10 Questions to Ask on a First Date – Impress Your New Partner!

Almost all people feel nervous about a first date. If you feel nervous too, it is understandable. You are about to meet a total stranger who you must impress. While what to wear and where to go are important considerations, don't dwell too much on them. Focus on one thing: important questions to ask on a first date. The keyword here is important. Thus, don't ask irrelevant questions; otherwise, she will run. Besides irrelevant questions, there are common first-date questions. These are okay until they start to sound boring.

See, she has answered the same questions before. Complicated questions are inappropriate; you don't want her to feel stupid. Furthermore, this is a date, not a job interview. Basic dating questions should make a conversation interesting, not confrontational or uneasy. So, what's the best formula? We would say it is breaking down one major question into subtopics. This will help create rapport between you and sustain your conversation. Without further ado, we will share the top 10 questions to ask people on a first date.

Fun Things to Ask a Girl on a First Date

Where did you grow up as a kid?

There are other ways to ask her this query. However, the intention is to know her background. With this question, you give her one option only. That's to mention the town she was raised in when she was young. After that, awkward silence may occur. To avoid it, have a series of related questions to make the talk interesting. For instance, you may request extra details about her hometown and ask if she is still fascinated by it. Moreover, you can ask about the most interesting tourist attractions there. Finally, ask the girl if she still has friends or family there.

Do you have those you care for around?

The aim is to know if she has siblings or she is an only child. Does she have siblings, or is she an only child? Unsurprisingly, you can get one straight answer and then silence. Follow up with great first date topics to keep her interested. The first sub-topic can be about her past life with her parents and siblings. If she does not seem comfortable, stop asking about her family any longer. It could be possible she had a difficult childhood.

Why did you come to this part of the country?

The assumption is that your girl grew up in a different town than the one you met. When you ask this question, you will know what brought her to the current city. To follow up, ask these newly dating questions. For example, you can ask her why she decided to settle in her current city and not any other. She will tell you what she likes about her city and what she hates about it. If she has plans to relocate to another place for work or other reasons, she might hint at it. Just don't meddle in her private affairs.

Did you ever like your school life, including college?

Asking this question is better than seeking to know the level of her education. Avoid shaming, direct questions about education. She might feel intimidated if she has no higher education. Instead, ask about where she went schooling. The best first date topics to follow up with should be general. They can be about college, as it is the last school she attended. Ask her about her major, how it relates to her current job, and about her college friends.

What type of music do you listen to?

Now you are done knowing her background. You want to discover her personal interests. Most people like listening to music; she must have some genre she likes. To find out more, ask her about the songs she likes to listen to or the lyrics she likes. Other than this, ask her to tell you something about her favorite music concerts, musicians, or playlists. Then compare if you both like similar things concerning music.

Do you watch the news on TV, or would you rather watch a movie?

Again, your goal is to investigate her other interests. She might be excited to open up some more if she likes TV. To help, create a list of first-date questions in your mind and ask her when you meet. For instance, a question which TV shows she cannot do without every day or week. Are there some shows that were canceled and made her feel awful? Does she adore horror movies, or would she rather play a video game? Does your girl like to stay indoors to stream music or video games online? It is vital to know this to see how to surprise her later on.

Is reading books or magazines a hobby you enjoy?

Further, you want to explore your girl's interests. In this case, you wish to know if she reads for fun. She can decide to say yes and get mute. As you want her to continue talking, follow up with some interesting queries. For instance, you can ask her if she reads for exams or for fun. Is reading a hobby she picked up in her adult life, or has she been a good reader all her life? People who truly like reading will have a few book titles they found interesting and valuable. If your girl likes reading, you may tell her to recommend a few so you can read them too. In this modern era, people do a lot of their reading online. Does your date have specific Book readers she uses online? What topics interest her when choosing books to read?

Are there some things you do during your free time?

