How to tell if you're ugly to the world standards

It is said; "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," and this saying is true. Keeping this in mind can come in handy for those days you think you are ugly in the standards of those you like. Beauty is subjective and what is called fine by one person is not so for the other. But for the sake of explanations, let's go with the idea that you think you have noted signs you're ugly. Now you are looking for confirmation, and we can help you with that.

In the sense of the word, beauty refers not to the face alone but an overall package. You have to have an above-average standard of everything for you to be referred to as a beautiful or handsome person.

In the standard of the world, today, beauty or handsome refers to good looks and figures. Hence there are certain qualities that you must check before you can be tagged beautiful or handsome overall. Here they are

Height: typically, the modern world looks at height as a qualification for looks. Women generally are not expected to be too tall, but they are not expected to be too short. The standard model height is 5:6 inches to 5:10 inches, and for most women, this should be the ideal height. Hence to be called a beautiful woman, you must be 5 feet 6 and above. For men, however, the standards are different. A handsome man is almost always a tall man. In the world of modeling, men must be 5:10 inches to 6:5 inches. This standard is what men must follow.

Size: Many people tag size as the first part of ascertaining or most prominent signs you're ugly. Unfortunately, this is correct for most of the Western world. The slimmer you are, the more beautiful you are tagged. Several people get body-shaped for being over the superficial size. In the entertainment and fashion world, the perfect size is 8 for a little more flexibility 10. Once you go over to 22, you are called plus size. Anything 6 and below is medically tagged unhealthy. For men, however, it's not so much about size but more about figure. Two thriving figures exist for men. Be slim but built. This can be seen more in Asian men who are slender but have muscular structure and six-packs. Otherwise, the other figure is a muscular one with a hefty build.

Shape: Figure 8 shape remains the standard for women. No matter the size, they may be having a smaller waist, hips, and bust is a perfect figure for women. For men, what is regarded as a good shape is having a broad shoulder and slider torso.

Skin: A good skin consists of the goals of beauty. This goes for men and women. Typically you should be free from spots and scars. You should also be free from stretch marks and blemishes. In today's work, having a bottle of skin that is smooth and firm is the standard for beauty.

Hair: in the sense of hair, people do not look at length but thickness and luster. The more healthy-looking and full hair is, the more beautiful a woman commands. The same goes for white and Asian men. For African men, however, this doesn't count.

Facial structure

Now, these limitations are superficial, and you can bet to see men and women who do not check all or any of these boxes and can still be called beautiful. The world is too large, and people are too diverse to limit what beauty should be for everyone.

How to tell if a guy believes you're ugly

Judging yourself by what someone says of you is a sign of limitation and inferiority complex on your side. A guy may say you are ugly, but if you refuse to see yourself as such, you have overcome their words. Though it is good to receive criticism from others about you at times, it will help you become a better version of yourself. How to tell if a guy thinks you're ugly shouldn't be a tool of depression but see it as an opportunity to work on yourself to become an endowment of beauty. Take notes of these and make better use of them.

He constantly compares you: when guys find a lady unattractive to them, this is one of the attitudes and actions they do to condemn such a lady. When a guy, either close to you or your partner, is fond of making a comparison between you and other ladies or his ex about your height, shape of your body, in the way you look or dress. This is one of the signs you're unattractive that he is indirectly communicating to you. If it is what you can work on, in terms of dressing or obeseness, work on it to look attractive. As a lady, you also need to carry yourself in good posture if you want to be attractive to guys.

He never calls you beautiful: in complimenting the opposite gender, guys do this often to ladies they find attractive. They find it very difficult to take off their eyes from beautiful ladies. If a guy never compliments you by telling you that you are beautiful, gorgeous, or good-looking, you need not look for how to know if you're pretty or ugly again. This is enough to tell you that you are not up to what catches a guy's attention in complimenting a lady. You need to work on yourself to be complimented beautifully.

