Funny Match Profiles You Need To See

Not only is online dating a great way to meet a potential partner, but it can also be a fun way to pass the time. If you are struggling to find the words to describe yourself in a unique and eye-catching way, you may get some inspiration from some of these hilarious dating profiles. After all, the best way to a man or woman's heart is to make them laugh.

In one way or another, these profiles certainly won us over enough to make it onto our list of the best online dating bios. We hope this gives you the confidence to try something different and rise above all those other lonely hearts on the web.

Warning: this is NOT your typical dating website bio!

Best Dating Profile Examples for Men

  • Senpai in the streets, hentai in the sheets.

You have to understand Japanese culture if you want to stand any chance of understanding this clever joke. Geek girls will be lining up to go on a date with this guy!

  • Roses are red; violets are blue; I’m here to get laid, and so are you. YES, WE CAN TALK FIRST

Strangely enough, women want sex too. They also appreciate honesty. If you are only on a dating app because you want sex, you will be able to find someone else who is only in it for the same reason.

  • You must be tired from all the swiping left. Relax and swipe right.

This inspires that “go on why not” feeling. Giving a guy a try on a whim happens more than you might think. Jesus, I’ve just realized how bad online dating has actually become!

  • Oh, look, a guy with a guitar. I know you’ve probably had a bad experience with some “musician” already, but this guy didn’t just pick it up for a hobby or to be more attractive to women. I’m a professional producer who does a lot more than play oasis when he’s drunk.

Nail on the head! It’s true, guys, everyone is sick and tired of hearing buskers all over the world playing terrible Oasis covers. Sing a different song, por favor!

  • I’m up for hikes and camping as long as you promise not to call it an adventure.

Maybe don’t pretend that your life is an adventure just because you went camping twice. Also, don’t pretend you’re into rock climbing just because you went once. This should be online dating 101.

  • For the love of god, someone, please start dating me so I can stop taking my mom to costume parties.

He has a good relationship with his mum and isn’t about the toxic masculinity lifestyle. Both great attributes and probably won’t become one of those exes who make you cringe whenever you think of them.

  • Deal-breaker: Will my dog like you, though?

This is a good bio because every girl loves animals. If she doesn’t – move on to the next potential match; you don’t need that sort of negativity in your life.

  • If you can’t handle me at my worst… then leave. I’m always awful.

Women love a bit of self-deprecating humor. Witty, intelligent, and humble? Bios like this guarantee a response.

  • My mum thinks I’m pretty cool. I’m sure you will too.

He loves his mum. Very sweet. He is obviously a good boy, which, contrary to popular belief, some girls actually like.

  • I moved to Florida on a dare, and I’m still here after 7 years. What would you dare me to do?

This man sounds fun and spontaneous. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to engage someone with interesting conversation. The question at the end makes it easier to open up a dialogue. That’s the hardest part of any initial online dating match.

  • I hear you like bad boys. I’m bad at everything.

Funny and intriguing. This bio will have her interested in the blink of an eye. Humour is the key to a girl's heart. Well… humor and the face of Jason Momoa!

  • You picked your best photos for this. So did I. Let’s meet up and be mutually disappointed.

This bio shows a prospective match that you are not the judgemental type and you understand how the world works – or at least you can pretend that you do! You are also telling her you are not superficial and looking for someone who appreciates inner beauty… no fats, though.

  • I was at a party last week. I couldn’t find my watch. During the evening, I saw some dweeb harassing a chick. I went over and broke his nose with a left hook. Moral of the story? Nobody hits a lady on my watch.

This is a good joke, and the guy who wrote it is also pointing out he’s against violence to women (always a good quality in any potential suitor!). The bio also paints him in a heroic light… you have to be heroic to bust out puns like that for a first impression.

  • I always make sure pistol on my nightstand in case somebody breaks into my home, so I can shoot myself to avoid meeting new people.

Another one of those match profiles that work.

This bio tells us the user is both introverted and hilarious. Not all women want someone who wants to be around lots of people every weekend. This post will definitely attract other introverts.

Best Dating Profile Examples for Women

  • Just looking for someone to invest in me like Reddit users did in GameStop stock. Call me your short squeeze.

We liked this bio because it is both funny and topical. It will attract a certain type of person as not everyone knows about GameStop. It shows she is looking for more than a casual fling. She is looking for someone to invest in her.

  • If we both agree to go for a drink and you don’t look anything like your photo, you’re buying until you do.

This is dating profile gold. The user tells her matches not to lie and also tells him there will be a price to pay if he does. It works because it is intelligent and fun.

  • I work with brains all day, so I guess you could say I mastered head.

This bio is from the profile of a brain surgeon. In one short sentence, she shows she is funny, intelligent, and probably even good in bed. Is there nothing this woman cannot do?

  • Looking for a new daddy for my 3 kids and me. I don’t look a day over 21.

This bio is like a clever exposition in a film. The singleton is obviously hilarious and even lets any potential suitor know she has kids straight away. Fun fact: she actually was 21 as well!

  • Most likely out of your league, but hey, every shot you don’t take is a shot you miss.

This bio definitely screams confidence. It is also encouraging. There is also a good balance of self-worth without ever becoming too intimidating.

  • Do you even do decide go want need to be like? You can decide wish twice and use go beyond now! When you try even wish to use and go decide, then go really near, even to as decide and use and wish more look like and go again! It’s just common sense!

Don’t worry, you’re not having a meltdown. This is actually somebody’s Tinder description!

Let your weird shine through girl. This utter nonsense seems to be a tongue-in-cheek look at inspirational quotes. She lists her interests as well (which, regrettably, are not as weird). She has gone for a unique and intriguing approach which will really pull in those potential partners.

And Now for the Best Dating Profile Ever Written

I want to do adult things with you…

*Whispers* taxes

*Panting softly* pay the mortgage

*Moans* Make sure we turned off all the likes because our bill cost $300 last month.

There is a reason we have chosen this bio as our favourite of the bunch. The user has her tongue planted firmly in her cheek. She is at a stage where she is ready to pay a mortgage and settle down. She’s mildly sexual and flirtatious, without being too forward, and… why are we continually analysing these things? People shouldn’t be thinking too hard about their dating profile bios. Actually, that’s good advice. Don’t give a dating app too much thought – it’s only supposed to be a bit of fun!

Final Thoughts

Bios should be unique and although that may seem difficult, every one of us is unique in some way. Have you ever met anyone exactly like you? Keep your bio positive, funny, intelligent and sexy and maybe we’ll include you on our next funniest dating profiles article.

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