Discover the Perfect Way on How to Forget Someone

We all have that special someone who we share a deep connection with- you know what I mean- ‘your soulmate’, ‘the love of your life. This person means everything to you, and you will never want to lose them. However, certain situations arise when that strong bond between the both of you weakens, then breaks, and you both need to part ways. This moment is, of course, one of the hardest in life, but you must decide to either forget about this person or keep moving through the trauma while the other party has moved on.

Moved on?

Yes, you read it right.

Your dream partner has moved on with life, and all thanks to the tips shared in this article.

Wanna do the same also? Then keep reading to discover the best way to forget someone you love.

10 Simple Ways to Forget About Someone

Find below 10 simple ways suggested by dating experts for you to forget about someone:

1. Change your Lifestyle

Was your life evolving around your ex before you guys part ways? If yes, then you must find a way to change your lifestyle so that you can move on. There are several ways by which you could achieve this, and a few is listed below:

  • Get a new hobby: Do you love swimming with your ex before breaking up with each other? Try to get a new hobby as that might bore you and, of course, weigh you down. You could switch to playing games, reading, clubbing, or touring so you can get over the heartbreak quicker and then move on with life

  • Change your city: This is another superb way for you to forget about your ex, especially when you both reside in the same vicinity. Just change your location to avoid seeing each other.

2. Stick around people that will uplift your mood

There is no doubt that when you decide to break up or part ways with your dear ones, you get depressed. This will disturb your mental state of mind, thereby forcing you to want to go back to the relationship. However, if you are truly sincere you want to forget about the person, then you need to move or stick around people that make you feel happy often. Friends who see the best in you are what you need at this time.

3. Put an end to the communication

Communication is one of those important things that draw us nearer or closer to people, be it families, friends, or lovers. When you put a stop to this, the bond that you share with these people begins to rupture, and before you know it, it breaks off completely. Although this might be hard, you just have to do it for the sole purpose of forgetting about the person. Here is one simple thing you can do to put an end to the communication:

  • Delete the person’s contacts from your mobile device. Contacts could come in the form of cell phone numbers, mail addresses, and social media handles.

  • Also, you could switch your cell phone digits to a new one so you don't have to reach friends or relatives of your ex

4. Try to be innovative

What are those things you wanted to invest your time in back then when you were with your soulmate but couldn't do because you had him or her around you? Try to list out these things on a piece of paper and then begin to act on them one after the other. It's not mandatory that you execute all of them but for you to get rid of that special someone, you have to be creative with your time so you don't overthink the past.

5. Forget about the past and learn to move on

As we all know, life is a journey with different routes for you to reach your destination. In the quest of this journey, we will meet different sets of individuals. While some will accompany us to our destination, others won't because they just have to be a part of the journey. When you put this in mind and learn to move on, you can forget about anyone, whether they are special to you or not.

6. Pen down or Share your feelings

Here is another amazing tip to help you forget about someone. Rather than putting things in mind and letting them bother you, experts suggest that you let them out so you have inner peace of mind. You can achieve this by writing your feelings down in a diary. With time, you will get over the person easily and quickly. Another way you could achieve this is by telling a close friend or relative about what is bothering you. So your mind is less occupied and you can move on with life easily and quickly.

7. Travel or Move out of your current location

You shouldn't sit back in your comfort zone trying to get over someone with whom you used to share a deep connection. Try to explore the world by traveling out of the city, state, or country you live in to meet new friends and of course, have fun. Psychologists suggest that naturally, traveling changes the human state of mind. So leaving your current location where the memories of your ex were developed for a new one is an incredible tip for you to forget about them.

8. Get rid of things that reminds you of the person

What are those items that you believe could remind you or bring you back to your partner? It's imperative that you destroy them so they don't bring back those old memories you share with the person thereby making you feel sad or having regrets. Here are a few things you need to look for and get rid of after parting ways with someone:

  • Gifts, which could be clothes, or gadgets, given to you by the person

  • Images or video clips of your ex

9. Always Cheer Yourself Up

Most times after breakups, our mood changes and we are down for days, weeks, months, or even years. At this time you need to do things that will cheer you up for you to move on with life. This could be achieved either by hanging out with friends or doing stuff that would raise our emotions positively. The latter method is the best as we wouldn't have friends stay with us all day and happiness is built from the inside not outside. Here are three simple you should do to cheer yourself:

  • Be confident in your thinking

  • Focus on being yourself and do not compare yourself with others as comparison is a killer of joy

  • Accept your flaws because no one is perfect

10. Open yourself to new relationships

After parting ways with your ex, it's important you take a break off relationships for a few months so your mental well-being and emotional state of mind aren’t disturbed. However, when you’ve taken enough time, you can settle for a new relationship. Mind you. when allowing new people into your life, never be afraid of future heartbreak. Enjoy every single moment of the new relationship while it lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find below some frequently asked questions and the best answers:

Can I forget about someone I’m in love with?

Yes, you could forget about someone you are in love with when that person doesn't show the same feelings towards you or an issue transpires between the both of you and you both need to leave each other.

What's the best way to forget about someone?

There is no perfect way to forget about someone, especially the ones you share deep connections with. You just have to apply any of the tips shared above and with time, you will get over the person.

How long does it take to forget about someone you love?

Erasing the memory of that special person who you love dearly can take a while. This depends on how easily you can control your emotions. While it might take weeks for some people to do this, it could be over a month or even years for others. All I’m trying to say in essence is that there is no specific duration of time for you to forget about someone. Just be yourself, use the tips given above, and with time you will forget the person.


Forgetting about someone is difficult but with the right tips, you can accomplish this without hating on them. Use the tips given above and you will be amazed at the results. Remember: hatred is a disease, so rather than hating on someone, just forget about them and move on! Never brood over unhealthy relationships as they will affect your mental health. Integrate any of the tips given above and you will find inner peace.

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