How to Win Someone Back

All relationships run into tumultuous patches at one stage or another, which can lead to a breakdown in the relationship for an endless stream of reasons, often leading to a shouting match before we inevitably leave. While our actions seem fair during the heated exchange, we quickly realize the errors in our ways.

Regardless of what happened in the lead-up to the end of your relationship, if the love is real, the likelihood your lover will return and attempt to rekindle the romance. While the majority of breakups are viewed in a negative light, often, couples who get back together have worked on their issues, prevented them from re-occurring, and enjoy a much healthier relationship in the future.

How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back After a Breakup

When it comes to winning back your ex-partner, don't expect the process to be completed overnight. We can't rush this process; time is the best healer. Here are the most useful methods to get your ex back!

Space and Time

Give your significant other the time and space needed to mull over the situation, thus giving both parties time to miss each other. Most times in relationships, the cause of the argument, subsequent breakup, and everything that follows is the result of overindulging in each other's company. Everyone knows enough of anything that makes you sick; this becomes especially true with relationships. So, if you can afford yourself space to breathe, compose yourself and assess the situation, we strongly recommend it!

Working on What Happened

After having the time, space, and clarity needed to realize your mistakes, work through your problem now without wasting time. Otherwise, you'll find yourselves in an endless cycle of makeups and breakups, which is utterly devastating for any lasting relationship.

Finding a Solution

After identifying the cause(s) of your breakup, the solution often presents itself quickly. While each relationship is different, some solutions are universally known as fantastic ways for healing the wounds of your relationship breakdown. As mentioned above, time is the best healer!

These are the best alternative ways to getting your love back:


If you're the cause of the argument, you're required to change your behavior in the first instance to have a successful relationship with this person, now and in the future. Take on board everything they say (disregarding heat of the moment exchanges) and use the information. 9/10 times your partner will be honest, open, and transparent, particularly if they're open to finding a solution!


Sometimes, through no fault of ours, lovers make serious errors in judgment, none more frequently or devastating for relationships in general than infidelity.

Infidelity is the number one cause of relationship breakdowns across the world, but if the love is still alive within you, there's always hope for the future of making things work. After we've been wronged, we often lash out, throwing verbal insults at the person we love most. As the dust settles, we realize we've overstepped the boundaries, despite our partner's actions being the trigger.

To fix our love relationships, forgetting the past isn't necessary, but looking towards the future is! It's a natural feeling to deeply hurt after being cheated on or disregarded, but, to get back together with an ex, forgiveness is an essential part of the process! Despite how deep the wound is now, we know it will get better!

Patching Things Up

After getting over the cause of your breakup, figuring what went wrong, and accepting what happened, enjoy the rewards of your efforts!

The course of Each couple of actions to rebuild their relationships are different; therefore, we will only include methods that have proven to strengthen your bond and get things heading in the right direction once and for all.

  • Intimacy – Being intimate with your partner is a fantastic way of rediscovering the lust, passion, and love that may have been lost throughout your relationship. Intimacy doesn't mean strictly getting down to business. It can be achieved through multiple mediums and actions, such as:

  • Holding hands – Simple yet effective, holding hands has long since strengthened the connection between couples.

  • Prioritizing time together – Make time to see each other. Although it sounds obvious, many couples neglect spending quality time together, forgetting the benefits of doing so

  • A new sexual routine – Change the time, location, and frequency of your sexual activities. Changing these adds a whole new intimate side to your relationship, rather than partaking in run-of-the-mill antics between the sheets.

  • Being affectionate – Giving cuddles, massages, and back rubs are proven ways to quickly increase the intimacy in your relationship.

How to Really Get Your Ex Back

If you've exhausted the information above to no avail, going down the path to improving yourself to win them back is your next course of action. If your ex doesn't want to continue the relationship because of your actions, it's time to change! Eradicating these behaviors and traits is a sure-fire way to improve the chances of getting your relationship going again.

Whether it be through bad habits, lack of compassion, or anything else, listening to the wants, wishes, and feelings of your partner is a must-complete step to get back together. Nobody knows things you're doing which make her unhappy as well as she does, so take it in your stride, make changes and reap the rewards of a happy, healthy relationship!

If no reasons for separation are given, more thinking is required to determine the fault of your actions over the course of your relationship. Relationship's breakdown over any number of niggles, with lack of communication often elevating these issues further. If you've been given reasons they don't want to be together, act on them!

Although the window to get back together is relatively short-lived before they catch romantic feelings again, there's usually a window to rekindle a relationship with your ex. The time to act is now, don't delay, or your ex may well truly go away. If you want your ex back at any cost, swift adaptations to yourself are necessary to atone for your previous mistakes.

Hit the Gym

Another proven way of winning back the love of an ex-partner is by purchasing a gym membership and focusing on improving your physical and mental health simultaneously whilst increasing your level of attraction to members of the opposing sex. When in the gym, you're going to see noticeable improvements to your physique, and your mind will be clearer and stronger, too, allowing solutions to real-life issues to be discovered!

While having a stronger mind is always a positive aspect, we cannot overlook the unending list of benefits to improving the way you look and feel after working out, especially when trying to get back with your ex who's swarmed with shirtless men vying for her attention. Granted, you might not have looked huge before, but be sure your ex will notice gains faster, giving you all the better chance of trying again!

Buy a New Wardrobe

It's not unknown for ex's to become attracted again after sprucing yourself up and making changes. What better way than spicing up your wardrobe with a couple of new outfits certain to make you stand out? Nothing catches their eye like their ex looking at the bomb surrounded by potential new partners!

Post to Social Media with Members of Opposite Sex

By being seen on social media in the company of multiple hot members of the opposing sex, your partner soon becomes jealous, missing you every moment you're away. Since social media became popular, a stiff increase in returning exes has been seen, especially when you look "busy" with hot men and women.

When I got back with my ex, how to make it work was ensuring the reason for the conflict was dealt with correctly; I knew it wouldn't become an issue again during our relationship. Breakups usually stem from unhappiness; most can be eradicated by talking to your partner about the things making you feel unhappy. By identifying what went wrong and learning from experience, your relationship is strengthened.

After finding the best way to win your ex back, why waste another second without resolving your issues? Let's be frank; your life's been built around them for a long time for multiple different reasons. Think back to why then think of a life without your special someone. It sucks, doesn't it?

There's no time like the present to get your love life heading the right way!

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