Smooth Pick Up Lines For A Girl You Like

Whenever you see a beautiful woman in a bar or somewhere public, do you always have the courage to approach her, or do you let opportunity slide? If you go for the latter, then you seriously need a crash course on how to compose smooth lines to say to a girl. But it’s okay. Fact is not all men are confident enough to say hi to an attractive girl and introduce himself. And just because you sometimes leave your words in the house does not mean that you cannot take control of your flirting development. It’s high time that you took the reins of your social and romantic life. Learn the art of pick-up lines and show the gorgeous girls what you’re made of.

Road To The Best Smooth Pick Up Lines

There are thousands of smooth lines for guys to use in order to start a flirty conversation with any girl. But reality is still different from theory, so you need to keep on practicing your lines so you will not freeze when the time comes. To help you out with your flirting dilemma, there are surely tips that you can follow.

  • Familiarize yourself with the pick-up lines - there is nothing wrong with saving your chosen phrases on your phone. But what is not good is if you keep on glancing at your copy while you are faced with the girl you like. It is actually a turn off, not to mention insulting, for you to mumble some words and read from a script when you flirt. To avoid this social disaster, you must familiarize yourself with the pick-up phrases that are close to your heart. You can memorize them if you want, but it’s always good to know the basics so you don’t sound scripted and you can do improvisation.
  • Gain confidence in yourself - regardless of how you look, it is important to have self-confidence. If you notice, there are quite ugly men in the world who have beautiful and gorgeous women locked on their arms. This occurrence is proof that beauty is not necessarily a criteria in picking up girls. But confidence is. So do whatever you can to summon high self-esteem in your life before you flirt with girls.
  • Practice with a friend - once you are completely familiar with various smooth pick up lines, you cannot just try them to any random girl. You should practice delivering the phrases first with a friend, preferably a girl. This stage of learning is utterly significant, because it allows you to gauge your confidence level as well as your mastery with pick-up lines. Plus, your friend can honestly tell you if you are improving or if you’re still bad at it.
  • Apply your knowledge - this is the part that you’ve been waiting for. The application of knowledge is the final stage of the process. What you need to do, of course, is find a place where you can use your smooth sayings to a girl. You can visit a local bar, since that is the best place to meet singles.
  • Continue learning - even after you mastered the art of pick-up lines, you still need to keep on learning and improving your knowledge. Flirting evolves too, so keep yourself updated at all times. And when you finally have a girlfriend, make it a point to make her giggle and laugh with your funny sayings.

Now that you have an idea on how to create and master pick-up lines, you are ready for your exposure to actual unique conversation starter phrases to say to a girl. Just always remember to keep the lines centered on the girl you like, and look attractive in saying the words. And if you fail to achieve good results on your first adventure, then keep your cool and try again. Practice your lines, make your own, or copy from others. It’s up to you. What’s important is how you deliver the words. Keep things simple and nonchalant, yet mean every word.

Smooth Lines For Her To keep Her Interested

The smooth lines to pick up chicks work best if you say them with utter confidence, so wear your high self-esteem on your sleeves. And in saying the phrases, make sure that you smile with your most charming smile, and mean everything you say. The main idea of pick-up lines is to tell a girl that you are absolutely attracted to her. And by showing off your prowess in flirting, you are actually conveying a message that you’re a fun guy to be with, and she will never get bored with you. So let’s go check out a couple of super smooth pick-up lines that will help you land a date very soon.

  • So here’s the thing. By friends over there bet that I could never get the phone number of the most gorgeous woman in the bar. How about we split the money?
  • Do you have a fever? Because you appear so hot in my eyes!
  • I bet you did not ask for a genie. But I’m here. So what’s your second and third wishes?
  • Hi there. I’m kinda lost. Can you help me find the road to your heart?
  • Excuse me. I noticed you sitting alone. If you want, I can beat up the guy who made you wait for long.
  • Your smile is contagious. Can you me the secret to your angelic aura?
  • Well, this is your lucky night. My girlfriend left with another man so now I’m single again.
  • I’m sorry, did you say something? No? Well, we can remedy that
  • I need to call the police. I was just standing there and you stole my heart!
  • Do you think I’m handsome, or do I need to buy you more drinks first?
  • You’re beautiful, and I’m good-looking. We are a match. Let’s date.
  • By any chance, are you looking for me? I’m Mr. Right.
  • I forgot the feeling of being loved by a gorgeous girl. Will you help me be loved again?
  • Let’s make a bet. I bet $50 that you will not give me your phone number.
  • Fun fact: you’ll lose 6 calories when kissing. Wanna work out with me?
  • Wanna flip a coin? Head’s I’m yours, tails you’re mine. Game?
  • Something is not right with my phone. It lacks your number so it’s quite lonely.
  • I have a skill in memorizing math formulas, equation, and any digits. Wanna test me out? Give me your number.
  • Could we be socks? Because we are the perfect pair.
  • I think I lost my ability to breath the moment I saw you.

