What to say to break up with someone without hurting them

A relationship is work itself. Both parties put in the effort to work things out before proceeding to the altar to say ‘I do.’ Dating is not the time for full merriment, going for outings together or pleasure. It is when both parties get to know more of each other and see the compatibility between them. If the two parties involved are lacking in chemistry and mutual understanding, breaking up is inevitable.

To break up with a person, you have been dating for years might seems complicated and hard to do. The fear needs to be surmounted to opt-out of what is not working. To break up with a person, you need to be subtle and polite, not to hurt the person badly. In that case, you need to know some breakup tips and what to say to break up with someone nicely.

Top advice on how to break up with someone kindly

Breaking up is never easy either for the person bringing it up and the other person. It is something which you need to thoroughly decide on and count the cost if you can withstand and bear the consequences or not. It is a perfect thing to do in some relationships but knows that it comes with some vacuum that you will leave with for some time.

That is why you need to know how to break up with someone without breaking their heart or leave them to thinking suicide as a result of calling-off the relationship. How you initiate the parting methods shouldn’t be based on someone else’s history but on your specific experience and relation with your partner.

How to break up with anyone the right way

It would help if you parted methods with a person by doing it right without raising a brow. Follow these guides, and both parties will be on the right side after the breaking up and won't see each other as a foe.

  • Put yourself in your partner's shoes: you need to think about how you will feel if you are the receiver of the action. You also need to think of those words, if used, that will not make you feel much emotional pain or damage. Doing this will help you to do it the right way. No matter how or where you want to pop up the breakup words, either through phone calls or breaking up in-person, the conversation is always complicated. But try as much as possible to be honest and sincere with it so that your partner can see reasons for your parting methods without seeing your spent time together as fruitless.
  • Avoid Blame Game: the reason you resulted to calling it quit might not be based on you. You might have been trying to make things work, whereas your partner's attitude has been cold or lackadaisical towards it. While tendering the issue, don't blame your partner at all; neither should you use any form of foul or negative words. It is mostly advisable that you make the breakup know using the personal pronoun "I." This will capture that it's not working for you as expected. For instance, "I felt…" "I couldn't come to…" "I need to…" Using a statement of this nature won't give a wrong impression. Every reason for the breaking up is not discussed, but if your partner asked, provide the general, surface issue for your decision.
  • Choose an Appropriate Location: before telling your partner you need to discuss breaking up, think of a location to meet where both parties are always at ease to discuss without withdrawing. Think about the outcome of the conversation: emotional, sad, uproar, aggressive, etc. this can be known beforehand through the way your partner reacts to issues. With this, you will choose a location with privacy or less privacy to put the reaction under control.

The best guide on what to say to break up with someone nicely

Your word has a long way to go in breaking up with a person. One of the complex situations is what to say to break up with a person respectfully. To say things nicely, caution needs to be taken in the use of words. You do not need to be harsh or too blunt in your words as this won’t bring about a nice reputation for you in the future. Your words should not be defensive if you want to agree on the mutuality of calling it to quit.

In some situations, what to say to break up with someone nicely might not be needed. For instance, if you catch your partner red-handed cheating on you, you need no justification or racking your brain for words to split with the person to give yourself peace of mind. However, if such a situation doesn’t pop up in your case but for some reason, you see it best to part methods. You can employ some strategies and words to use to get your intention known without feeling bad.

  • When freeing the cat out of the bag of break up, be clear and concise. Don’t beat around the bush. Doing so might make your partner get emotionally tensed on what you intend to say. Start by appreciating the time you have been together, don’t lie about it, and go straight to the reason for coming up with the going apart. Do not forget never to make him/her look like the bad egg.

You can communicate your words using this conversation opener before proceeding to some basic reasons:

“I think we need to call it to quit.”

“I presume it will be nice if we end our affairs.”

“I have not been feeling fulfilled in this relationship, so I think it best to opt-out.”

“After some consideration on where this relationship will end, I concluded that it would be appropriate for both of us to end it and move on with our lives.”

“I no longer see myself in this relationship; let us put a stop to it.”

