How to get your crush to like you - steps to take towards them

Falling in love and having affection towards someone is not a bad occurrence. It is a sign of being an emotional being and still living. Every man wants to love and be loved in the same way; this makes the feelings of love smooth and pleasant.

You're walking down the street or seated somewhere or walking down the hallway, and you ran into your crush, the feelings that ran through your veins, you can't help it. Everything about your crush makes you feel good; whenever he/she smiles, you are wowed, and the way he/she walks or does things catches your attention. You can't help the feelings you have towards your crush. You keep thinking and fantasizing about him/her, having a pictorial imagination of you two spending the time together.

You've been thinking about how to get your crush to like you; well, that is a good thought and move. No one wants to be in a state of hopelessness and sit at a corner daydreaming about someone. You need your crush to notice you, you need to make him/her tap into your feelings, and you need to impress him/her without overdoing it.

If you are in this shoe, you don't want to keep waiting aimlessly, thinking one day your crush will walk up to you; you need steps to get your crush to like you and get mingled.

Learning How to get your crush to like you back

Having an unexpressed feeling for someone can bring about heartache, headache, and a sleepless night because the person's thoughts will be so strong and heavy on your heart. To make the matter severe, the person you have a crush on doesn't notice you nor glance at you whenever you ran into each other or in the same place. So bad and frustrating, right? Yes! You can't even concentrate on anything neither can you think straight because of this single person that has got you entangled in the web of love. To get your peace of mind, you need to make some salient move towards your crush by learning different tactics on how to get your crush to like you back. Believe me, if you don't take steps to get your crush to like you, the person will be naïve of your existence or feelings towards him/her the same way you will be if someone has a crush on you. So, how do you get your crush to like you?

  • Make eye contact: when you have a crush on someone, it is normal to get nervous. But don't allow such nervousness to come in your way to doing things that will make your crush know that you think about them. Work hard as much as you can to make eye contact with your crush; don't give weak eye contact because this might be interpreted as staring at them. Maintain a good gaze with them. When you look away too sharp, they might have an impression that you are not interested in them. Making eye contact speaks volumes; it will make you look confident, attractive, and to be an interesting personality.

  • Put on a smile: a smile is very potent to get people to notice you. When your eyes lock with your crush, give a cute smile. With this, you are communicating a great message to your crush and giving them a hint. It will show that you are amiable, friendly, and has an interest in them.

  • Ask them for a favor: a connection can be built between you and your crush by asking him/her to do you some favor. With this, feelings of attachment will be built unconsciously and bring you together. Compliment your crush: When your crush has a new hairstyle, a nice dress, compliment them and tell them how they look sweet and amazing in it. People love to receive admiration. Not only about their look, if they have done something spectacular either at work or school, applaud them by telling them how great and excellent they have performed in the act. Doing this will make your crush notice you and want to get close to you and know you better.

  • Make friends with your crush: if you want to seal that bond with your crush, you need to make friends with him/her. Friendship is seen as the bedrock of any thriving relationship. This will give you the chance to get to know each other. But doing this, don't just pump into them and say, "Hey! I want us to be friends". That will be too ridiculous, and you will end up losing it all. All you need to be friends with your crush is your boldness to give greetings like saying 'hello' or asking after their affairs and how things are going on with them. To go along with it, you can offer some assistance or join the voluntary group or organization your crush is. In doing this, don't make it too obvious. Be subtle and natural with it.

  • Show interest in your crush: when you show care towards someone, you tend to register your interest in the person while also taught about you. When your crush is talking or making a point known, give a listening ear to it, ask questions about what is being said, or buttress his/her points affirmatively. This will give your crush the impression of likeness in you and to think about you.

  • Keep it cool: for you not to lose the interest that you might have been registering in the heart of your crush, act cool towards him/her. Don't show that you are head-over-heel with the person. Some people get turned off by this excessive showing by doing nasty things to show the interest you have in them. For ladies especially, caution needs to be taken if you don't want the guy to lose respect for you and perceive you like an easy-to-get lady. Be calm with the way you give him a signal. If possible, act like you don't have interest in him sometimes but don't make it too often.

How to get your crush to like you for guys

How to get your crush to like you for guys

That being said, for a guy who has a crush on a beautiful lady and thinking about how can I get my crush to like me, more steps need to be taken by you to impress that lady and get her into you. But note, the key point is not to overdo it. Guys, stay with me here on how to get your crush to like you for guys.

  • Always look nice: in this game, physical attraction is not all that is needed, but it is a major factor to get that girl to be interested in you. An average girl admires a guy that looks good and gives attention to his appearance. You need to put on nice and fitted clothes, not the old school type that will make you look like an ancient guy. Let the footwear you will put on have a striking balance with your clothes and have a nice cut. Always be simple with all this.

  • Smell well: this is a great turn-off for both males and females. But as a cool dude who wants to capture the attention of that good-looking damsel, your smell needs to be irresistible that whenever she passes by you or stays around, she will feel it in her soul. Make use of nice smelling perfume or cologne to smell fresh and nice. This alone can get her turn-on for you.

  • Do the talking: in combination with other aspects, as a guy, you are meant to do the talking. This is when you will make your intents known by making them subtle. While doing this, don't make it early or too sudden; give it time and ensure that you have seen the interest she has in you before doing this. Before you open up to her, make that inner flirt known to her and your fun-romantic side. This will help her to be into you, and you will know more about her feelings.

3 ways to get your crush to like you

Ways to make your crush like you for both males and females are more than these three things that will be discussed. But it is very crucial and will help your crush to open up. It will also serve as a pointer to other ways to get your crush into you easily without overthinking things.

  • Be yourself: in getting your crush to like you, this is the first thing to have in mind. You won't like it when you show off to be whom you are not, and your crush later finds out to know the real you and get turned off with the impression of being fake. You need to be yourself. It is good and okay to impress someone you are crushing on, but while doing it, don't give a deceptive image because in no time, the real you will come out. When you are yourself, you will be comfortable with whatever you do and the way you act. You won't need to rack your brains for lies and deceptive words. The best thing is for your crush to know you, and this will help you have an impression if he/she likes you or not without trying to be someone else.

  • Make a move: making a move is not for you to express your feelings to your crush but to communicate with him/her. Communication is very vital in any affairs. You need to get to know each other instead of sitting in the corner, watching them from afar. With this, you are giving your crush a chance to know you and that someone like you exists. In doing this, don't rush it; take it bit by bit, share things about yourself and the environment you are both in with your crush. This will give them the impression of you wanting to get close to them and get talking.

  • Know your crush: knowing your crush is slightly different from making a move. In knowing your crush, you get to know him/her on a personal basis. Know the things that interest him/her, like and dislikes. When you get to ask them about all this, because you have opened up about yourself to them, they will feel free to relate with you, and this will serve as a great opportunity to know more about them. Let them talk about themselves, and this will help you to build a connection between you.

In how to make your crush think about you, you have to be brave, bold, and determined with it. If you are not, implementing all that has been said here will not be possible. You will only read without getting a result. The result lies in the action you take to get your crush to like you. You must be determined if you truly want him/her. Don't sit praying and hoping one day; providence will make your crush walk up to you one day. If you do that, you will only end your life in daydreaming. Go for what you want, and you will have it!

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