Boyfriend-Girlfriend Questionnaire Ideas

Most relationships kick off on a fairytale note. Both parties involved are fond of each other and find joy being in their partner's embrace throughout the day. In most cases, the show of love dwindles with time, and their Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship begins to wither. Sometimes, the problem is not related to both parties falling out of love for each other but the absence of bonding exercises in the relationship.

Bonding exercise is one of the key ingredients of a sweet relationship. When this is lacking, other things like physical attractiveness might not be able to salvage the relationship. A good way to develop increased affection for your spouse is to take a relationship quiz. Relationship quizzes are fun questionnaires designed for couples that test their knowledge about their partner. It can also enhance the relationship and bring them closer.

This article has numerous boyfriend-girlfriend questionnaire ideas. You will also get information on how to create a fun relationship quiz for couples. Let's get started!

List of Quizzes for Couples About Each Other

Taking a relationship quiz with your significant other can help strengthen intimacy. With these fun tests for couples, partners will know more about their partner's interests, passions, ideas, and more. Check our list of quizzes for couples about each other below:

Literary quiz

If your partner shares an interest in the arts, a literary quiz might be what you need. A literary quiz contains questions bordering poems, films, bestseller books, music, and all forms of literary pieces. It's the perfect bonding quiz for couples who are vested in the arts. The following questions would give you a clue as to what should make up your quiz:

  • What is the most impactful work of art you've ever seen?
  • What character from a film or book best represents your personality?
  • What is the most iconic line you've ever seen in a film?
  • Do you prefer the novel or screen adaptation?
  • Which fictional character suffered the most tragedy, in your opinion?
  • Are the "art" and the "artist" two different things?
  • What is your favorite fictional couple?
  • Have you read a poem that resonated with you? If yes, why?

Science and technology quiz

Science and technology is a general topic that both of you have some idea about. Asking a few questions related to both fields can provide more insight into your partner's thoughts. If both of you are geeky types, the science-technology quiz is perfect. You'll likely disagree with some of your partner's answers, which can lead to healthy arguments and more bonding. Below are some questions to include on a couples quiz on science and technology:

  • Do you think humans trying to achieve immortality is a good thing?
  • What is the best futuristic movie you've seen?
  • Are there any mobile applications you consider indispensable?
  • Can you go a week without using social media?
  • If allowed to engineer the genes of your children, would you do it?
  • What do you consider the most significant innovation of the last century?
  • What video game can you play without getting bored?
  • What scientific breakthrough do you believe will change the world as we know it?

Wealth and fame quiz

This quiz is designed to reveal your partner's thoughts on money and fame. Many people, including couples, often have divergent thoughts on these two topics, so a quick quiz should be fun. Here are some questions for a couples quiz on fame and wealth:

  • Is wealth or fame more preferable to you?
  • Do you think being a celebrity is worth it?
  • Which celeb do you think has the best personality?
  • Which do you prefer — a million dollars now or $250,000 for four years?
  • If you wanted to hide from the paparazzi, what would be the perfect disguise?
  • How would you describe your financial management skills?
  • What is the costliest thing you've gotten?
  • If you became famous, what would change about you?
  • Have you ever gotten an autograph from a famous person?
  • Would you give up your wealth if it meant living forever?

A Fun Relationship Quiz for Couples

The quizzes listed mainly deal with general facts about individuals. However, a quiz can be more than a get-to-know-you-better activity. A relationship quiz is designed for couples who wish to have a deeper knowledge of their spouses. Thus, quizzes for couples about each other are great for bonding. Below is a rundown of ideas for a fun relationship quiz for couples:

Quiz on trust and values

We designed this quiz for partners who want to understand themselves better. Trust and values are two important concepts for couples. If you have divergent ideas on trust or lack similarities in values, problems may arise. This quiz will help divulge these ideas and forestall problems.

Here are questions for a relationship quiz on trust and values:

  • Do you have any trust issues?
  • Would you change jobs if it meant being closer to your family?
  • What's your opinion on charity efforts?
  • What are the top three most important things to you?
  • Would you ever demand a polygraph test to know if I was telling the truth?
  • What do you consider a breach of trust in a relationship?

Quiz on past experiences

More than we care to admit, our past experiences shape our personality. In fact, how some people behave today is directly related to past events in their lives. A quiz on past experiences increases your understanding of your partner. Also, it may help if your partner's past is affecting the relationship.

We have collected some questions to include on a quiz detailing past experiences:

  • Did you face bullying as a child?
  • Can you describe your adolescent years?
  • Did you experience physical, sexual, or emotional abuse?
  • How many relationships have you had?
  • What caused your last breakup?
  • Have you ever dealt with a mental illness?
  • Who do you think is responsible for your failed relationship(s) — you or your ex(es)?

Quiz on a relationship

This is the quiz. It has questions aimed at getting your partner's thoughts on the relationship. You might think the relationship is fine when your partner thinks the opposite. Based on the questions in this quiz, you'll know your mate's ideas on relationships and issues related to it.