  • Be open with the aspect that brought regarding the breaking up. Don’t try to lie. Some partners love to learn from their relationship to work on themselves more. Suppose your relationship lacks communication, no longer feeling the intimacy. In that case, there’s a gap or some factors, either medically or family-wise, showed up; let your partner know regarding it and why it’s important and perfect for both of you to move on with your life. Words that preserve the image of both you and your partner should be communicated.

“The way I used to feel regarding you, I don’t have those feelings anymore. So I thought it best to quit not to continue wasting our time together.”

“Observing that we are both divergent on some issue and opinion, I am not comfortable staying any longer.”

“I don’t see this relationship in the long-term, so I don’t feel it right continuing.”

“I don’t think it safe proceeding in this relationship looking at our medical incompatibility.”

Kind vs. Hurtful breakup words or sentences

There are different methods in which you can break up with a person. The outcome of each differs from one another. You can decide on ways to break up with a guy in a method that he won’t feel it hard. In the same manner, you can do otherwise. Hurtful breaking up can lead to physiological or emotional trauma, especially if you have been together in a long-term relationship. The reason for a person’s lousy state or suicide won’t settle down well with you if such news is broken. The best way to break up with someone is by being kind. Let’s take a look at both practices and choose wisely between the two whenever you want to.

Polite words or sentences to break up

  • You are such a great person, and meeting you and having a date with you hasn’t been bad. Romantically, I don’t think we are a perfect fit for each other. I wish you all the best in your ways and to meet with the soul mate right for you.
  • Thanks for giving me the privilege to be with you for some time. In getting to know each other, I think our aim and ambition are not the same and don’t fit well. Wishing you all the luck in seeking your match.

In a suitable partner to be in a serious relationship, I look forward to things and attributes that align with mine. But with you, I can’t find all. Though you are unique in your way and lifestyle, I can’t bring myself down to it.

  • I’ve enjoyed your personality, care and moment shared. My schedule is so tight and busy that I won’t have time for a date nor get committed to a long-term relationship. If nature endorse, our path might cross in the future when there is enough time.
  • I observed that our paths aren’t going in the same direction. As a result, I have decided to focus on my way to a bright future, and the relationship won’t fit it.

Hurt breakup words and sentences

  • I don’t think I can continue with you due to your rude and unmanly behavior you exhibit both in words and action. Therefore I am calling it a quit as you are not a perfect match for me.
  • The whole time I’ve been with you, I was unhappy. I was only trying to see how things will be. Since I realize that nothing changes or will be, I am taking my leave.
  • I thought you to be a person with great value and integrity that can be respected and boast of, but with this act of cheating. I have seen no reason to call you mine. Goodbye.
  • Your attitude and behavior have shown you as a person who is never ready for a serious relationship. All my life, I never pray to come by a person like you. Please respect my boundaries and preferences and keep off from me.

Top breakup tips to help both of you end things smoothly

The heart is filled with so much desire and love. When a person breaks the heart, the pain and hurt are felt, but sometimes, it is indispensable to take such a step to secure one's health, future, and dignity out of an unhealthy relationship.

Once you have popped up breaking up intentions, and your partner has succumbed to your call, be sure that to move on quickly won't be that smooth and easy. The reason being that both of you had shared things, especially if your relationship has lasted for a long time. You will always flashback to some lovely moments you had and felt like going back. But due to some things you knew won't be healthy now or in the future, it's best to keep things apart. To stand through the time, you need to know how to stay broken up with someone.

  • Set boundaries for yourself once you've told your partner that you are ending the relationship. In the course of cutting off the relationship, let the other party know if you still want to keep communication and visits between you two going or not. It is always good if both parties avoid all physical contact that may bring up things between you two.
  • Being hurt cannot be avoided, but don't put your ex's feelings on your head to affect you. Let them be; with time, they will leave above it.

It is not all relationships that will work out. If things are not going right, it is better to end it early before ending up in frustration or dilemma. A broken relationship is better off than a broken home. Two individuals cannot walk together except they have an agreement and a better understanding of each other. Once both parties have no perfect chemistry between them, it is a green light to break up. However, the step should be a perfect way to break up with your boyfriend.

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