Beautiful Good Night Quotes for a Remarkably Restful Slumber

71 Inspirational Good Night Messages for Family and Friends

Beautiful good night quotes are well-wishes for people to have a hale, hearty, and happy slumber.

The beautiful inspirational good night messages usher in a sound and peaceable sleep, which is meant to nourish and refresh the body, mind, heart, and soul. These are meant for those you care about, be they young or young at heart and for yourself as well.

There are different types of nice night quotes and good night phrases, such as:

  • Cute
  • Funny
  • Witty
  • Motivational

The types of beautiful good night q are for various reasons and occasions because no two persons are alike. Everybody has his or her preference, dream, and pre-sleep situation, so each one gets what is presently appropriate on a particular night.

Cute bedtime quotes, for instance, are usually appreciated by teens and young adults, while beautiful motivational quotations on good night rest are intended for mature persons who are more serious in life and may have more worries than any other.

Funny and witty sayings, meanwhile, are for people who love to laugh or grin their way to beautiful sleep. Then there are visual messages with a fascinating good night caption or two to soothe the senses like a beautiful lullaby.

Here’s a cornucopia of beautiful, upbeat good night quotes for your esteemed family members and friends, 71 in all:

  1. - Rest soundly tonight, dear Dad and Mom!
  2. - Have the best night’s sleep, dear sister and brother!
  3. - Sleep tight, best friend!
  4. - Zzz tight, BFF!
  5. - Zzz well, beautiful friend.
  6. - Night, night. Rest soundly, buddy.
  7. - May troubles stay away from your beautiful rest.
  8. - May the rest you need and want to come easily.
  9. - May the sandman comes sprinkling your eyes shortly, dude.
  10. - May the sheep arrive soon, mate.
  11. - May the stars shine on your path to delightful dreamland.
  12. - May you dream of awesome and amazing things in your sleep!

Cute Bedtime Quotes

  1. - Catch your forty winks and then some now. See you when the sun is up.
  2. - I hope this message finds you comfy on your pillow. Sleep soundly.
  3. - I hope this message finds you snug. Slumber tight.
  4. - May you get to count the fluffiest sheep around.
  5. - May you have a fine night that promotes an equally fine sleep.
  6. - May your pillow be fluffy and your sweet dreams extra-flavorful.
  7. - Thank you for always being a darling. Have a lovely sleep.
  8. - Thank you for our friendship. I wish you a really great sleep tonight and every night.
  9. - Wishing you a pleasant evening and beautiful sleep.
  10. - You are the sweetest person I know, and you deserve the sweetest dreams.
  11. - You make everything swell, so a splendid night to you.
  12. - You’re a lot more plush and cuddly than those wonderful stuffed animals lying on your bed. Therefore, you deserve to sleep soundly.
  13. - You’re such a happy person. Keep smiling in your sleep!

Funny Bedtime Quotes

  1. - Aw, doze off now, so you can rise and shine brightly tomorrow.
  2. - Do a beautiful Rip Van Winkle number now, will you? We have a long day ahead tomorrow. Good night!
  3. - Get in the sleeping groove; for tomorrow, there’s a lot to prove.
  4. - Give Rip Van Winkle a run for his money tonight. I will see you when the sun is up.
  5. - Give the pillow a head now, will you? Have a happy slumber.
  6. - Go to sleep now. I won’t call or text until you’re out of your beautiful slumber, promise!
  7. - May the sandman squish and squash all the monsters under your bed.
  8. - I’m so tired that I’m spelling my good night quotes wrong. Anyhow, have a joyful sleep!
  9. - With this message is an invite to dreamland. Go ahead, enjoy it now.
  10. - Your beautiful guardian angel is waiting to tuck you in. Go to sleep already!

