Here Is How to Make Your BF Smile

A relationship goes a long way if you and your partner are happy. But happiness is not very easy, is it? You and your boyfriend have to put in equal amounts of effort to make each other’s day. Here is how to make your boyfriend happy over a text. This will be discussed as follows. You may search for cute things to text a guy to make him smile. And that might be time-taking.

A text a day keeps the therapist away. Who said that? It was a paper published by Randy Dotinga, who gathered information about the research performed at Brigham Young University. The tips will take you through a couple of messages that can be encouraging and romantic for your boyfriend. It also enlightens what to highlight and what to avoid while texting.

The study mentioned above also said that texting could be equally dangerous when done improperly. How to make my boyfriend smile over text? Simple! Let’s check the main tips and what to text to your man.

How to Make Him Smile: Great Tips to Follow

Texting is the way how things start and end in love nowadays. Even if you are a pro texter, you can never be too sure about where you can go wrong. Online dating has taken over the world like a storm. With such platforms, chatting is the way to know or flirt with your partner.

Now, you know texting is the pillar holding love strong; it is time to get some tips. You can search for cute little things to say to your boyfriend to make him feel special. Well, you have come to the right place. You can start texting:

  • Sarcastic but kind messages (not offensive but witty)
  • Lovely and cute messages
  • Compliments
  • Phrases that attract attention
  • Romantic quotes
  • Jokes and more

What Cute Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile?

Do you know that a good morning and a good night text increases a relationship's life by about 75%? But then why leave out an afternoon text to make him smile? You might live together or work together, but a single happy moment of your boyfriend smiling can be very fulfilling. Here are some things to say to your boyfriend to make him smile over a text:

  • “You looked amazingly hot with that hairdo” or “Your new look is superb”.

    Explaining: a little compliment can go a long way. Sometimes when the ruse feels like it is over, these small compliments can go a long way in making him feel special. This is one of the best messages to make him smile when he gets all dressed up for a party or any occasion.

  • “Ohhh, your new post will set records high because you look blazing hot”.

    Explaining: this will ensure that you follow him on his social media and pay detailed attention to his posts. You might want to write about the details of the post in the following texts like “Where is this picture from?” It can be even better as a conversation starter.

  • “Come home soon. I am missing you too much.”.

    Explaining: this is another crucial message. Just feeling it isn’t enough. Let him know that his absence creates a void in your life. Calling him might be a bit disturbing, especially if he is at work or in his studies. This is the text to make him smile at work.

  • “Your cologne smells breathtaking.”.

    Explaining: it is scientifically proven that smell index the release of endorphins which are a set of hormones in your body. Apart from the attraction, it can also decrease anxiety, improve sleep, and produce a good mood. How about telling him how his scent has affected you today? A short message about his cologne can be quite romantic for the night too.

  • “I am bragging about my bf. You are the best.”.

    Explaining: hitting the male egoistic center by telling them that you love bragging about him in front of your friends can help his self-esteem. It will be helpful for your relationship security. He will not be worried anymore about if he is good enough for you or not.

  • “You make me feel like I am the best and I can achieve anything”.

    Explaining: it is common for girls to hear positive stuff about how they are enhancing the relationship. Men don’t talk about it much, but they also want little appreciation. So before they can even ask you to tell good things, please send a message about how they make you better as a person or as a human being.

  • “Hello Charming boy!” or “Hello Handsome”.

    Explaining: flirting should never end in a relationship. Whether you are 20 years old or 50 years old, flirting keeps the love intact. Whenever you feel like your relationship is falling apart or falling out of love, go back to your flirty behavior or do what you did when you guys first met each other.

  • “My happy place is? Snuggling in your arms ;)”.

    Explaining: telling your boyfriend that you feel happy and safe in his arms can be quite whimsical. Whatever you feel like when you are in his arms, a small message can send him to the 9th cloud. He will be happy about it throughout the day. Even a disastrous day can be converted into an amazing one. You can send a follow-up message asking what his happy place is.

  • “You are the last thing I want to see before I sleep and the first thing I want to see in the morning”.

