Have Fun at The Top Romantic Restaurants NYC On Your Date

If you're going on a date, odds are you're heading to a restaurant of some kind. New York City restaurants are known internationally for their vivid array of special flavors and food diversity. Food lovers will have their tastes plus appetites totally fulfilled in NYC without any hesitation! NYC restaurants pledge to satisfy whatever food fantasy you might have, given you can choose what you want in what your budget is. Romantic NYC restaurants are well recognized for their cozy, enjoyable environment with sounds to soothe your heart and special meals to satisfy your stomach. These are a perfect way for couples to date in a comfortable, intimate atmosphere that offers you a chance to get close to your love interest. Be it a formal dinner or a cup of coffee, and you're going to be sitting face-to-face with your girl; does that make you nervous? Don't be, because dinner dates can be fun! As long as you've got the right attitude, you'll have a nice time. If you know the place owners, it will just improve your chances of impressing your date. Read on for some tips on how to make the best of your evening.

How to Plan a Romantic Dinner at Good Date Restaurants NYC

Planning a romantic dinner date in NYC is not always easy, but it doesn't have to be hard either. You want your dinner date to be memorable and romantic with your girlfriend, but you still want to be able not to take the hassle of thinking it over. Take these 5 basic steps to learn more about arranging a dinner date with your girlfriend.

Pick the Venue

The first step to preparing for every romantic dinner date is to pick the spot. You might try to go romantic outdoors, with a restaurant that has outside tables. Or you may opt to go ultra-fancy with an exquisite restaurant, and your reservation made six months in advance. Whatever you want, make sure that you put some thought into it.

Create Special Plans

If you are dining at a restaurant, try to have a special table booked or schedule some special treat for the two of you. One of the keys to a great romantic dinner date is planning some surprises into the mix. These little touches are what will make your dinner genuinely romantic.

Dress to Impress

No matter what venue you pick for your casual dinner date, you can dress to impress. Dressing up gives a unique feel to the night, and at the same time, points out to your date that you considered the occasion special enough to get dressed up for it; it shows her that you care.


You can't have a romantic dinner date if you are uptight and nervous about how it could go. Try to relax and just think about the pleasure you would have on your date with your girlfriend.


The only way that you can make every intimate date easier is by talking with your partner. If you take advantage of this chance to really let your partner know how you feel about them and your relationship, then your date will be much more memorable.

These are just five simple steps to planning a good romantic dinner date. There is no need to get stressed out about the preparations for such a date because when you are happy and calm, you and your partner can have a much happier time.

Dinner at The Best Romantic Restaurants in NYC – What to Do

Dinner dates are the number one alternative for NYC singles, but do you know where to go, what to do, and how to make a date a good one? Sharing a dinner with someone you do not know well can be a little tough on the nerves. There are ways to relax your nerves before you even walk out the door. Use the following tips:

Head to your favorite restaurant

When you go to a familiar restaurant, it will make you feel secure and relaxed to be in a position where you know the drill. Where to park, the door to reach, what's on the menu, familiar surroundings, and people who know your name all come together to calm you down and help you concentrate on your date. Being remembered also adds to the appeal. If you don't have a restaurant that is your "spot," now is the time to get one.

Figure out what kind of food your date wants

It's important to know what your date would like to eat and not eat. Food aversions, allergies, and eating new foods never tried before can be too overwhelming to get to know someone new. Discovering ethnic food not tasted before can be an experience, so make sure your date is up for it.

Ask questions and listen

Analysis has determined that men speak about themselves more than women do. Being shy also influences how well people interact. Pay attention to what your date says, make regular eye contact, then paraphrase what they said so they know you were listening when they finish telling you something. This is an effective tool of communication that will draw your date closer to you. Nothing is more pleasing than being genuinely understood by someone.

Have a mindset of lightness

This is perhaps the most daunting advice to follow if you don't feel relaxed and lighthearted. Here are few tips to get you in a sunny state of mind:

  • Watch something funny on TV or record any shows to watch just for this reason. Sit back and watch them right before you go out for your date.

  • Remember any funny stories from your youth. You can also tell one of these stories on your date. When you talk about or dream about something funny, your face lights up, and you become even more attractive.

  • Plan what to wear ahead and get it ready, so you aren't worried over wardrobe choices at the last minute. Be sure to put it on a week before you head out and make sure it doesn't have any marks on it or just to see if it fits. (Some of us have been known to add pounds overnight.)