Witty Bedtime Quotes

  1. - Congratulations! You’ve just won a free pass to dreamland. Claim it right now. Good night!
  2. - Count your blessings, then count sheep. You’ve already earned your peacefully beautiful sleep.
  3. - May your dreams be merry and bright tonight, even if it’s not Christmas.
  4. - May your dreams be sweeter than candy, cake, and ice cream—but less diabetic.
  5. - May your sleep be as tight as your sweetheart’s squeeze.
  6. - May your sleep be as turbocharged as the beautiful work you put in earlier today. You’re so industrious you deserve to relax and rest.
  7. - Splurge on beauty sleep. You earned it.
  8. - You’ve had enough of today’s wildness, so doze off already. Sleep tight, see you tomorrow.
  9. - You’ve seen enough of today’s madness, so close your eyes already. Tomorrow will be another crazy day.
  10. - You’re super beat. Get your smashing sleep!

otivational Bedtime Quotes

  1. - As the day comes to an end, throw all your fears and troubles away, then embrace a restfully beautiful slumber.
  2. - Have a safe and sound sleep now, will you? Good night!
  3. - I will end this day by letting you know what an awesome human being and an amazing person you are. Thank you. Sleep tight!
  4. - Off to bed now, great one! Winners need to relax and rest their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls, too, you know.
  5. - Rest your body and mind now to prepare for another beautiful and exciting day ahead.
  6. - Rest, relaxation and a blissfully beautiful sleep are all in order. Superb dreams!
  7. - Relax; the day is over. Have a fine sleep; you deserve it.
  8. - Sleep is the best meditation, so says the Dalai Lama. Savor it soundly.
  9. - Wishing you comfort, joy, and a beautiful good night’s sleep.
  10. - Wishing you sleep that’s as precious as your kindness.

Good Night Comments

If you’re a language enthusiast, bid your family member, friend, or significant other a beautifully said “Good night!” in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arabic, or whatever suits your fancy.

  1. - Bonne nuit! (French)
  2. - Buona notte! (Italian)
  3. - Buenas noches. (Spanish)
  4. - Gute Nacht. (German)
  5. - Oyasumi. (Japanese)
  6. - Layla saida. (Arabic)
  7. - ‘N Goeie nag. (Afrikaans)
  8. - Wan an. (Mandarin Chinese)
  9. - Shubh raatri. (Hindi)
  10. - Spokoynoy nochi. (Russian)

A beautiful, smile-inducing good night note may also be:

  1. - Beddy-bye!
  2. - Nighty-night!
  3. - Sending fun and fab forty and a dozen winks your way...

If you’ve been sent a neat and nice good night note, acknowledge it and wish the sender with beautifully cool and warm lines like,

  1. - Goodnight back!
  2. - Fantastic dreams to you, as well. Wonderful night!
  3. - Have a merry, beautiful sleep yourself.

A Huge Cornucopia of Good Night Quotes for Someone Special

In constant search and pursuit of positive bedtime quotes, beautiful goodnight quotes, and inspiring good night quotes for someone special, especially your beautiful girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse?

Here are myriad examples of everyday positive goodnight quotes, beautiful goodnight world quotes, and inspiring good night for love quotes for treasured people:

  1. A fantastic sleep to you, fabulous one!
  2. - A restful sleep to your remarkable self!
  3. - As another day comes to an end, I wish to thank you for being you. Good night, see you tomorrow!
  4. - As another day comes to an end, I wish to thank your beautiful self for making my life complete. Have a great night.
  5. - Be out like a light tonight, so you can radiate your beauty tomorrow.
  6. - Have a blissful sleep filled with beautiful dreams.
  7. - Have a magical night through the enchanted forest of dreams.
  8. - Have the merriest of slumbers and the sweetest of dreams.
  9. - I know I can’t get enough of you, beautiful one, so I’ll meet you in my dreams.
  10. - I pray that you dream of things as wow-worthy as you.
  11. - Roses are red, violets are blue. Sleep tight, my dear, and tomorrow I’ll see you.
  12. - May the magic of the stars bless you with a blissful slumber.
  13. - May tonight’s dream contain gorgeous and glorious things.
  14. - May tonight’s sleep be all peaceable and perfect.
  15. - May tonight’s sleep be as tight as tomorrow’s embrace.
  16. - May you feel at ease toward your sleep, knowing how wonderful you are.
  17. - May you savor sweet dreams tonight.
  18. - Sleep well, my beautiful love.
  19. - Thank you for being my perfect match. Splendid dreams!
  20. - Thank you for making every day gorgeous with your presence. May your dreams be as sweet as they are splendiferous!

