Cool Flirting Questions that You Can Ask Your Hot Crush

Falling for someone and having them fall for you is thrilling. During this period, you want more doses of the seductive texts and calls that your crush keeps splashing on you. Continued attention fires up more desire, and you start seeking to impress your crush at every chance that you get. If you are usually lazy at texting, you now find yourself researching some tips online to drive this guy or lady who has held your mind captive crazy. If you wish to succeed at flirting, you have to dump the usual clichés and boring lines that people repeatedly use.

Men and women respond differently to flirting. Women are more wired towards adventure and love, while men want to establish their dominion and have a beautiful queen in their kingdom. When deciding on the charming lines to woo your hot crush with, you need to evaluate your connection and relationship level. Are you newbies who just met online or more advanced to like a boyfriend and girlfriend stage? Based on your level, you can then choose suitable questions.

What to Ask in 21 Questions that Are Flirty for Guys

As macho as guys may seem, they have soft spots that you can slowly work on by choosing the perfect flirty questions. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and wanted. Even the wildest dictators in history sometimes fell victim to some woman they fell for. As a lady who really likes some guy, it is not written in stone to make the first move. By using some strategic and well-thought-out flirting cues, you can motivate him to take action and notice you. Sometimes a guy maybe heads over heels crushing for you, but at times they may lack the confidence to say it.

Everyone is unique in their tastes and preferences and so when trying some flirty lines on a hot guy that you are crushing on, be sure to evaluate them first and see the chords they might respond to. Additionally, it's wise to understand your relationship's nature accurately to avoid scaring the guy by coming on to him in a very strong manner. All factors considered, it's not a crime to express how you feel because assuming that the guy shares similar feelings, it's possible to get into a serious dating relationship. If that does not work out, there is no big deal, and you can become great friends.

Examples of 21 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Crushing hard on a guy is nothing ashamed of. It's simply your emotions and hormones at work. Try the below charming flirty lines and see if your magic works:

How many centuries do you plan to take until you ask me out?

This question may come as a shocker to the guy because he could probably be trying to act casually with you due to fear of rejection. Deep down, he may be burning with desire for you, and this question is a great prompt.

On a scale of 1-10, what level of a romantic are you?

Once you pop this one, allow the dude to brag a bit and showcase some of his wild sides to you. If he mentions a certain number, press him more to explain his romantic prowess that adds to that number.

Do you believe in soul mates?

Girls are addicted to love, fantasy and adventure. Having a huge crush on someone already means that you can see yourself together with them, probably making out on some beach. It's good to know what your prince charming's take on love is.

What's the most romantic gesture that you are proud of in previous relationships?

If you can picture yourself with this guy, it's good to learn his understanding of romance right from the start. Let him brag about the romantic stuff he did for his exes and get a clear view of how he rolls.

Submissive or dominant, which role best describes you?

Such a question is bound to make a guy visualize getting romantic with you. Discover whether they prefer to play the lead or the background role in romance.

Are you a fan of getting cozy and romantic in public?

Discover whether your guy is the shy type or a bit of a wild one who likes to indulge in random smooches on the street and misbehaving when no one is watching.

Between a bottle of your favorite drink and kissing me, what's your pick?

This is another tempting query that is bound to arouse the desire in a guy. This most definitely makes a guy start considering locking their lips with yours.

Ultimate, irresistible turn-on in a girl?

Understanding what gives a guy pleasure offers you tips on the best ways to turn him on and seduce him. You want a scenario where he is thinking of you day and night.

Your first kiss, what do you remember the most about it?

This question is a real throwback for a guy that takes him back to his puppy love years when he was probably in high school and kissed a girl for the very first time. The story must be fun and interesting to listen to.

In a woman's physique, which partly drives you crazy the most?

This is a trap question that will make a guy think about the most attractive things in you. It's good to know what a guy likes in you.

Are you a cuddling person, or you prefer making out?

When it comes to things that lovers do, such as making out and, in other cases cuddling, someone's preference can help you know them better.

  • Which flavor best describes your lips? This will ignite an instant flame of passion.
  • What is that one behavior that you cannot stand in a girl?
  • When it comes to relaxing and chilling, what is your preferred indulgence?
  • Which physical activities are you very good at?
  • Do you dream of getting old with one woman?
  • If I fainted right now, would you kiss me to resuscitate me?

Top Relationship Flirty 21 Questions for Girls

Girls are always giving boys sleepless nights with guys thinking of every possible line they can use to get ladies to like them. Some of the popular flirting lines have been misused a great deal, and for you to really get into the soul of a woman, you have to be clever in your tactics. Although artistic ladies might appreciate your creative lines and metaphors and possibly respect your genius, others might view it as a desperate move to gain attention or appear funny.

You, therefore, need to study your target's likes and interests before making a fool of yourself. Ladies basically like to be appreciated, and most times, flirting lines that involve her beauty or amazing physical features may ride well with her. However, you must draw a line so that you don't come off as rude or obscene. It's also nice to evaluate the effect that each one of your flirty lines on her before proceeding to the next one so that you don't miss mood indicators like irritation.

Examples of Charming, Flirty Lines to Seduce a Girl

  • Did you forget your wings at home because you are an angel?
  • Are your mama and grandma as beautiful as you?
  • Would you happen to have a spare heart because I just lost mine?
  • Are you a work of art that came to life?
  • How were your brothers and sisters in heaven when you left?
  • I'm currently writing my first phonebook, could you bless me with your number?
  • What's the name of the airport nearby? My heart is taking off.
  • My name is Mr. Right. I heard you were looking for me?
  • If I kissed you this minute, would I get in hot soup?
  • Is it okay if I sit on your face? It looks so comfortable?
  • Have you been stealing for long? Like you're stealing my heart.
  • How do you picture your lips reacting on mine?
  • Is the sun a notch brighter today, or did you just smile?
  • Do you use blood in your veins like the rest of us or milk?
  • Do you get very tired carrying your lovely figure around?
  • Can we send your boyfriend an apology and get on with it?
  • Would you consider grabbing a drink with me?
  • If you woke up next to me, what would you do?
  • You are sucking up my air. Could you give me the kiss of life?
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