Creating Jokes to Tell Your Crush: How to Be Polite & Fun

The expressive vocabulary can increase the effectiveness of a joke. If you are looking for tips on how to start making great funny jokes to tell your crush, you just need to focus on the following advice:

  1. First of all, start following all popular social accounts of comedians. You can also subscribe to listen to podcasts, Comedy clubs, artists, etc.
  2. Check out what type of jokes your crush likes and what your partner follows on social accounts. This research may help you figure out the character and opinion on some things.
  3. Focus on simple content to check out if your crush likes politics, entertainment, tv shows, music, etc. If your crush is a teenager fighting the world of adults or volunteers to help poor people, certain jokes within the above topics would be inappropriate.

Important note: harsh words don't make a joke funnier. Bad language is a way to achieve expressiveness in a joke, but it does not work in a particular situation, so be careful with what you say to a person you do not know. Keep yourself in line. First, follow the easiest path and tell simple jokes. For example, funny stories to tell your crush: you can tell a funny story from your life or experience. This story can bring you closer as it is private storytelling, bringing light to your traits and perception of the world.

Modern Jokes and Comedy or Where to Find Inspiration

There is nothing vulgar in the genre of modern comedy. If you are thinking about dirty jokes to tell your crush or even heard a vulgar joke and wished to share it, that is normal today. We can see how comedy becomes more than the sum of its constituent obscenities. Relevance can turn the most vulgar story into a wise parable.

Suppose you are looking for inspiration or good jokes to tell your crush. In that case, you can start watching people’s behavior around you, and you will find tons of jokes, of course, adding a little bit of fantasy and piquant imagination details. You will always be forgiven if the joke is not witty enough if your crush likes you too. The only thing that can damage your reputation is if your jokes break the hard feelings. So make sure, accurately articulating what you are going to convey to the world. Be polite and do not forget to have fun.

A Funny Joke to Tell Your Crush: Is It a Key to a Heart?

Humor is the weapon that can help to show new feelings about your crush. When you tell your crush a funny joke and say that they can't wait to tell it to friends, you may consider you found the key to your crush’s heart. The best jokes to tell your crush could be about:

  • Relationships
  • Famous people
  • TV Shows
  • News
  • Friends
  • Local situations
  • Stereotypes
  • A popular topic is cats (they are hilarious)
  • Social media, etc.

According to statistics, humor appears in about 10% of emails, text messages, and personal communication. It is more often used by friends and couples or by colleagues in leadership positions. Although humor unites people from different social groups, Fun and laughing are still associated with success, courage, and wealthiness. When you have interpersonal communication, or when you tell jokes about your crush, you both feel happier. It improves communication; people become more willing to help each other, which ultimately positively affects further intimate relationships.

Beyond the joke

The world of humor also has insiders and outsiders. What are insider jokes? This is humor available to a certain social group; for example, you want to create funny jokes to tell a boy you like or to a girl you are in love with based on shared experiences or attitudes towards certain facts that unite you or your community. It can be nice to meet with friends, remember funny stories, tell your humorous crush jokes, and create cute nicknames that may arise based on friendly teasing.

But be careful with jokes and new nicknames, mutual teasing could be the hidden way to offend some people, or it helps release steam or bring everyday situations to conflict. This humor is not understandable to outsiders and could hurt your crush’s feelings.

How to Train & Create Good Jokes to Make Your Crush Laugh

You can open the news feed of any publication and come up with headlines. Articles’ titles often sound funny, and you can easily create great jokes. For example, you can find a famous format of TV shows that are very popular as every evening they are joking by discussing the main news of the day, and their main headlines. And this is very convenient. Firstly, each of these jokes already s a ready-made approach. Secondly, the format solves novelty problems.

You can also make fun of your friends' photos on social media. Here, you can immediately understand the reaction to a joke: if a comment is funny, it will be noted by your crush. You can be sarcastic but try to remain friendly. Just choose friends who won't be offended if you fail.

When joking by using social media content, be careful with sensitive topics like animals, politics, volunteering, etc. It happens that there are simply no funny jokes on these topics. Try to complete the task right now: post your photo and develop a funny caption for it. Other life hacks to follow:

  • Pay attention to what annoys your crush, and do not joke about the topics. Try to protect your crush from bad feelings.
  • Find humor in the little things: sometimes, you can even grasp the cause of the company's general tension and express it enough to generate laughter.
  • Also, you can use the technique "Doesn't it piss you off...?": very often, professional comedians use it in their performances, counting things that annoy most people, making fun of it.

Start Using Twitter

This is an incredibly convenient resource for perfecting your skills and creating great jokes your crush will like. The 140-character format allows you to leave only the very heart of the joke, all the best. If the joke you have written does not fit into this format, consider whether it is worth telling at all.

Also, you can create an account and then practice your skills; you will feel freer. And when the jokes get cool, you can authorize your public and start sharing them with your crush.

The same joke can either tear the audience apart or face a wall of misunderstanding. This largely depends on the listeners themselves, your crush’s mood, and the choice of the moment. If a joke, in which you are sure, did not go, try to tell it to another person on occasion. But do not hold on to every joke if it does not find a response from time to time.

Great Cheerful Phrases to Send to a Person You Like

Here is a small list of funny phrases you can try to send to a person you like. You can see your reactions and consider if you need to continue texting it to your crush. For example:

  • Hey, I want, I want to.. I want it madly, so you can't even imagine how much I want it! I want you to smile now :)
  • If you don't answer this message in 5 seconds, you owe me 100 kisses!
  • I don't have breakfast in the morning because I am thinking about you. I don't have lunch during the day as I am thinking about you. don't sleep at night cause I want to eat! :-)
  • Dear, you and I have so much in common! We love the same thing.. my jokes ;)
  • Congratulations! This message contains a virus. It cheers up;
  • Let’s get beer, chips and have a good company together;

Write kind, affectionate, or funny messages more often. Send texts to cheer up a man or a woman. Use them and let your dear crushes smile more often. There is no one better than someone who is truly sincere. Humor will spontaneously appear if you are both happy and relaxed!

Don't worry about being funny enough for a person. If you are light-hearted and you like to have fun, then your crush will love to have fun with you. Don't worry about the impression you make. Do what makes you happy, and your crush will probably want to join you. If you are trying to be funny, it will be obvious that you are trying to appear funny. So be natural and let the conversation take its course. The humor will come!

Final Tips

Sometimes you have to make people laugh to distract them and make them happier. It is noteworthy that this rule also works in the opposite direction. Remember, that sometimes if you need to avoid unpleasant consequences, you should stop trying to make people laugh. So when is it appropriate to joke and have fun?

Yes, if we could only laugh at harmless things, humor would not exist at all. At least outside of the TV shows. Any taboos are alien to laughter since it allows us to come to terms with what we cannot influence and leave the last word for ourselves. As many of us know from our own experience, laughter helps to cope with the stress and makes you happier. So we would say the topics you choose should depend on your sense of humor and another person’s character. If your partner loves your jokes and topics, go ahead.

Suppose your partner is not afraid to face the truth when you are joking. It is always easy for you to cross the protective boundaries and start joking about political correctness or people’s failures. In that case, you can use all the appropriate topics. But you should never confuse these lines with the boundaries of good manners and taste.

Suppose you decide to joke about another person's appearance and physical characteristics, and it may imitate someone's specific manner of speech or mock those who are below in the position, etc.. In that case, it is preferable to sacrifice a joke than your reputation and relationships. Just find the right place and the right person who will understand your jokes. Otherwise, if it is inappropriate, freaky jokes to tell your crush should be addressed to a person.

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