Best Never Have I Ever Questions

Never Have I Ever is the most popular party game for a very good reason. You can easily spend the night laughing with friends over funny stories, shocking confessions, and silly trips down memory lane!

All you need for a game of Never Have I Ever are funny prompts and icebreakers. They help keep the momentum going throughout the entire night. And who knows, you too might have some funny stories to admit to?

Funny questions work best – while dirty, 'crude' or gross ones might cross the line, especially if you're playing with strangers. Try for a mix of topics and statements so that everyone can get involved and feels comfortable sharing.

Never Have I Ever Rules?

There are different rules you can play with this game. Sometimes it's best to keep it simple and not over-complicate things. The simplest way to play Never Have I Ever is when:

  1. Players sit in a circle, taking turns asking the group a ' Never Have I Ever ' question.
  2. If you've done the question, then take a drink and share the story.
  3. If you haven't, you don't take a drink. Sit back, relax, and listen!
  4. If no one takes a drink, the question asker takes a drink.

Now, let's get to the main event. We've pulled together our favorite funny Never Have I Ever questions to ensure you never run out of material through the night.

Never Have I Ever Icebreaker Questions

Begin your night with icebreaker prompts, as they can help relax people and introduce everybody to each other.

The best icebreaker questions are funny, general, and not overly embarrassing to begin with. This means that all the players of your game should be able to take part, take a drink and share a story. This also helps familiarize everyone with the rules.

Never Have I Ever Icebreakers

  1. Sent a text to the wrong person
  2. Faked being sick at work to leave early
  3. Googled a date before meeting
  4. Re-gifted a present to someone else
  5. Went on a funny blind date
  6. Broken a bone
  7. Travelled to a foreign country on my own
  8. Fallen asleep in public
  9. Picked up money from the street
  10. Met a celebrity
  11. Sang karaoke to a room full of strangers
  12. Done extreme sports
  13. Had a black eye
  14. Ate an entire pizza on my own
  15. Quit my job
  16. Called my partner the wrong name
  17. Lied in a job interview
  18. Been mistaken for a famous person
  19. Asked to speak with the manager of a shop
  20. Been on TV or radio

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

After icebreakers, you can start using funny Never Have I Ever questions to keep everyone in good spirits, laughing and sharing wilder stories.

Again, depending on your taste level and your party's makeup, questions can range from funny, to silly, to personal and embarrassing. You can be the judge of which questions can work.

But by this stage, everyone should be familiar with one another - expect even more honesty round after round. If people don't want to share their stories, you can think up of a forfeit 'dare' to take its place!

Here is a list of some of the funny questions you might ask:

Funny Never Have I Evers

  1. Cut my own hair
  2. Given someone a fake phone number
  3. Accidentally said "I love you" to someone
  4. Googled me
  5. Ghosted someone after a date
  6. Dyed my hair a strange color
  7. Lied about my age, name, or job on a date
  8. Laughed at something that wasn't funny
  9. Tried to be funny and failed
  10. Gate-crashed someone else's party
  11. Faked illness to leave a date
  12. Stayed awake for more than 24 hours
  13. Faked a funny accent
  14. Laughed uncontrollably at something which isn't funny
  15. Broke my mobile phone
  16. Blamed the dog/cat for something I did
  17. Sent the wrong person a Snapchat
  18. Told a lie to someone playing this game right now
  19. Forgot my own passwords
  20. Cried laughing in public at something funny

Embarrassing Never Have I Ever Questions

Best reserved for later on in the night, and with people, you know very well!

Whilst these questions are still funny, the focus has moved on to revealing those all-important embarrassing stories people haven't told a soul before. Be warned, and some answers might border on cringe-worthy but remember it's all aimed to be funny, harmless, and innocent.

Remember – no judgment. Otherwise, people might be reluctant to tell you the truth!

