Wonder What Does It Mean If You Dream about Kissing Someone?

Since time immemorial, kisses express different gestures and emotions. In dating and relationships, kisses are like rubber stamps to punch on your special someone now and then to affirm your feelings for them. Different cultures and people use kisses to signify diverse things such as reverence and friendship. It also indicates betrayal, as seen in the famous biblical case where Judas Iscariot kissed Jesus Christ to give him up for crucifixion.

Dreams come in many forms and themes depending on the dominant emotions in our minds, our environments, feeding habits, sleeping habits, daytime activities such as watching movies, etc. For example, watching horror movies has been known to cause scary dreams like having an encounter with a blood-sucking vampire or getting swallowed by a python. Overfeeding also leads to disturbed and inconsistent patterns of sleep and weird dreams.

Various parameters are used to analyze kissing dreams:

  • The parties involved
  • The connection or relationship between involved parties
  • The type of kiss
  • The giver and the recipient roles
  • The part of the body that gets the kiss
  • Emotional reaction to the moment

Kissing Dream Meaning - Know the Facts

Dreams have diverse meanings, and sometimes they are of no significance. Having a dream where you lock lips with someone may give us feelings of joy and arousal or even shock us to death based on who the other person was. It can be that hot TV presenter that you cannot seem to get off your mind, or it could be that lunatic that walks naked in your hometown. How do we make sense of the symbolism based on the person we exchanged saliva with?

Let’s analyze different kinds of people and their possible meanings:

Someone Else’s Partner

Thanks goodness that those around us are unable to scan the contents of our dreams. Fights, shame, and hatred would be so prevalent if that was possible. Imagine dreaming about making out with your pastor’s wife, for instance, or even going all the way with her. These are the kinds of stories that are best left unspoken. Such a dream could be Mother Nature showing you the empty areas in your life, like the lack of a good partner you can love and share a passionate relationship with.

A Close Friend

Exchanging saliva with your close buddy may display the special bond and closeness you enjoy with them. Ask yourself if you could be attracted to your buddy sexually, but you’re somehow stuck in the friend zone? Maybe this is a sign from the gods and cupid encouraging you to step up and make your move by expressing your real feelings. A close buddy is someone that you can share even delicate things because they cannot judge you or hate you for saying the truth.

A Stranger

Can you imagine walking in the street, and then someone randomly walked up to you and planted one fine smooch on your lips? It’s possible to dream this way which could indicate the inner you opening up to the fact that you need someone to enjoy a passionate entanglement with. Have you been turning down potential people that wish to date you either consciously or unconsciously? It is time to be open-minded about dating possibilities.

A Crazy Person

Sometimes you might have a startling dream kissing a crazy person. Just imagine the crazy people that you have come across. Some are filthy dirty, eating from dumps and sleeping even in pools of water by the road. Others may even dress well but then be an information factory where they feed you with tons of unnecessary information that does not make sense at all. Having a passionate session with such a person symbolizes a series of bad decisions or judgments on your part.

A Family Member

Exchanging a kiss with your mother is seen as a symbol of success and great tidings coming your way. When the person involved is a brother or a sister, this shows the strong connection you have. When the dream involves a child, this indicates a happy and complete family setting. If you just got married, it could symbolize some young ones on the way, so better be prepared.

Someone You Dislike

Being human means that you are a person with flaws and imperfections. You get to like some things and people and dislike others too. If someone in your “dislike list” is one of the parties involved in your dream, be warned. Like the famous Judas kiss, such a rare scenario may be a sign of looming betrayal or deceit. Although the betrayal may not come specifically from them, look around and beware of people pushing you into uncomfortable situations.

Your Partner

The last category of people involves your actual partner. One interpretation is that the heated passion you share has crept into your subconscious and manifested itself in the dream. It is the best interpretation. The other side of the coin can be a symbol of dissatisfaction and some craving for more romance. Unfaithfulness could also be displayed, like when your partner is getting down with someone else.

Dream of Kissing Another Woman of Your Reveries

Another crucial parameter of understanding this topic is analyzing the part of the woman’s body that receives the kiss. Different parts have varying significance, such as:


It is the ultimate kiss that lovebirds mainly share. It mainly denotes deep affection. In this setting, one can interpret it to mean starting a new phase or the sealing of an agreement. Your present relationship may be just about to proceed to the next level, or an engagement proposal may be in the works.


This type is usually given to someone older than you or someone you respect but don’t share any romantic attachment with. It can be someone in authority or even your youth group patron at church. Depending on the other party involved, such a kiss may denote the shared respect you have and a bright future.


The neck is one of the most sensual areas of the human body. As such, someone brushing their lips against your neck is definitely trying to turn you on sexually. The other involved party can assist you in breaking down your dream better. If you have feelings for someone, that is a slap in the ass that you need to gather the courage and ask them out.


In many cultures, young people demonstrate their humility and respect for the elderly by kissing them on the feet. It displays that you adore a person and feel comfortable around them. Depending on who made the gesture, it can be interpreted as a sign of adoration and respect.


In most parts of the world, this is a common way of exchanging greetings, especially in movies. It displays great admiration and reverence for the involved party in question. You can expect a new great friendship or a series of them going forward with the involved party and other people.


It’s not every day that someone kisses you on the forehead. It’s actually a bit weird, although it’s prevalent in some cultures. It could be interpreted as a sign of respect in some cases, but for others, it symbolizes displeasure. The giver might be demonstrating displeasure in some of the recipient’s actions.

Dream about Kissing a Friend You Have Feelings for

As much as dreams are unreal, the feelings we experience are like mirrors that help us reflect and understand the hidden messages better. Mostly in real-life scenarios, we might often try to repress emotions, like say when you are feeling attracted to your friend but for obvious reasons, you can’t let it show. However, when we sleep, we let our guard down, and our free-roaming imaginative mind overtakes our active mind. Some scientists actually argue that we are more honest even to ourselves when we are in a state of dreaming as our active, critical minds are resting.

Sometimes dreams can be a form of spiritual communication where you are, for instance, warned about some looming danger ahead. Other times, they serve as wake-up calls that highlight the areas needing fixing in our lives. Passionate dreams can show you that you need to consider the dating opportunities in your life and pay more attention to your friends. All in all, no one can tell for sure what a certain dream means, and you can only evaluate your real life to try and deduce the hidden messages that Mother Nature is trying to communicate to you. Life is meant to be enjoyed after all!

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