Find The Best Phone Number Pick Up Lines for You

You may have recently come across an attractive lady at the club or perhaps on a site, and you immediately develop an interest in her and wish to have a friendly chat with her. You begin to wonder which approach to use and start speculating on what you should say to the female. Without much talk, the perfect pick up line will attract her attention and get her phone number. But then, you do not know the pick up lines to be used. That isn't a cause for alarm because many pick up lines may be utilized in acquiring phone numbers of female singles.

Are you wondering if pick up lines truly help in getting a lady's number? Yes, it works when used rightly and at the appropriate time and situation. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you wish to get a lady's number, you may use any of the appropriate pick-up lines that are provided here. Read on to discover a list of the top pick up lines used for getting a girl's number.

How to Get a Girl's Phone Number Using Pick Up Lines

Many guys have various kinds of ladies that interest them. You may be outside in the street and notice a pretty lady who matches all the physical criteria you seek in a lady and would love to have the lady among your contacts. How do you go about this without getting a rejection? This is where pick up lines are brought into the action. There are different kinds of pick up lines that you may utilize in various instances. You may use some as conversation openers or ice breakers. You can also go straight to the point with certain pick up lines by requesting phone numbers directly.

Finding the ideal pick up line to acquire the telephone number you seek is not as hard as people think. Once you recognize what you are after, you can know the perfect pick up line to utilize. When chatting with a female, try as much as possible to keep it basic and allow the pick up line to work. These lines can be grouped into various categories; there are cute ones, corny, cheesy, and funny lines. Depending on who the chat is with, you may utilize any line from any named category above.

Funny Pick Up Lines to Get Numbers

Jokes are always a perfect way to attract a girl's attention. If you intend to have a chat with her, it is advisable, to begin with, a pun. If you are interested in getting a number, there are pick up lines you could use to get what you want. Funny pick up lines are lively lines that will have your conversation partner laughing. You can use funny pick up lines to portray yourself as a fun and playful person. Below are some of the funny pick up lines to get someone's number

  1. I guess my smartphone is faulty because I can't seem to find your number on it.
  2. If your net worth is the same as your number, what would it be?
  3. It doesn't feel right to back up my contact list without your number in it.
  4. My smartphone has it all except your phone number.
  5. I think your number will be safer on my phone than on your head.
  6. Are you having a sheet of paper I may perhaps write your number on?
  7. Do I start pestering you, or will you give me your number now?
  8. Guess what. I'm on a mission to get your number.
  9. How do I make arrangements with you when I do not have your number?
  10. I'm a hunter. Guess what I'm hunting for. Your number.

Cute Pick Up Lines to Get Numbers

This is another form of pick up line you can use to get a girl's number. With a cute pick up line, the aim is to make him/her blush and smile. They are not necessarily funny or cheesy; they are sometimes romantic. If you are interested in using a cute pick up line to get a girl's number, below are some.

  1. Error 404. Your number could not be found.
  2. I'm updating my contact list, and it's missing your number.
  3. The answer to my math assignment is your number. Will you help me with it?
  4. I think I've forgotten my number, may I have yours instead?
  5. I have some of the hilarious memes. I could always send you some, but your number isn't in my possession yet.
  6. I'm not concerned about your six digits income; all I'm after is your ten digits number.
  7. I intend to show you some sexy pictures later today, but then I noticed you hadn't given me your number yet.
  8. A heartbreak just occurred, and only your number can fix it.
  9. Is your number as attractive as you are? May I see it?
  10. I don't need your Instagram. Your number is good enough for me.

Corny Pick Up Lines to Get Numbers

Corny pick up lines are best used if you aren't scared of being embarrassed. You just have to be serious and confident while delivering corny pick up lines to get someone's number. If you are interested, below are some of the corny pick up lines you can use.

  1. I have your name saved on my phone before now. Remaining your number.
  2. I'll feel more comfortable sleeping at night once I have your number.
  3. One multiplied by your number equals? Write the answer on this paper.
  4. Are you a lover of magic tricks? Pass me a paper and watch my number appear on it.
  5. Would you like an emoji following your name after I save your number?
  6. Not sure how to tell you what I intend. Let me send you a text instead.
  7. I'm researching the most common digits in phone numbers. What's your number?
  8. You'll be needing my help later, but you need my number now.
  9. Let me call you to see the kind of ringtone you use.
  10. How I wish I've had your number for a while.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines to Get Numbers

Cheesy lines are used to declare your interest in someone and most likely get a hilarious response from the recipient. If you can deliver a corny pick up line well, you are set; you have a chance to obtain the number you desire. Below are few examples

  1. Kindly put your number on my smartphone while I visit the restroom.
  2. A kiss or your number? I'm getting one today.
  3. May I have your number, so we stop being strangers?
  4. Let's make an exchange. Your number for something special.
  5. I just asked Siri to get me your number.
  6. I saved your name as cutest already; just add your number to it.
  7. I might not sleep well this night because I don't have your number yet.
  8. I'm looking to get a new smartphone since your number isn't on this one.
  9. Most likely, I'll shed tears if I'm unable to get your number today.
  10. How about I show you my flirting skills over the cellphone.


Getting a girl's digit may be a discouraging experience for guys. However, obtaining telephone digits is very simple if you are aware of the perfect technique to use. You may request her number, and if you are lucky, she drops it. But this doesn't happen most times. This is where pick up lines are useful; they help you obtain the number you seek. You must know which pick up line is appropriate at a specific time to obtain the result you desire. Whether you are a regular at this or want to try it for the first time, using the appropriate pick up line is vital. Using an inappropriate pick up line to obtain someone's digits may be awkward, which is why we have taken time to compile a list of the best pick up lines to get your desired number. The pick up lines may be corny, cheesy, cute, or funny. Now that you recognize the best phone numbers pick up lines, you may start utilizing them in getting what you seek.

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