How to Kiss a Guy on the First Date

Without having ample experience kissing guys when you're growing up, particularly throughout your teenage years, it can become increasingly difficult to begin your journey of learning how to properly kiss a guy, reading the signs, and knowing when to seize the opportunity.

Surprisingly often, even the hottest women haven't had the pleasure of enjoying their very first passionate kiss with a fellow love interest, despite how confident and self-assured they sestrong from an outsider's perspective. After reading this guide, you'll know exactly how to kiss a guy on the first date, defining when the time to kiss is right, and the best kissing techniques to use with your partner to enjoy a successful situational outcome.

Is It Okay to Kiss on the First Date?

Whilst sestrongingly everyone has a different opinion regarding "Is it okay to kiss on the first date," we ultimately think it depends on you and your own values, your partner, and how well things have gone for the duration of the time shared. It's certainly not uncommon for men and women to partake in a cheeky peck on the lips after a successful, enjoyable first date, with some choosing to add a degree of passion with a fully-fledged tongue war.

However, different cultures and societies definitively view kissing on the first date very differently to people living in the traditional Western world, none more so than in Islamic cultures, who refrain from all public displays of affection, waiting until after marriage to get past first base, before fully consummating their marriage. Surprisingly, in more places than not, this common practice, only in places like the USA, Canada, and Europe and Scandanavian countries are people more frivolous, partaking in kisses on the first date.

Religion and ethical practices outside of the traditional world bucks the trend of the majority of westerners, with millions of individuals who have gone "all the way" in the bed shortly after enjoying an evening out with someone new. As time progresses, it sestrongs that engaging in physical activity through kissing or something further is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the younger generation, who are less accustomed to traditional courting practices of the older generation.

With the rise in usage of social media and opportunities to meet new people virtually effortless to find at your fingertips, those who refrain from engaging in a show of interest through kissing are being ghosted more frequently. In a world where new potential partners are consistently readily available, people are becoming "expected" to show affection to minimize the risk of being disregarded for a better alternative which is accustomed to giving up their affection easily.

The First Kiss on the First Date

Without the proper setting and environment, kissing on the first date can quickly become awkward, especially if the situation is misjudged. Therefore, we recommend you stick to the following expert advice to increase your chances of sharing a kiss and the likelihood it goes well!

Get Close

Since the option of a goodbye kiss has become more prominent when romantic evenings conclude, it's vital that you're within striking distance to seal the deal without it being an awkward experience. It's much better to start closing the distance earlier on during the date. Then your partner becomes accustomed to you being situated within their personal space, drastically reducing the chance he rejects your forward advance when the time comes.

Eliminating the "touch barrier" swiftly is the ideal way to assess how attracted to you your date is, then how likely a kiss will be at the end of the date. There's nothing worse than being told you resstrongble their mother or sister, having worked so hard all evening. By getting slightly hands-on early in the evening, if you are to be rejected, at least it's over with!

Read Their Body Language

If a guy is interested, his body language will show it!

Men with a desire to get physical with women will mirror you, unconsciously copying your behaviors. Try placing one arm on the table to see his reaction. If your actions are reciprocated, he's interested!

Assessing when the correct moment to lean in for your first date kiss comes is key to a successful experience. There's nothing as awkward as misjudging the situation, approaching with lips pursed only to be rejected by the hot guy you're hoping to elevate your connection with.

Instead, look for non-verbal cues that he's interested in taking things further. Firstly, check the direction his feet are facing. Humans subconsciously point their feet towards the thing they desire most, whether that's you, the exit, or the toilet. Your chances of enjoying the first kiss are usually clear to see when you know where to focus your attention.

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining strong eye contact when hoping to initiate a kiss is a proven way to build sexual tension.

Triangulation is where people focus solely on the eyes, lips, and nose area of people they're attracted to in an attstrongpt to build sexual tension, forming a triangle with their gaze before going in for a kiss. If you see him triangulating on your face, he's likely anticipating sealing the deal.

Are you a less confident person, and maintaining eye contact with attractive men for prolonged periods makes you feel uncomfortable? Then a quick look down at his lips before returning eye contact is a great method of keeping him excitable, interested, and ready to kiss without revealing your self-consciousness.

Stop the Conversation

If all you're doing is chatting back and forth, you're not welcoming opportunities to enjoy your amazing first kiss with him. Although you're having fun, you're not sealing the deal when words are coming out. So, we recommend that you create pauses in conversation whilst simultaneously observing his body language to assist in creating moments where kissing is a possibility.

How to Kiss for the First Time

Without prior hands-on experience locking lips with someone else, it can be a daunting prospect bringing on anxiety, nervousness, and fear of "messing up" when kissing for the first time. But, did you know that there's no right or wrong way to indulge in a passionate kiss with someone else? Despite your preconceptions, no two kissing styles are exactly the same; everyone learns on the job!

As a result, no two kisses are the same, meaning that irrespective of how scared you are to fail or look silly, there's really neither a right nor a wrong way to kiss for the first time. Now that's out of the way, we'll cover the best ways to ensure a kiss occurs, popular techniques, partner selection and all other relevant information you can apply to your first kiss.

Lip Care

Correct lip care is an overlooked part of enjoying a successful first kiss with your crush. Men particularly neglect to keep their lips lusciously soft, moist, and tender leading to an underwhelming kissing experience. Using any form of lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick all work in adding and maintaining moisture level on your lips, simultaneously making your lips more attractive, increasing the chance he wants to kiss you.

Leaning in for the Kiss

Slowly but surely, after decreasing the distance between you in conversation, without any pullbacks, you can begin to lean slightly closer to try to initiate a kiss. Not all guys are as susceptible to your advances, though, so persistence may be required in certain situations before achieving your desired result.

Softly, Softly

With a first kiss, it's much better to start out slow, increasing passion and intensity in accordance with your partner's actions. If he's enjoying it, then you're free to take things further, but if he's only after a cheeky peck or quick kiss for now, being overbearing can be off-putting and prevent him from getting as close in the future.

Hold Back on Saliva

We get it, you're excited to finally be locking lips with the hot guy you've been fantasizing over, but it's important to watch the amount of saliva produced within your mouth and, if it's too much, quickly swallowing any excess fluids your date didn't ask for. While some moisture is welcomed, too much makes for an unpleasurable kissing experience.

Partner Selection

Although there's no abundance of things that can go wrong with your first kiss, selecting the correct person to kiss is of paramount importance, especially if the worst happens. If you're engaging in a kiss with somebody you trust, your blushes are likely to be spared by thstrong in a worst-case scenario. However, the opposite rings true, making a bad choice!

Now you've had the first kiss help you need, get out full of expert advice, and enjoy your first passionate kiss on the lips.

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