He openly praises others to your hearing: knowing how to tell if you are ugly is not a sign that you need to search through mountains and wilderness. To give an appraisal of yourself in this, pay attention to what he does to other ladies and how he relates around them. If you observe that he praises other ladies while you are present, talking about how they look nice in their dressing and looking sweet with their face make-up or natural beauty and or their body figure. Since you have been together or known each other, you never receive such words from him. This is enough to tell you that he thinks you are ugly.

He doesn't like to be around you when friends are around: guys are such creature that admires their ladies and loves to be around her, go out together and do things together. If they hang out with their friends, they always love to have their ladies around to introduce to family or friends if she is good-looking. But once she's not attractive, even if friends make a demand for him to come around with his lady, he always tries to avoid being around where he is with his friend. This is a pure sign that you are unattractive to him if he does this and doesn't want you to be seen with him when his friends are around.

He mocks you: guys are very notorious with this attitude. Once they find a lady unattractive, various insulting and ridiculing words are being used in attacking such a lady. If he makes jest of you on how you look or about any part of your body or the way you walk, believe me, he never finds you attractive to him in any way. He will do everything to make sure he makes you feel bad with his words.

Because one guy says you're ugly doesn't mean you are. It just means he isn't conditioned to pick out your beauty. This is where self-respect and confidence come in. You should be prepared to stand up for yourself and show that you are not the regular standard but a unique one.

What to do to give you a more good looking appearance

On knowing the signs that you're ugly, it is time for you to get rid of that unattractiveness. Do that by working on yourself and get those that have once ridicule or mock you vowing to you that they have never met you before and gain back your reputation around them.

Take care of your skin and hair: one of those aspects that people admire first with a lady is her hair and the look on her skin. With this, they pass a judgment if she is good-looking or not. If you are plaiting your hair, go for nice and beautiful hairstyles. If you are leaving it, make sure it is properly set, conditioned, and well brush, giving you a nice aesthetic look. Not only that, the look of your skin is essential to your beauty. If you have rashes, ringworm, pimples, black-spots, etc., on your skin, work on getting rid of it to get smooth and flawless skin. Never make use of any type of cream on your body. Go for what suits your skin and does not cause any infection on your skin but will make your skin look smooth and radiant.

Get a makeover: having a natural look without a makeover is not bad if you can properly take care of yourself. Using a makeover is not a bad idea, too, if it will add more beauty to you. Go for a special makeover section to get a nice and amazing look on your face. It will be good advice for you to learn how to do it yourself, always to look radiant, morning and night.

Change your wardrobe to more fashionable styles: those old fashion attire in your wardrobe makes you look like an ancient lady or older adult. Get rid of them and get yourself a nice fitting and smart attire that will bring out your shape and the beauty in you. If you can do this, you are on the ride to getting nice compliments.

Consider using some make-up: using make-up is a good idea for you to consider if you want to look attractive. But while doing this, don't do it to the extreme that will make you look worse. Get a nice, simple make-up that will give you a better look and hide all those spots and pimples seating on your face.

Have a better posture: the way you carry yourself matters a lot. Don't be less concerned with the way you walk, smile, and seat. Beauty without good posture won't give you a welcoming attraction. Carry yourself with dignity and walk majestically. Do not rush nor walk fast because this will send a wrong message about you to an admirer.

As said, good looks are subjective, and what is good for the goose might not be so for the gander; if everyone had to meet ridiculous standards to be called beautiful and find a partner to love, many would-be unmarried. However, millions worldwide are everyday beautiful men and women and have found love and beauty in other everyday people's eyes.

"If you think something is ugly, look harder. Ugliness is just a failure of seeing." This saying simply means ugliness is the thing of the mind and not who you are. As said, beauty is found in the beholder's eyes, so also ugliness is in the eyes of the beholder. The way one person sees your look does not mean that is the way you look. If you get all these signs that you are not looking much beautiful, work on it, don't give room for depression to set in. As a result of being seen as unattractive, don't go into hiding and refusing to mingle with others. Let the beauty in you speak out while working on your physical looks.

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