reply kills conversation quickly more than you think.

Initiate an interesting topic to discuss: if you do not want to be a turnoff for a girl or a boring texter, you should try to bring in an interesting topic in your conversation with her. If you want to understand how to become a fun texter, you should also converse with her in a way that will bring a smile to her face. Let your conversation be based on things that are passionate and realistic about life and other things.

Reply to texts as quickly as possible: This is one of the most important things to do on how to make a text conversation not boring. There are times you will be busy with one thing or another. When you know you're busy, you should try not to initiate a text. Not paying attention to her texts' reply may mean you are not serious and cannot hold a conversation. This may hurt her feelings. Replying to a message after an hour or more could mean you have other things important than her. A real conversation will never follow this pattern. Only text when you are ready and not busy.

Reveal who you are: Revealing who you are to your newly met girl is a good way to avoid dry texting. You can spice up your discussion by adding or making jokes about yourself, not to be boring. Doing this will also help you figure out if you are her type or not. It is an amazing way of how to text a girl without being dry.

Tricks on how to be a fun texter to keep the conversation going

Knowing how to start a conversation may not be your problem, but how far you can hold it may be something you have been struggling with. You know how annoying it can be when starting a conversation that picks a girl's interest, and along the line, you are off! Certain tricks may be required on how to become a fun texter while also ensuring your conversation will keep going. Are you bored while in the point of conversation? These tricks will help you in the prevention of dry texting.

  1. Emojis: The use of emojis can mean many things even when you are not expressing yourself in written words. These options add more to your texts. Many emojis express how to feel, such as surprise, love, sleep, and lots more. Even when the conversation is a bit turning cold, an emoji can spice up everything again.

  2. Be a first-time texter: This trick shows you always have time for her even at your inconvenience. Do not wait for her to let her text you first. If you are always expecting to receive her texts first before you reply, you may be regarded as a boring texter or probably have no idea of what to say. You may end up losing her.

  3. Don't text her when you are bored: if you seek to be entertained as a result of boredom and choose to text her, you are very wrong. There should be a genuine purpose for texting are and not to be spiced up alone. If your texts are coming because you are bored, you can expect her to be bored because you hold no reason to text her. To become a fun texter, there should be a reason you are texting her. Always throw in a question and remain active in the conversation.

  4. Use GIFs: This relates a little to the use of emojis. It is an amazing way of how to text a girl without being dry. They can be sent as gifts for spicing up your conversation moments with your girl. They offer an amazing reaction and make every bit of your conversation interesting. By using GIFs, you can bid a farewell to dry texting and become a fun texter.

  5. Be flirty at times: This is most common in boys' and girls' conversations, and it is an effective way to kill boredom. If you are worried about how not to be a boring texter, this is the best thing to do. It can be very interesting. There are samples of flirt texts all over, which can be sent to her to make her love the moments. Flirty comments can spice up dull or boring moments and can help you on how to become a fun texter.

  6. Storytelling: Even if you are not good at this, you can frame this up to get her attention. Love stories precisely will be the best antidote to kill dry texting. To get your girl getting along in the conversation, you can switch to love stories. The Titanic love story is a perfect example. If you have other ones apart from this, it makes you become a fun texter, and your girl will even be the one to text you first, knowing fully that you've got what it takes to have fun while texting.

Text ideas on how to make the conversation not boring

We are sometimes faced with struggles on how to make the conversation not boring with a girl, especially if you just met her. It is a general concern, though some do not experience this being a natural conversationist. If you run out of text ideas on how not to be a boring texter, you can switch to the following to get your conversation going.

  • Always ensure your words are kept sweet and soft should in case you may need to feed on them. Good morning/ Good night

  • Lots of beautiful and amazing things are ready to usher you into this new day. Wake up, my Queen! Show your amazing smiles and energetic activities this beautiful morning.

  • It is a brighter day, a beautiful smile, a charming atmosphere; I hope everything turns out to be a favor for you. Good morning.

  • Smile! Be happy and allow happiness to spread all over you, including everywhere you go. Life is pleasant and cool.

  • Today is another golden opportunity to achieve your dreams and the chance to succeed in chasing your goals. Arise and shine!

  • Hey love! It's morning. Wake up to a fresh and lovely morning. I welcome you to a fresh day. Of fresh activities as well as new opportunities. A beautiful morning to you.

  • Each day, you are handed a new chance to live your life according to your best wishes. Have a good day ahead.

Nobody loves to have a dry text partner or boring conversation. Not dry texting will help your newly met girl interested in you and help your conversation go on smoothly. You can use the tips to spice up the conversation to get along with each other. Having understood these ideas of how not to be boring when texting a girl, you should always use them whenever you have a conversation with someone, not only a girl but also everyone. You may end up not achieving your goals if you try using all these ideas simultaneously. You should try to understand and get used to it one after the other. This will help you build more confidence and know the required thing to do to get your conversation running smoothly.

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