Never Have I ever:

  1. Sneezed on a stranger
  2. Gone on a date without paying for anything
  3. Been fired from a job
  4. Accidentally liked a photo on Instagram
  5. Tasted pet food
  6. Lied about a funny story that happened
  7. Cried in the middle of a nightclub
  8. Insulted someone by accident
  9. Used some else's toothbrush
  10. Googled my ex
  11. Been kicked out of a nightclub
  12. Dared someone to do something crazy
  13. Ghosted someone
  14. Ever danced on a table
  15. Failed to show up for a date at the very last minute
  16. Got caught cheating on a test
  17. Got sick on a date
  18. Bitten someone
  19. Tried to guess someone else's passwords
  20. Gone on more than one date in a single day
  21. Been heart-broken
  22. Stayed quiet at someone's "funny" joke
  23. Been stood up on a date at the very last minute
  24. Told someone they were funny but weren't
  25. Cheated on someone
  26. Urinated in a swimming pool
  27. Put chewing gum under the table
  28. Eaten something gross as a dare
  29. Blamed something on a friend
  30. Taken a selfie with a stranger

Never Have I Ever Regrets

We're all human. We all make mistakes. And sometimes, regrets can be turned into funny stories we can share and laugh about with friends.

These questions mix the funny with the embarrassing, juicy with shock, and all piled into one! Best used towards the end of the night, when people are more open with sharing about themselves, relaxed, and don't mind being the center of attention!

Never Have I Ever Regretted:

  1. texting an ex
  2. telling someone the truth
  3. telling someone a lie
  4. getting a tattoo
  5. spending large sums of money on one thing
  6. getting a piercing
  7. cheating
  8. having too much to drink that I blackout
  9. breaking up with someone
  10. dating someone for a long time
  11. splitting up two people
  12. marrying someone
  13. not marrying someone
  14. making friends with someone
  15. telling someone I liked them

Never Have I Ever Questions to Ask a Girl

These questions are specifically aimed at girls' groups where the conversation may primarily focus around funny relationships, embarrassing behavior and harmless stories, gossip, and shenanigans.

Never Have I ever:

  1. checked a man's phone messages
  2. had a crush on a friend's boyfriend
  3. flirted with getting something
  4. stalked an ex's new partner online
  5. dated a guy smaller than me
  6. given a fake number on a date
  7. caught someone cheating on me
  8. asked someone on a date first
  9. kept a diary
  10. went to the bathroom on a date but never returned
  11. read romance novels
  12. daydreamed about my wedding
  13. been attracted to someone 10 years older/younger than me
  14. joined a dating app
  15. had a nickname in a relationship

Playing Without Drinking? Change the Rules!

Are people playing but aren't drinking alcohol? Or perhaps you want to switch up the game to make it more funny, inclusive, and exciting?

There are some easy ideas you can use to change rounds and gameplay, including:

  • Eating sweet/sour sweets instead of drinks.
  • Answer truth or dares instead.
  • For every funny story shared, someone earns a point. In the end, the person with the most points wins a prize.
  • Start the game with 3/5 lives. For every time you skip telling a story, lose a life.

Funny Never Have I Ever Topics

If you want to create your very own Never Have I Ever prompts but don't know where to start, you can use the following themes, ideas, and topics to generate your own questions.

Depending on your party, it's always a good idea to have a mix of everything throughout the game, so people can be involved and you can expect the unexpected. Remember, the only thing to include is funny prompts – no one plays this game seriously.

Funny Dating Questions

Everyone has one or two embarrassing stories when it comes to dating.

These are especially fun to ask when two or more people at the party are in a relationship! It's even funnier if they're dating each other. Prepare to see sparks fly as everyone hears how they're really getting on!

Work Questions

If you are playing with work friends, it could be a great idea to specify questions around your job. Everyone has funny stories they haven't told their work colleagues, whether it's dealing with customers or management.

Just make sure your boss isn't listening!

Travel Questions

'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas does not play to this game. If you've recently traveled with friends, or some are just back from their holidays, it can be fun to figure out what 'really happened' abroad.

Nightclub/ Party Questions

Prepare to hear the worst as people share what happens after one too many drinks!

Best used in the middle or towards your party's end, these questions are reserved for friends who don't mind telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Funny School Questions

From bad haircuts to school detention and more, everyone has a great school story to share. People love sharing these stories because they've happened so long ago that it doubles as a great trip down memory lane.

Never Have I Ever Game Tips

  • Before you starts, set some ground rules for players. Be respectful, and never repeat what's said during the game. That way, people will not shy away from answering and getting involved.
  • Use icebreakers often, especially at the beginning if you're playing with strangers.
  • Always aim for funny questions – never ask anything serious, sad, or controversial.
  • Lead by example – Never Have I Ever is only as funny if people are honest. If people are shy, take it upon yourself to answer and share stories first!
  • Cross off each prompt on your list as it is asked – this makes it easier to figure out what's left to ask!
  • Change the rules to suit your night – substitute drinking for dares, introduce a points system, etc.
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