Obvious 10 ways to tell if a guy likes you

In a relationship or have a person you are dating might be cool and interesting most times and feels like heaven on earth. Before such date or relationship happens, for most guys and ladies, it is a serious battle that needs to contend with. For shy guys who are caught in the web of love, boldly expressing their intent is like climbing Mount Everest without support. But when it comes to giving signs and signals, shy guys are perfect with that. Shy dudes, but those who are not shy also do the same for the lady to know that they are interested in them before approaching her.

As a lady, how can you tell that a guy likes you not to miss the sign and take him for granted? With that ‘how,’ you need not rack your brain too much as we will assist you in knowing those signs on time and following along.

“When a man loves a woman, can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else he’d trade the world for the perfect thing he’s found…” sings Michael Bolton. As a lady, when you get attracted to a guy, such a guy will put in all effort to go after the gem he has found, not minding his level of confidence. If he can’t do it in the expression of words, then he will do it kinetically for you to know he has an eye for you. Out of all the means of telling if guys like you are, these clear ten ways to tell if a guy likes you that you can easily relate with and pick the green light ASAP.

A solution on how to tell if a guy likes you

  • Body language: first thing first. There is a cliché that says, “Actions speak louder than words.” No action can communicate without making use of the body. Know that! If you want to identify if a guy is into you, pay close attention to his body language. He will be communicating some signs to you with his body part, but if you are not sensitive enough, you might miss it. If he looks at you more often than not and making eye contact with you, be sure that you’ve arrested his mind and you’ve become irresistible to him. All that will be going on in his mind is how to get a conversation with you. If he smiles at you in a cool and calm way through his body language, that might also be a perfect sign for you. When you are standing close to a guy, if he leans towards you or faces your direction, there is the unfailing high percentage that he is interested in you.

  • Attention: if it’s in a situation that you are meeting or seeing this guy for the first time, how can you tell if a guy is into you? You are out with your friend and having a gist. If this guy pays more attention to your discussion and tries to get what you are talking about by listening attentively, that is a perfect sign for you. Together with paying attention to your discussion, he will involve his body language too by making eye contact with you alone, either you are the one talking or not.

  • Asking questions: when he has a chance to initiate a conversation with you, if he asks you more questions about yourself, be sure he is interested in you and wants to know more about you. Before you conclude with this, examine how he acts when you are talking, if he is attentive, making eye contact or fiddling with his phone, or looking elsewhere. If you can properly examine this, you will tell if he is only in for friends making or not.

  • Attitude: what do his attitudes say of him when you are together? If you noticed that he acts differently from the norm whenever you are around, that might be a sure sign. His attitude might be acting cool and quiet. If he talks in an intelligent or manly way, he’s doing much to get your attention, and you like him.

  • Compliments: this is one of the cool signs to know if a guy is interested in you. However, some guys do it to tease. The way he says it matters a lot and the aspects he compliments. If he gives nice compliments on your hairstyle, your dressing, use of face makeup, the way you talk, your intelligence, and your view of life, he is already into you.

  • Touches: if he touches you decently and playfully, that could be a clue. Most guys love doing this when they are with a person they give in to. The touches might be holding your hands or playing with your fingers. He may extend it to playing with your hair. He is doing that to connect with you. But if he does the touching indecently, know that he is a playboy who wants to take you for a ride.

  • He remembers your words: if a guy recollects every detail of what you told him, be it your academics, career, ambition, birthday, best friend, favorite food and color, where you like hanging out, or about your immediate family, be certain that he so much likes you.

  • Teases: one of the ways guys employ to get the attention of whom they like is by teasing them in a funny and cool manner. Even if he doesn’t know how to do it, he will put in all effort to get it done to know that he is interested in you.

  • Gets jealous: this a typical attitude of guys who are interested in a lady. If he asks you questions indirectly about other guys he sees you with, know that he is interested in you and doesn’t want anyone to take you away from him.