Every person seems to have a thing they do during their leisure time. Some like outdoor activities, and others would rather stay indoors. Your girl has some hobbies too. Since you plan to understand her, interrogate her further. Request the lady to tell you about a hobby she couldn't give up for anything. Also, let the lovely woman talk about a hobby she would go after if she made more money or had extra time. See, some hobbies are like talents. If you chose to pursue them, you could do it with so much passion. You can even make some bucks. So, question her about a hobby she likes doing for fun and also making some money. Does she carry out most of her hobbies online or offline?

How often do you travel to a place just for fun?

One thing couples do together for fun is traveling. So it would be okay to ask your woman if she likes to visit different places for fun. To ensure she continues expressing herself, follow up with the best date questions ever. Does she have one destination she cannot get enough of? Where did she visit and cannot consider visiting again alone or with a friend? Seek to know if she likes outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, and cycling, and so on? Would she prefer to travel all by herself and with a group of people? Would she rather sail or go on a road trip? Does she like beaches, and if so, which ones? Having the right answers to these questions can be useful in the future.

What are you looking to do in the near future?

Everyone has a plan for their future. Some goals are long-term, and others short term. Your date must have things she is looking forward to doing in the coming months or years. You need to know what they are to see if they align with your own goals. Are there things she regrets not trying before? Would she try them if she had more money or time? Once she reveals these things, you will know if she has plans to start a new relationship.

10 vital questions to ask a potential date are shown above. Are you still unsure of what to say to her? Continue reading to learn more.

6 Brilliant and Interesting Questions to Ask on a First Date

Needless to say, you can come up with more questions that are similar to the ones mentioned above. There are also some questions that people normally ask during dates and are quickly misunderstood. It is important to avoid these queries to keep the lady you are about to meet. If you ask her, she might feel unworthy, disrespected, and uneasy. As you want to create a lasting first impression, don't say the following to a woman during a date:

What salary do you earn?

This is a blunt question, and she can interpret it as a threat to her privacy. You don't have to beat around the bush in these modern times. Nevertheless, don't use this approach on a stranger. They might wonder what you wish to do with this information.

Why did your EX leave you?

Honestly, this date should have nothing to do with her past love life. Unless she brings it up herself, don't start it. She could be going on dates to deal with a recent failed relationship. So it would be insensitive of you to bring up the issue she had with her EX-lover.

Have you been the chubby one all your life?

Although you can ask this nicely, don't bother. Asking a girl about her eating patterns or weight on a first date is wrong. Women are so sensitive about how their bodies look. If you ask her about food or weight, she might conclude that you think she is fat. In a world that ridicules fat people, don't expect her to receive this question so well.

Why haven't you found a partner yet? You are such an attractive young woman!

Some people have a habit of asking very personal questions. This is a very private matter. There could be a whole story behind a person being single. Perhaps their spouse died or left for someone else. Maybe the girl has met enough jokers in her life and not a single serious guy. This question is offensive. You don't want the woman to start imagining wild things about why she is not lovable. Besides, why did you meet up with her? Is it not to find someone special?

Do you see a future between us?

You have just met and hardly know each other. The future does not count at this point. If you want to create no future with this girl, ask her such a ridiculous question. A first date is not someone you have known enough to want to marry. They can even go away after the session and never call again. This cannot be one of the most interesting questions to ask on a first date unless you are desperate.

Do you have a kid from another man? Would you like more kids or get married soon?

The first date is too soon to ask such private questions. They are too intense to expect answers from a person you barely know. Don't be in a hurry when you are not even sure she will like you. If this date works, there will be more dates in the future. An opportunity to ask about kids from another relationship, baby daddies, marriage, or divorce will come later. Besides, these questions might cause a conflict of interest. You could come across as a desperate guy.


One way to have a perfect date with a lady you have never met is to know the things you will tell her. You should plan before meeting up with her, so you don't look nervous or confused. You should not write a list of questions to ask on a date on a piece of paper. Simply memorize them in your mind. Find other flirty ways to present these questions to her so they can sound interesting and realistic.

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