The Most Exciting Flirty Games to Play Over Text

Flirting games texting for couples happens as they want the day’s frivolity to unfold. One day, it can be trivia; the next, “Yes or No.” But everything is taken to a wholly personal level that only they understand and embrace fully, which makes the activity the world’s best for them.

Here are more chatting games ideas and suggested games for couples to play through text:

  • Finish the Flirting Sentence
  • Two Lies, One Truth
  • Anagrams

Finish the Flirting Sentence

The game aims to reveal new things about each other, and the sky’s the limit for topics.

A merry flirting games texting example: “Mars is where I’ll take you on a honeymoon because.”

A mouth-watering flirting games texting example: “Tonight’s dessert will be _________.” Hope that the answer is a resounding “You!”

For a hilarious hearts-and-flowers flirting games texting twist, try finishing a funny or fancy fairy tale. Start with, “Once upon a time, _________,” and do not worry how long it will take to get to the happy ending.

Two Lies, One Truth

There are at least three sides to every good or bad story, and only one is the truth. In these flirting games texting activities, you will give your significant other three versions of a single story. You will make him or her guess which choice is the truth.


Anagrams are similar to Text Untangle, where unscrambled letters result in actual words. But unlike Text Untangle, anagrams for bona fide couples should be longer than one simple word. Here, you can form entire flirtatious phrases or sentences with meanings that can playfully charm, as well as seriously impress.

There are anagram makers online to help you find splendid stuff.

A flirting games texting example: “Yet Our Easel” or “Our Teal Eyes.” Either one may appear strange at first glance, but it will make your significant other blush when you rearrange the phrase as, “See You Later.”

Another flirting games texting example: “Papaya by Welsh” or “Ah, Apple Byways.” Either one sounds fruity, but see how it refreshes the heart and soul of your significant other when you respell it as, “Always Be Happy.”

Still another flirting games texting example: “Oily Movies Rule” becomes “I Love Your Smile.”

Probably the most brilliant and resounding flirting games texting example: “Retype Our Cafe.” Rearrange to form this beautiful declaration: YOU ARE PERFECT.

Is It Cool to Play Flirty Texting Games with Someone You Like?

The frivolously flirty answer? Yes, definitely!

Playing flirty texting games with your crush is absolutely cool. Moreover, flirting games texting with someone you like is hot. It joyfully ignites the fire of romance and gladly adds sizzle to something that is already brewing.

These days, almost all people are on their cell phones to keep abreast of what goes on in their world. Their texting gadgets are up and running day in and day out, mainly because they want to understand better the persons who matter and stay connected with them. Some flirt prudently; others flirt liberally.

Chances are, the person you are hitting on has his or her mobile device within reach—and is prepared for virtual flirting interaction and lively texting games, with you no less.

A round of neat and nice message exchanges, along with a flirty texting question game or two, would not hurt. It could even turn your crush on and win you points for that cracking sense of humor.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the flirting games texting begin!

The Best Flirty Texting Games to Win Gf Over

Want the ultimate flirty game of smartphone chatting to bring out the giggles and the twinkle in the eye of someone special?

Here are the most awesome flirting games texting to play with the person you are taking a shine to:

  • Feel-Good Trivia
  • Text Untangle
  • Will You, or Won’t You?
  • What If?
  • Would You Rather?

The trick in flirting games texting is to throw relatively uncomplicated questions, of which answers have smile-inducing overtones and romantic undertones. Too, let your textmate reciprocate the fun and fab favor by quizzing you back. You can share things about yourself this way.

Feel-Good Trivia

Get the ball rolling with playful facts that arouse curiosity and spark a great flirty texting conversation between the two of you. Ask questions that are neutral but are astonishing anyway—and carry a deep, romantic meaning.

A subtle flirting example: “Who is this glorious god of love in Roman mythology?” Cupid is the bull’s-eye answer. Another subtle flirting example: “Who is this gorgeous goddess of love in Greek mythology?” Aphrodite, it is. Still another subtle flirting example for smartphone-chat games: “What is the shape of the Lover’s Island in Croatia that is called Galešnjak?” The answer is the heart.

For a more flirting games texting question, try, “What non-human animals are surprisingly monogamous?” Swans and penguins are some of the species that are incredibly true and loving to their lifelong mates.

Text Untangle

If you are one of the millions of people forever in a tizzle and cannot directly express their feelings to the persons they find special, just play a flirty game that marries Scrabble and Text Twist.

The mechanics are easy as pie. Simply give your text mate a set of jumbled letters that will eventually spell “heart,” “lovely,” “enchant,” “romantic,” “dinner,” “picnic,” or something along those flirting games texting lines. Pick a word that can paint a thousand and one warm feeling between the two of you.

Will You, or Won’t You?

Another flirty texting question game offers two choices and can get pretty personal. There is no right or wrong answer, just an “I will” or an “I won’t” that will surely excite both parties.

For something humorously cringe-worthy that flirts, try, “Will you or won’t you render a ballad or perform a ballet routine in front of your infatuation, never mind that you have the vocal cords and two left feet of a frog?”

For a more soulful (but still flirty) talk, try, “Will you or won’t you go on a date with the person your best-ever buddy cheated on and then left terribly broken?”

For a dash of flirty Shakespearean drama, try, “Will you or won’t you elope with the person you have come to love, trust, and respect after learning that your family and your significant other’s family have a bad history that dates back decades?”

You can end the wild flirting game round with an invite, “Will you or won’t you watch the sunset with me this Saturday?” A negative answer should not discourage you. Instead, let your text mate decide when you can meet up and do something meaningful together. You have already come this far; a bit more patience will not hurt.