    Explaining: this is one of the best messages you can send to your boyfriend if you live together. Living together sounds all good, but 24/7 with one person might become overwhelming. Therefore, this small message can be cute for your boyfriend. He will know how much you value his presence.

Do You Know the 10 Second Text that Will Make Him Smile for Hours?

Many of you have asked what the things to say to your boyfriend to make him feel special over text are? A few messages have been mentioned in the section, and your research would be enough. Have you heard about men blushing? Well, it is natural for every human being to feel that way. So what to tell a guy to make him blush? According to relationship counselors, texting something cute completely unrelated to any work can strengthen the relationship and increase their heart rate leading to blushing. Following are the effects of your 5-10 seconds text on your crush or boyfriend:

  • A smile or laugh on the face
  • Release of the happy hormone serotonin
  • Dopamine areas activated, which leads to arousal
  • Constant positive communication
  • Feel good about yourself

Whenever you send some encouraging notes about how you have changed positively because of him or how one of his acts has affected you, it leaves him with positive vibes. He will tend to do those things more, which you complimented. Also, you will feel good when your partner is happy. He will also reciprocate this behavior and write cute texts to you when you are not with him.

There are some things about texting that can turn this whole positive thing around. Here are a few points to be noted and not to be done while texting:

  • Messaging again and again when your partner is not responding. The tips are about sending one message, not a row of 10 messages.
  • Bringing your ego into texting is never a good idea. For example, “I will not reply now because he responded after an hour.” Karma will hit back, and you will understand.
  • Texting when necessary can ruin the dynamics of the relationship. It is like you don’t just text him to get milk or to pay bills. You text him to feel your love too.
  • Excessive texting can make you seem clingy and desperate for attention. You might not be like that all. Also, he may want to be free when he is texting you.
  • Sexting is a positive thing, but the wrong time can lead to quite embarrassing situations in the wrong place.
  • Lengthy messages tend to make your boyfriend not read the whole message. That might lead to huge miscommunications and arguments. Send 1-2 sentences at the most.

Do’s and Don'ts of Texting

A response is the most important thing for the person sending the text message. An immediate response feels amazing, but that is not possible all the time. Here is a list of do’s and don'ts of texting!


  • Try to respond immediately
  • Take your time and read the message properly
  • Research about things to make him smile
  • Send short messages like 1-2 sentences
  • Include emojis to express your feelings
  • Try voice chats to change the monotonicity of texting
  • You may even leave video messages sometimes to your partner
  • A flirtyadult
  • massage or a pic once in a while doesn’t hurt too


  • Expecting an immediate message while your partner is at work
  • Ending or starting a relationship on a message
  • Too much sexting can ruin actual intimacy
  • Asking too many questions in a text
  • Responding in all capital letters because it means you are angry
  • Texting when you are frustrated or mad at someone
  • Wanting to clear out a doubt on a text
  • Expecting everyone to text at the same pace as you

Interpretation of Texts

With messages becoming the primary mode of communication among the young generation, it can be quite common to misread messages. Have you found numerous texts to send a guy to make him smile? But still no response. You are probably interpreting the messages wrongly. This had led to breakups, fights, and arguments.

Later, when you look at the message again, it was a misunderstanding. Therefore, you have to know some basic rules on how to interpret the texts. Here are a few rules about interpreting a text from your boyfriend:

Not Responding

One reason can be that he is busy or that he wants to have ample time to read the text and respond to your when he is free

All Caps

Either they are angry or want to make something clear and bring your attention to it.

No Emoji

If your partner is used to emojis in every single message and now you have about 10-15 messages without emojis, it might mean that he is upset about something.

Late Response

This means that your boyfriend is afraid that you will be upset if you don’t respond, and he is very busy. Therefore, he is replying hastily.


Summing up, we can say that texting has become a very important part of our social and dating lives. You have to understand texting compatibility. Even though the other person is not visible, you can feel them through their text. All these things you will understand as you text more with your boyfriend.

Remember a simple rule of texting about never arguing or fighting over something in a text. Always remind yourself to send 1 or 2 cute messages once in a while. Your search for “things to say to your boyfriend to make him smile over text” ends here. These are the best options, and additionally, they are excellent conversation openers too.

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