A Dozen More Good Night Quotes for Someone Special

Still, looking for additional good night quotes for someone special to show your beautiful significant other how you feel as he or she turns in?

Here are a dozen extra beautiful goodnight quotes and positive bedtime quotes to please the love of your life at the end of the day:

  1. - Wishing you sleep that’s as adorable as the person you are.
  2. - Wishing you sleep that’s as beautifully tight as our togetherness.
  3. - Wishing you sleep that’s as marvelous as the man/maiden you see in the mirror.
  4. - Wishing you sleep that’s as perfect as your very existence.
  5. - Wishing you sleep that’s as precious as your presence in this world.
  6. - Wishing you sleep that’s as sound as your judgment and as serene as your character.
  7. - Wishing you sleep that’s as warm as your heart and as cool as your personality.
  8. - Wishing you sleep that’s as wonderful as your inner being and outer shell.
  9. - You have a special place in my heart and my dreams. Have a lovely, beautiful sleep.
  10. - You light up my world and make life more beautiful. Thank you, as I always say, and have a blissful slumber!
  11. - You must be tired from being stunning all day. Get a lush and lovely rest, baby!
  12. - Your kindness and affection are proofs that the best things in life are, indeed, free. Sleep soundly, my beautiful, priceless one!

Why Love Quotes To Say Good Night Are Totally Important

Love quotes to say good night are at once cool and warm to say and hear. These are totally important because, at the end of the day, these beautiful words and phrases affirm the deep affection and gratitude you feel toward your significant other.

Your beautiful good night quotes don’t have to be original, as long as you’re sincere and truthful. You can always speak in the language of others, such as musicians, writers, visual artists, and celebrities who have drawn on their wealth of experience to put together lines that are powerful and have real meaning.

Beautiful love-packed sayings are not all about romance. It is also about your utmost concern for your darling’s safety and wellbeing.

If your significant other is having trouble sleeping because of certain anxieties and challenges in life, you can echo a beautiful John Steinbeck line: “It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.”

If your S.O. is sad, pass Thomas Aquinas’s beautiful message, followed by a personal good night comment: “Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath, and a glass of wine.”

Now, if your S.O. fears that his or her house will be broken into while the whole neighborhood is asleep, give George Orwell’s eloquently beautiful assurance: “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

But if it’s really a romantic verse you want, try the first stanza of the rock star Jesse Belvin’s beautiful 1956 hit, “Goodnight, My Love”:

Goodnight, my love

Pleasant dreams and sleep tight, my love

May tomorrow be sunny and bright

And bring you closer to me...

Awesome and Amazing Love Quotes to Say Good Night via Text

Looking for more beautiful good night quotes to send your sweetheart’s way via the short messaging system or through chat?

Here are half a dozen beautiful love quotes to say good night and show affection at the same time:

  • As you go to bed tonight, know that I treasure you and will always love you. Sweet dreams.
  • Good night to the beautiful love of my life. I look forward to being with you again tomorrow.
  • Good night, my love. Have a peaceable sleep.
  • Pleasant dreams, hon!
  • See you in my dreams, beautiful darling!
  • Sleep like a precious baby because you are.
  • Sleep soundly as though you are in my caring, tender arms.

Create Your Own Love Quotes to Say Good Night

Get personal by tweaking and customizing the done-for-you lines according to your personality and the language you share with your beautiful significant other. Only you know how to make your special someone feel even more special; only you know how to make the love of your life feel even more loved. And only you know how to make him or her smile on the way to dreamland.

So, go ahead and craft beautiful good night quotes for the person you hold dear. See how spreading personalized positivity at the end of the waking hours will make you smile yourself.

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