What If?

Get creative with your flirting games texting by coming up with scenarios that will elicit the most intriguing answers. The point is to captivate and be drawn to each other more and more.

There are tons of flirting games texting situations to imagine, such as, “What if you rode a time machine that later conked out, and you got stuck in the past where you fell head over heels in love with a super-wealthy charmer, would you choose to stay even if you already had the means to return to the present?”

More fresh and forward flirting games texting examples include, “What if you were too shy to say you liked me, and I went ahead to tell you I liked you?”

In any case, a good way to wrap the flirtatious chatting games up is, “What if we play this game again tomorrow?”

Would You Rather?

As with the flirting games texting “Will You, or Won’t You?” and “What If?” exercises, “Would You Rather?” involves the creation of thought-provoking situations.

For this game, craft scenarios to better understand the person you find special. Shoot a good number of serious questions intended to explore innermost thoughts, in between hilarious ones.

Eye-popping flirting games texting example: “Would you rather get pooped on by a peregrine falcon or a bald eagle while strolling around with your infatuation or step on Labrador or Shih Tzu stool while outdoors presenting to a top client?”

A jaw-dropping flirting games texting example: “Would you rather do dinner at the poshest restaurant in town every weekend with the same boring person or demolish the best Italian pasta, Belgian chocolates, and French wines in the city on Valentine’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, all by yourself?”

The bold conclusion that can seal the flirting games texting deal: “Would you rather I kissed you first or you did?”

If the person you are hitting on is practically a stranger, whom you have recently met, try amazing flirting games for adults to break the ice. Set a prize, like ice cream, at the quaintest shop in the neighborhood.

Here are three nifty ways to trifle:

  • Name It!
  • Tour the World
  • Yes or No

Name It!

Jazz up that flirting games texting session with music and drama. Send lyrics, lines, or quotes and let your crush guess the title, source, or author. This is no contest between the two of you but an activity that helps you both discover each other’s interests and inclinations, hopes, and dreams.

Get heartwarming, soul-stirring, and flirtatious inspiration from musicals, box-office hits, popular television shows, classical novels, and well-loved quotes.

Tour the World

The game involves the sentence, “I’m going to _________, and I’m taking _________.” You and your crush will take turns filling the blanks with answers that start with the same letter. Work through the alphabet until you reach the letter Z, laughing throughout this challenging journey.

Some “Tour the World” flirting games texting examples: “I’m going to Val-de-Travers, and I’m taking Val with me,” “I’m going to Antananarivo, and I’m taking a plane to get there,” and “I’m going to Lima, and I’m taking lots of money.”

Should you get to do the letter Y in these flirting games texting activity, you could say, “I’m going to York, and I’m taking you along.”

Yes or No

It is probably the safest yet coziest to play between you and your current crush, the “Yes or No” texting question game draws a line until you have built a common ground.

When playing this game for the first time, ask general flirting games texting questions that are lighthearted and playful. “Are you a dolphin person?” and “Have you ever guffawed at your lame joke in front of strangers?” are two examples.

After the initial flirting games texting round, you will have gained the license to ask more specific questions about the person. “Do you subscribe to real-life, happily-ever-after stories?” is an example.

If you have gathered enough courage and confidence during one of your flirting games texting sessions, try, “Are you free to hang out with me Friday night?”

Texting Games to Play with GF: Why These Are of Utmost Importance

Flirting games texting is not just for crushes who want to learn about and understand each other more. It is also for couples who seek to stay in touch with each other even if they are physically apart. This is why dozens upon dozens of ideas for texting games to play with GF or BF have cropped up.

Fun, fabulous, and flirting games texting is important between girlfriends and their boyfriends for these reasons:

  • To entertain each other
  • To spice up their relationship
  • To discover new things about each other, all while flirting fancily.

Texting games with GF and BF make the relationship stronger, and being comfortably flirty indicates a strong relationship. When two romantically involved people enjoy messaging each other, laughing heartily at their private jokes, and using their language to flirt with each other, this means that they are comfortable being a couple. Moreover, they are communicating their thoughts and feelings well between themselves.

Meanwhile, a couple with zero interest in flirting games texting is likely to be either bored with each other or okay with their seriously bland togetherness. They are the type of people who think that a little frivolity between them is a dangerous thing when, in fact, it is not.

What Is the Best Time for Texting Games to Play with GF?

Between two romantically involved people, any free time is the best time for flirting games texting. Be it dawn or dusk, noon or midnight, or the idle hours in between, texting games with GF or BF is always a welcome thing for a couple who are into each other.

What is important is each other’s presence, at least in spirit, plus the fact that they enjoy each other’s virtual company when there is nothing cooler and warmer to do than flirting games texting.

The World’s Most Awesome Texting Games to Play with GF

There are scores of mobile apps that promise to make the whole texting games to play with GF or BF exercise easier, but the best flirting games texting to revel in with your girlfriend or boyfriend is the one that lets both of you evolve as individuals and as one.

Flirting games texting could be a simple play on words, a basic lesson in culture and the arts, or a quick escape to the happy past that does not require costly and cumbersome downloads.

For question-and-answer flirting games texting with GF, here are a few innocent and not-so-innocent suggestions:

  • Would you have wanted me to kiss you on our first date?
  • Who is your human superhero (or superheroine) these days, apart from me?
  • If we could travel together right now, what place would you like us to be?
  • Am I included in your vacation plans for next year?
  • Will you let your guard down tonight?
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