  • Think of what to order on the menu. Spaghetti dishes with strong sauces may splatter and stain. Spinach, lettuce, and field greens certainly adhere to your teeth. And ordering a large, rich dessert can be a turn-off to anyone who watches their weight closely.

Dining out can be an appropriate way to get to know someone. Just make sure the restaurant is quiet enough for conversation, pick something unsticky to eat, and then relax and enjoy yourself.

Treat Your Date – The Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in NYC

Finding the most romantic restaurants in New York City can be a little daunting, but this guide can help share the top 10 romantic restaurants in New York City for your pleasure and a romantic environment. Keep in mind to make reservations ahead of time before your special evening to ensure that you and your date will be able to get into the restaurant.

#1 – La Grenouille

Visit the lovely La Grenouille restaurant, which is an old-fashioned romantic French cuisine restaurant. The venue has stunning new bouquets of flowers and golden sconces. The restaurant’s most in-demand dishes are – Tarragon and Lobster Ravioli, wild mushrooms risotto, Grilled Dover Sole with Mustard Sauce, Grain Fed Roasted Chicken with Thyme, Foie Gras, and frog legs Sauteed Provencale. If you or your date are a dessert-enthusiast, try from their Chocolat Amer, Cassis, Menthe, and La Tarte Feuillet aux Pommes Chaudes. Prices are a bit on the higher side, and the food, though, is awesome.

#2 – Kingswood

This restaurant serves a menu combined with English and Australian-inspired dishes such as their Ruby's Bronte burger with a sweet chili sauce and truffle fries. Their delicious pumpkin galette with balsamic vinegar, Parmesan, and mascarpone is also famous. Another favorite is their own grilled rib-eye steak with herb butter and local asparagus.

#3 – Aureole

The recently renovated restaurant Aureole is considered to be really romantic. It wows guests with its award-winning menu and is situated in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in a lofty brownstone.

#4 – Gotham Bar and Grill

Visit the Gotham Bar and Grill, which provides the finest in fine dining of American cuisine. The chef Alfred Portale desires to give the consumer the utmost in the supreme pleasure of delectable flavors. His signature recipe is a skyscraper consisting of a seafood salad celebrating beauty and nutrition at the same time.

#5 – Capsouto Frares

Capsouto Frares delves into French cuisine with a new flair. It is a romantic downtown fine dining restaurant set in a landmark in the TriBeCa building. Guests are greeted with the red-brick walls, new flowers, healthy food, and superb customer service. Try any of their classic entrees such as steak au poivre and soft-shell crabs almondine. Be sure to order dessert with your meal to avoid having to wait for it to come later.

#6 – Daniel

Fine Dining at its finest! Choose this Upper East Side treat and hope to be greeted by the welcoming wait staff. Romance is in the air at this locale as it is a favorite of Upper East Side residents. Every detail is exactly on board, making your dining experience incredibly enjoyable. Make sure to try the duo of Black Angus beef.

#7 – Gramercy Tavern

This restaurant is bound to surpass expectations. Even with its formal and sophisticated decor, it does not come off as pretentious or stuffy. The service is wonderful, and the standard of culinary experience divine. Be sure to try the Duck Confit at this New American Cuisine hot spot.

#8 – Cafe de Artiste

This haven is one of the oldest restaurants in the city, having proven its sticking power by showcasing sublime French cuisine innovations and an incredible setting. Cafe de Artiste has a beautiful and ornate exterior with foliage hanging all around and walls covered with murals; make your date believe like the city is her own Secret Garden for the night. Be sure to check out their Pappardelle Pasta with Wild Mushrooms, and it will dissolve in your mouth!

#9 – Il Cantinori

You can feel the tranquility of this restaurant even as you enter it in the hectic and noisy Union Square area. Il Cantinori's plain and beautiful floral decor is welcoming and stirs the senses - a great setting for a fresh romance to bloom. Make sure to order the Calamari Alla Griglia starter and the lightly seared Rib Eye for your entree.

#10 – One if by Land, Two if by Sea

For the ultimate romantic date, try this West Village wonder. Ask to be seated by the fireplace for a real treat, but it would be enjoyable with decorative candlelight everywhere in the restaurant. Your date would be flattered by your preference of restaurant. Its spacious interior and traditional live piano will set the tone for a night of indulgence and romantic vibes. Be sure to try the Saffron Orzo.

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