  • He connects with you on social media: if he makes all the effort to connect with you on all your social media handle platform and takes out time to check on you by chatting you up, he has an interest in you. Such guys don’t use a one-word phrase in chatting because they want to be part of you.

How can you tell a guy is interested in you?

Going for the right guy has not been an easy thing for most of the ladies. They find it impossible to choose the right guy from various guys who show interest in them. Among these guys, some want to toil with your emotion and have a taste in the cookie jar and go for another prey. As a result of the action, you have been wondering, can a woman tell if a guy really likes her? Yes, as a woman, you should be able to tell if a guy likes you or just in for a game with you. Maybe you like a guy, and you’ve been crushing on him for some time, and you need to know if he is into you. All signs around a guy will speak volume to you if you are open-minded to see clearly through his actions.

How to tell if he is a player or really likes you

  • Through his words: “…by their fruits you shall know them.” If you meet a player who is not interested in you in having a relationship with you but a flirt, he will flatter you excessively in his utterances. If care is not given, you may think his words are compliments. No! They are not. Those words are just to get you. A guy who fancies in you won’t be complimenting your body parts. Their words are also very spontaneous and filled with pick-up lines because they see it to be in for a game.

  • Secretive: when you meet with a player guy, he will withdraw from talking about himself; he will only want you to talk about yourself. If he talks about himself, it’s always in a bragging way to get you enticed. Giving him a chance with you, he won’t show you to friends, and whenever he introduces you to a person, he calls you just a friend. Such guys rarely want to go out with you; they give various excuses of being busy always.

  • Expression: his kinetic expression has a long way to go if he is a player or not. If he rarely gives attention when you are having a conversation with him, or his face hovers around, it shows his mind is not with you. That’s a player guy.

  • Touches: a guy who is a player doesn’t mind touching you in the sensitive part of the body because that is what he is used to. He won’t bother himself with emotional intimacy; what he is after is the physical. He might even go to the extent of kissing you on the first date. A guy interested in you will find it hard to do such, as it’s not his habit. What he can do is to hold your hands or hug you and connect with you emotionally.

  • He keeps you off his social media: a player tries to keep you off his handle on social media so that you won’t give a comment that will indict him. If you are on his friend list, he will be very cautious of what he posts. A player doesn’t talk about his relationship or girl; they keep it a secret. A non-player won’t act in that manner; he will be proud to show you off on his social media and give enticing comments of you.

An answer for what do u do when a boy likes u?

Having gotten clear signs that a guy or boy likes you, you need to act cool and perfect on your part as a lady. You may like a person, and that person may not like you, or you see signs that a person is into you, but you are not interested in the person. You need not get disturbed over it. That is the reason relationship is scary in most times. If you have liked him prior before he starts giving you signs or starts liking him when you see those clear signs, there are things to do.

  • If you are just meeting a guy and you get a sign from his body language and eye contact that he desires you, reciprocate with a smile and perfect eye contact with him.

  • Once you are sure that a guy likes you and you also do, give him a chance to talk with you. If he is the timid type, it will take time lots of time to express himself. With a “hi,” you can help him overcome the shyness to initiate a conversation with you.

  • If you are crushing on a guy and likes you, don’t be too eager for a date or start a relationship with him. Take things slowly. Get to know him in a friendly manner and get to meet his friends. With this, you will be sure if he is interested in you or he is a player.

  • Suppose you don’t like a guy that likes you, no bad. Turn down his signs by looking off him. If he walks up to you to tell you, respond with “thank you” without furthering the conversation.

Intimacy can be good or bad, depending on the approach given to it. If a guy likes you, more than ten ways to tell if a guy likes you will be exhibited by him. This is to tell you how much he cherishes you and wants you to be his. In responding, try to be subtle and determined with it so that you won’t be taken for a ride due to desperation. That shy guy with the green light of his utmost likeness for you might be the real guy for you.

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