Here are some questions for a quiz on relationship issues:

  • Are there things that can be improved in a relationship?
  • Do you think insecurities might be causing relationship problems?
  • How do you feel when you are with me?
  • Do you think our relationship has lost its spark?
  • Have I hurt you recently? If yes, how?
  • What excites you the most about being together?
  • Do you think we have a future together?
  • Has our relationship handled children, work, and life well?
  • Is there anything you'd like me to apologize for?
  • Do you feel better after talking with me?
  • What fears do you have about our relationship?

Funny Boyfriend Tag Questions

Question tag games measure how well you know a person. As such, the boyfriend tag indicates if your boyfriend truly knows a lot about you. Funny boyfriend tag questions are fitting because they infuse much-needed humor into conversations. At the same time, they'll still show how conversant your guy is with your personality.

Make sure you ask only funny tag questions that can be answered based on a good understanding of your behavior. You shouldn't be asking a boyfriend tag question that'll require mental gymnastics. Examples of funny boyfriend tag questions include:

  • Which would I pick — a million dollars or a trip to space?
  • What is my grossest habit?
  • What celebrity would I pay a thousand dollars to see?
  • What is my dream exotic getaway like?
  • What is my most regrettable decision?
  • Do I have any phobias?
  • Am I a wallflower or the life of the party?
  • What beauty product do I always have in supply?
  • Who is my favorite male celebrity?
  • Have I ever fangirled over a star?
  • What would I never be caught wearing?
  • What Disney princess would I want to be?

The Best Quiz for Your Girlfriend

Just like girls, boys want to know if their girlfriends are knowledgeable about their interests, ideas, qualities, and so on. If you're one of them, a quiz for your girlfriend is what you need. Here is a list of the best quiz for your girlfriend questions:

  • What sport(s) do I fancy?
  • If I had a music band, what would I name it?
  • Who is my wingman?
  • Do I prefer classic or modern cars?
  • What video games do I excel at playing?
  • Do I have any secret fantasies?
  • What is my biggest achievement to date?
  • How do I relax after a long day?
  • Do you think I can ever fight in public?
  • Have I ever lost my cool in front of you?

What is a Good Husband Quiz?

If your relationship is experiencing a rocky path, you could be contributing to the problem. Knowing what things need to change requires that you take a good husband quiz. As the name implies, this quiz evaluates your performance as a husband. Have you been living up to your responsibilities? Have you been treating your wife well? Below are some questions you can answer on a good husband quiz:

  • Have you bought any gifts for your spouse lately?
  • When was the last time you made an honest compliment about your wife?
  • Have you ever hit your wife in an argument?
  • Do you help out with tasks around the house?
  • Do you show appreciation for your wife's efforts in managing the household?
  • How long are you often away from home?
  • Do you listen to your wife's complaints or shut her out?
  • Have you had any extramarital affairs?
  • Does your wife trust you?
  • Do you help with handling the kids?
  • How would you describe your work-life balance?
  • Do you remember special dates like your wife's birthday or your wedding anniversary?

How Well Do You Know Your Partner Quiz

We have had the Girlfriend Quiz and Funny Boyfriend Tag questions discussed in this article. However, we haven't touched on the classic How Well Do You Know Your Partner quiz. This quiz follows the same pattern as others, and it still stands out as one of the best fun quizzes to take with your partner.

This quiz isn't gender-specific like the others, so anyone can pick a question and ask. If you want a quick way to measure how much you know about each other, this is a great one to take.

Here are some questions for the How Well Do You Know Your Partner quiz:

  • What is your partner's astrological sign?
  • What type of music does your boyfriend/girlfriend like?
  • What is your partner's greatest but unknown quality?
  • What is the thing that is central to his/her existence?
  • What are their biggest goals?
  • If your mate became a pop star, what name would they choose?
  • What is his/her biggest pet peeve(s)?
  • What is the best thing he/she has done for society?
  • Does he/she have an early morning routine?
  • Would your partner want to stay young forever?

Why Should I Take a Do I Know My Partner Quiz?

Many people dread taking a "Do I Know My Partner" quiz for fear of being found out as having little knowledge of their partners. Here are some reasons why you should overcome your fear and take this quiz:

  1. It demonstrates your awareness of your partner's qualities

    If you have taken time to study your partner, this quiz will show that. Nothing is more romantic than having a partner who loves you enough to find out everything about you.

  2. It can bring you closer

    No matter how much you know about each other, some things about your partner will remain unknown to you. However, when you take this quiz and find out previously unknown facts about them, your love grows. This is true in cases where you discover a trait or an interest they share with you.

  3. It can determine if you need to pay more attention to your partner

    Getting a low score on this quiz shows that you know zilch about your lover, which is bad. Once the quiz is over, start paying attention to him/her and learning the little things about your partner.

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