Also, keep in mind that using pick-up lines does not only work in a face to face encounter in a bar or somewhere else. You can also use them for texting or chatting. So follow up on your in-person flirting by using smooth chat up lines. Doing so will get her more interested in you than she already is.

Smooth Talking Lines For A Girlfriend

Thanks to your acquired skill in flirting and using pick-up lines, you find yourself in a relationship with a beautiful girl. But even if you are already in a committed state, you must continue to wow your girl with cheesy talking phrases to keep her happy. Note that you should not stop using what you learned just because she already fallen for you. However, you just need to restructure your lines and make them suitable for a relationship. And of course, the pick-up lines you’ve mastered should not be used to other girls anymore. Though pick-up lines for your girlfriend can strengthen your romantic bond, remember that loyalty still trumps them all.

  • Wow! You entered the room and everybody else become blurry.
  • Babe, don’t wear shoes with laces. I hate to risk you falling for someone else.
  • Soccer is indeed our favorite sport. Simply because you are a one-of-a-kind keeper.
  • I think Alzheimer’s can be cured by you. Because pretty girl, you’re absolutely unforgettable.
  • Are you a celebrity? Because I could look at you for hours.
  • Please don’t call the police on me for stealing your precious heart.
  • I think you’re related to the sun. Because you always bind me with your beauty.
  • I’ve never been a hoarder but I definitely need to. keep you for eternity.
  • You should start paying me rent. Because you live in my heart and keep staying on my mind all day and night.
  • I’m a historian. And I very much want to find a date to remember most of my life.
  • Do you have an internal Wi-Fi? I keep wanting to connect with you.
  • You know, your beauty is blinding me. You need to get me to an ophthalmologist soon!
  • Wow, I’m pretty sure the sun is out but I can see sunshine when you smiled at me.
  • I was feeling so down today, but seeing you flipped a switch on my happiness.
  • We’ve never been classmates before, but we do have strong chemistry.
  • I thought I had everything I needed in life. Until you came and proved me wrong.
  • You should be ashamed of yourself. You abducted my heart without permission.
  • I will never tire of taking pictures of you. After all, who ever gets tired of an angel?
  • Banana is my favorite fruit. Maybe that’s why I love you, because you are so a-peeling.
  • I don’t understand why you love wearing makeup. That thing is messing up your perfect face.
  • Babe, your gorgeousness dulls the hurtful glare of the sun.
  • I’m calling the cops. Your beauty is definitely illegal!
  • Are you blood related to the inventor of the airplane? Because you and me are just Wright!
  • I believe you’re a camera. If not, then why do I keep smiling when I look at you?
  • People often say that nothing is forever. So I’m thinking, will you grant me the honor of being my nothing?
  • I wonder if you still have a driver’s license. Because you have a natural way of driving men crazy.
  • Disneyland is definitely not the happiest spot in the world. You know why? Because the happiest place is here with you.
  • I’m sure I did not get a loan from you. But is it that you keep getting my interest?
  • I hate math, but my desire for our relationship is to be like Pi. Endless.
  • If I’m a phone, then you’re a charger. Simply because I die without you.
  • Regardless if it’s zero gravity, I know I will always fall over and over for you.
  • If I lose you, I will turn into a broken pencil. I become pointless.
  • You are so sweet, my tooth aches just thinking of you.
  • Heaven is in chaos. It’s because they lost an angel. But thank God you’re here with me.

The success of delivering your pick-up lines depends on how you display your suave confidence. You need to understand that the smooth lines to say to a girl are obviously cheesy and they are meant to be fun. And if you can pull off this type of flirting, then you do have skills in starting naughtily fun conversations. The best thing about pick-up lines is you know they are cheesy, the girls know what they are, and yet you all do not care as long as it creates a smooth, amusing, and playful environment. After all, you socialize to enjoy yourselves, and not talk serious with the first person you met. So let the fun begin.

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