How to get rid of a hickey using simple methods

In showing love and romance to each other, people device means of playing their love for each other to make it memorable. It can be through kissing, hugging, cliffing to each other, and other various ways. In doing such, no matter how pleasurable it might seems to be, such means of showing love has its side effect. The effect can last for a long period or short.

One of those effects of playing romance with one’s partner is hickey or love bite, as some people may call it. It is a mark or injury that develops from kissing, sucking, or biting on the skin. Hickey usually surfaces on the neck, chest, or arm, and it emanates when there is a slight burst in the blood vessels that is underneath the skin. Those who got this injury always seek the fastest way to remove a hickey off their skin or arm as it causes some form of uneasiness and discomfort. Due to not getting a quick and immediate remedy to it that can make it disappear off the skin, the affected individual will resolve to wear clothes that will cover it. While for some, to conceal the bruise from being seen on them, they go about with scarfs in covering it. And you know how disheartening this can be when you can’t put on your desired clothes you wish to wear to cover the unwanted mark that has to find its way to your skin. How to get rid of a hickey can be done either using home remedies or visiting a dermatologist. In this article, we will give some easiest ways to get rid of a hickey within a short time.

Quick ways to get rid of hickeys and get your skin back

You wake up from your sleep on a beautiful morning, and you decided to look at your face and your smooth skin in the mirror as usual. Lo and behold, you saw this red-like rounded bruise staring at you from the mirror. What the heck is this showing on my skin? How did it get there? Why is it there? How can I get it off? Those will be the question you will be asking yourself. You then discover that it is a hickey that resulted from the kissing and or sucking your partner had on you during your love escapade. Won’t you feel good about that, right? Yes! Because it has caused some damages and or break on your capillaries resulting in blood pooling and clotting. You don’t need to panic or raise an eyebrow at your partner because there are ways to get rid of a hickey. Before delving into Quick ways to get rid of hickeys, let’s take some further information about this blemish.

How long can a hickey stay on the skin?

Talking about the duration of a hickey on the skin, it depends on different things. The extent to which you have the suction will determine how long it will last. The breakage that will occur in the tiny blood vessel under the skin will be more tensed for someone who had it deep. This can prolong the healing time if quick remedies to getting rid of it are not given as at when due.

Another factor that can dictate the period it can stay on the skin is your skin type. Some people’s skin doesn’t respond to the healing of any form of injuries on their own except with a prompt medical diagnosis. For some individuals, even if medical attention is given, their treatment response is slow.

But on a norm, when a hickey is left to fade on its own without any attention given to it, it always takes about ten (10) to twenty (20) days. It is always in a gradual process in its fading off, and your skin will experience some kind of changes as it vanishes.

During the process, your body will break down the clotted blood under your skin, repair the capillaries and get it reabsorbed into the bloodstream. This won’t happen immediately, the bruise will change in color as the process is going on naturally, so you need not panic about your skin damaging if you see different color changes.

How to get rid of hickeys instantly methods will hasten up the healing time if done appropriately and if excess pressure is not applied to the affected area.

How to get rid of hickeys in 5 minutes

Getting rid of hickeys in few minutes might not work out for some people if their body system does not adapt to fast healing. While in a couple of minutes or a maximum of 2days, you can get your normal smooth skin without bruises back if you are the type with a good healing process.

How to get rid of a fresh hickey comes in various ways you can use. If one is not available to you, the other might be to deal with it as soon as possible. If you act quickly, the first aid method can help out in the healing process.

  1. Apply pressure on it: when you noticed a hickey on any part of your skin, neck, arm, chest, or stomach, apply some pressure immediately you take note of it. The pressure you are applying is in the form of pressure you put when you scrap your arm to stop blood bleeding. When you apply this pressure, it will stop the blood from pooling under the skin. Once the pooling stops, it will prevent the hickey from becoming broad, large, and thick. The lighter and smaller it is, it won’t be much visible to notice, and the time it will take in healing will be very short.

