Personal Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone

We are faced with opportunities to meet new people always. In some cases, it happens during our daily activities like catching the train or shopping at the mall, and you just encounter a total stranger who will probably be your neighbor for the trip or your shopping attendant. Although most times the interaction sticks at a casual good morning and a smile, in rare cases, you may meet a talkative or charming person that sets the mood for a more engaging conversation and even possibly a friendship. You could be stuck in a 13-hour flight, for instance, next to a charming stranger, and Mother Nature presents a golden chance for you to get acquainted.

When such a scenario presents itself, you are faced with picking appropriate topics for discussion and questions that can help you understand them better. We are faced with distractions everywhere, such as smartphones and the slightest feeling of a boring discussion. Most people will just switch back to browsing the web or listening to music. Remember, you just bumped into this individual, so you don’t know their character traits well. They might look fascinating, but you have to make contact without sounding rude or offensive. As a dude, this could be a raving beauty sitting next to you, and who knows about the future?

Examples of Meaningful Questions that You Can Ask Someone

When you encounter a stranger, remember that they may have zero interest or be simply anti-social. You, therefore, ought to be super careful when asking serious personal questions that may land you in trouble, at least until you have developed some form of a bond. Start with general questions about your environment, such as the music playing, the service quality, and make both of you feel at ease. The idea here is to make the person comfortable to a point where they may consider you a friend worth their time and conversation. Approaching a stranger like a journalist trying to interview them for prime-time news, they feel invaded.

You should avoid deep questions such as anything to do with religion, sexuality, and politics. Such invasive questions can make a sweet debate head south fast or simply mess up with someone’s moods. You should also respect the other person’s privacy by not immediately inquiring about their profession or if they are married. Additionally, although you avoid serious questions, for starters, don’t also be boring or appear as nagging. You should avoid meaningless questions as much as possible. Just try something that might spark interest without being too personal.

What Are Meaningful Questions to Spice up Chatting?

  • These people have an amazing music playlist, right?
  • Isn’t the weather purely amazing today?
  • The view is totally breathtaking from here, isn’t it?
  • Is this trip as enjoyable for you as it is for me?
  • Would I be lying if I said this is one of the finest parties ever?
  • A shot of tequila for you in exchange for your name?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate this place?
  • Roughly how long has this joint been in operation?
  • When work is not up to our noses, could we hang out?
  • Which direction to the washroom/bar?
  • Which kind of sports excites you?
  • Is it just me, or you also feel like slapping the DJ for his whack playlist?
  • Between watching movies and book reading, what’s your fancy?
  • Are you addicted to social media?
  • Which foreign destination would you wish to visit?

Nice Conversation Topics to Help in Getting to Know Someone

Although we may learn communication skills in schools and throughout our upbringing, it’s surprising how many people struggle with socializing worldwide. Not many people can boast of truly being pros when interacting with strangers and starting new relationships. Technology has also alienated most young people from one-on-one interactions where someone would rather play video games or watch Netflix the whole day than attend a local game. However, on the brighter side, social media and dating sites have provided a way to make friends globally.

A clever way to get used to and succeed in mastering social interactions is choosing the discussion topics carefully. Being updated with current news in your area and globally, for instance, makes you an informed person with tons of knowledge and gossip to share. As an active social media user, you are always up-to-date about the latest news, like which new virus has hit the world, which celebrity divorced who, and so on. You can simply assess the person you wish to talk to and then evaluate your environment and easily pick a juicy topic to engage in. Aim your questions with precision, and depending on the answers you receive, you can expound on that and create a wholesome, two-way conversation.

Some Cool Topics of Conversation that You Can Try Out

The below topics are ideal for inducing interest even among strangers, and they could work for you:


One common interest that everyone in the globe shares is food. Meeting someone in a favorite diner, for instance, signifies both of you like the menu and amazing dishes served there. It’s very easy to strike a conversation in such a case by sharing how and when you discovered the joint and your preferred pick from the menu.


Entertainment is a major topic of discussion, even among dating couples. A majority of people globally look up to movies as the main source of entertainment. You go through a tough day at work, patiently waiting for the moment you get home and watch some episodes of your favorite series. Therefore, you can indulge your love for movies with someone by sharing your favorites and asking what they enjoy watching.


When trying to master interacting with people better, books can also shed light on someone’s tastes and preferences. Inquire about their favorite book or author, and this might start a massive discussion about libraries, new book releases, and so on.


Sports like football and athletics list among the most unifying activities on the planet, bringing together people from all walks of life. The mention of some football club or asking which team someone supports can open up a heated conversation with a stranger and make you become friends.


In many ways, music is the ultimate food for the soul. The music someone prefers is like a mirror into the core of who they are and their philosophies in life. Music can express all kinds of emotions and feelings. Inquire about the genres, artists, bands they love, and so on.

Provoking Questions to Get to Know Someone

Sometimes, the easiest route to a person’s soul is through their mind. You can achieve this by posing questions that provoke thought and show how someone thinks. This is closely related to charming someone intellectually. This, however, does not imply acting like a mean lecturer and posing some tough questions that might end up stressing the wits out of someone. Just ensure that these are questions requiring someone to ponder a bit and engage their brain before answering.

Examples of Thought-provoking Questions

  • If you become president for a day, what would your first presidential action be?
  • From birth till date, which the main lesson that life has taught you?
  • Between your dream job and a million dollars, which one would you pick?
  • In your opinion, has the internet done more good or harm?
  • Given a chance, which destination would you visit?

Serious Questions for You to Get to Know Someone Better

Once you establish a good connection with someone, you create a friendly environment where even serious questions about life are welcome. Although these are tough questions, mature people love sharing their life experiences, especially once a bond is formed. Everyone has their ups and downs in life, and it’s through sharing that one gets the motivation to sail on no matter their present life challenges. Nevertheless, this a path you should tread on carefully to avoid reopening past wounds and awakening hurtful memories.

Examples of Serious Questions to Ask

  • What would you say is your biggest weakness?
  • Regarding your relationship status, are you single, married, divorced, or widowed?
  • Are you content with your career at this moment?
  • Do you believe in God?
  • Are you struggling with any addiction and trying to quit?
  • Is your family a closely knit one, or you barely talk?
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