  2. Apply a cold compress: to reduce the hickey and quick healing, apply a cold compress immediately when you noticed it sitting on your skin. This will reduce the swelling and hinder another bruise from developing on the skin. The flow of blood coming from the vessel to the skin will be slowed down once you applied the cool pressure on the bruise. Items you can make do for the cold compression are Ice Park, a cloth that has been moistened with cold water, or a chilled iron spoon that has stayed in the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes. Any of the items you use will help out in the cold compression. When applying the compress, make sure it stays for a minimum of 10 minutes to get rid of the hickey. If you observe that the hickey still sits on your skin the next day, apply the compression till you see it no more.

  3. Warm compress: after some days, let’s say two days, and you still notice some faint look of the hickey on your skin, then you can apply some heat. Applying a warm compress on the affected area will aid circulation. With this, the hickey will vanish quickly, and you will regain your smooth skin. When applying the warm compress, ensure that you allow it to last for a minimum of 10 minutes. You can repeat the same process several times a day for a quicker result. Ensure there are enough intervals whenever you are applying it in a single day to cause more damage or prolong the healing.

  4. Use Aloe Vera: aloe vera is very good in enhancing prompt healing of inflammation, bruises, or any form of skin infection or damage. In using aloe vera, open up the aloe vera leaf and apply the inside's thick jellylike pulp. Apply it directly to the bruised area. You can do this multiple periods a day for a quick result, morning and night. If you are highly sensitive skin, you may not make use of the aloe vera pulp. And if it irritates your skin, stop it immediately so that it won’t damage the skin or prolong the healing process.

  5. Use peppermint oil: this oil is good for healing bruises and other forms of skin infection. It consists of menthol, which stimulates blood flow in the skin. Considering the type of skin that you possess, it can irritate the skin. To avoid the irritation that it might cause from its use, dilute it with a carrier oil like jojoba or almond oil. To dilute this peppermint before use, take 15 drops of carrier oil and mix it with one or two drops of the peppermint.

Once you’ve properly mixed it, apply it to the hickey and massage the area lightly with no hard pressure.

  1. Vitamin K cream: vitamin K is essential when it comes to clotting of the blood. So, using the cream of vitamin K will enhance the quick healing of the bruise. To use the cream, apply it to the affected area of the hickey once or twice a day as you want to see a quick result. You can decide to go natural using vitamin K. To do this, eat fruits that contain this nutrient, such as soybeans, pork, poultry, and leafy greens.

  2. Vitamin C cream: vitamin c is naturally known as immune-boosting nutrients and also produces collagen for the skin. When you apply its cream variant to the bruise, it will hasten the skin's healing and clearing off the bruises, thereby giving you smooth skin.

  3. Using cocoa butter: cocoa butter is known to be effective in the treatment of skin infections or bruises. It can smoothen the skin's scars, reduce stretch marks and wrinkles, and other unwanted marks on the skin. Massage the cream gently on the bruise once or twice a day for a quick result.

  4. Make use of banana peel: this is very handy and easy to come by to use when you notice a hickey on your skin. Banana peel has lots of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients in it. Using banana peel on your skin, it will give you some soothing and calmness.

Apply this peel on the affected part and leave it for about thirty minutes or until the time you discover some changes in the peel color. It can be used several times in the space of 24 hours, but it shouldn’t be less than twice to have an effective result.

Having a hickey can give you a bad mood or hinder you from spreading your full wings when going out if you are the type that doesn’t love seeing spots or wrinkles on your skin. With how to get rid of hickeys right away discussed, you can get your blazing skin back in a day or couple. But if you don’t want to make use of any means and want it to vanish by itself, know that it will take weeks before you can be free of it. With that, you will need to resolve to use different makeup in hiding the hickey, such as a silicon-based primer, color correcting cream concealer, or translucent powder. Another means is by putting on turtle-neck cloths to hide the bruises.

To avoid the whole scenario of a hickey or try to conceal it when it happened, then it will be good to let your partner know of the development that you had on your skin due to the suction. Ask your partner to avoid sucking on your skin too hard if you can’t do off it. Doing this, you will guide against bursting of the tiny blood vessels that are underneath your skin in subsequent times. You can aim for areas that won’t be visible to other eyes if it gives you pleasure.

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