Why Dating a Younger Guy is a Good Idea?

Dating a guy 3 years younger or even dating a guy 5 years younger than you is not unheard of. Age-gap relationships are becoming more of a norm these days. While there is nothing wrong with dating a guy 2 years younger, you should be prepared to deal with what people have to say about it. Family members will raise their eyebrows when they finally know about your new boo, and everyone else will do double-takes at dinner. But, the truth is that dating someone younger is one of many dating taboos you should not think twice to break.

When it comes to romantic relationships, you can find all sorts of examples. Age certainly matters and plays a role in determining your compatibility with your partner, but it is never a good idea to waste so much of your time fretting over the fact that your guy is a few years younger than you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating someone 7 years younger if he is in his 30s and you are in your 40s. Both of you are mature enough to overcome any obstacle that is likely to hamper your relationship quality.

Is It Bad to Like Someone Younger than You?

The truth is that age does not matter when you truly fall in love with someone. Do you ever meet a guy and ask him his age before you start chatting with him? If you have a good conversation with him over the snack table, you are likely to forget about everything else, including his age. If he matches your wavelength and finds you interesting too, everything else takes the backseat.

Dating apps have played a role in making age take center stage because you can be judgmental and pick someone based on their age and hobbies. It is not bad, but you can make those dating apps and sites more efficient when you expand your dating pool by not considering the other person's age but focusing on who they really are. You may enjoy dating a guy 7 years younger because he can be physically, emotionally, and sometimes intellectually impress you in ways you may have never imagined before.

It is never bad or wrong if you are a girl dating a younger guy, but you should go this way if you do not care what people think or say. Other than that, there is no reason why you should reject the idea of dating someone younger than you. For one, understand that age does not mean maturity. A young guy is not always dumb or immature. A younger guy with fewer "life experiences" than you can still impress you with his energy and wit. In fact, older people can be immature too when it comes to dating and they do not know what they are up to, either. You can find a ton of people in their 30s who still smell like a college frat party. On the other hand, you can meet a 25-year-old with a high-performing investment portfolio. There is no need to set life markers for people based on their age alone.

On a lighter note, you are going to enjoy being in a relationship with a young guy because they will please you in bed. With their high sex drives and raging hormones, young lovers can give you the time of your life in bed. It gets a lot better when you are older and have been with other partners in the past. You may be a lot more comfortable with your body with age, making sex sessions as exciting as possible.

However, before you try this relationship type, you should know the following:

  • It is crucial to have some clarity about what type of person you are looking for. Sometimes, you just want to try casual dating and have fun. It is fine. Sometimes, you want to be with a younger guy, settle down, and raise kids. That is cool too. But, you should be clear about your preferences before you decide to jump into the youthful dating pool. Dating a younger guy may not work if your future goals do not align. Never be afraid to open up and be honest about what you want or need from a relationship.
  • Consider the difference in life stages before making a decision. If you two were born in very different years, it could be a bit confusing to hold conversations. Your young date will definitely make you experience a new dynamic and consider what the vibe would feel like when interacting with his friend group. If the idea makes you cringe, you might want to think twice before going for an age-gap relationship.
  • Know what commitment means for both of you. Sometimes, the way you define commitment is how your younger dating partner sees a fling. It is not uncommon to be at different places when speaking of the stages of dating. Your goal may only be to date around, but your Hot Eligible Bachelor may be looking to settle down. Or you might be ready for rings and kids, but he might have other plans. Work on it to find where you both align and then define it for you.
  • Young-old relationships can work if there is something in common. Good sex is often the result of these relationships, but it cannot be your only hobby. When the age gap is big, it isn't easy to have things in common. Sometimes, simple things like references to pop culture could leave you all keyed up. It is okay to be different and see what your younger partner brings to the relationship, but you should at least be able to relate to him in some ways.

Perks of Falling in Love with Someone Much Younger

You can find many women with young men and having ideal partnerships for years. You may also be contemplating the idea of having the same type of relationship with younger men. Still, it is vital to consider the good, the bad, and the complicated before you go any further. Sometimes, there is an instant connection when you meet someone, irrespective of their age. You like each other, you both enjoy Game of Thrones, and you love his sense of humor. Then you finally realize that the same year you finished graduation, he was just wrapping up his freshman year – of high school. Should this stop you from pursuing the relationship? While you are certainly talking cougar territory here, there is no reason you should not try it and hope to be happy.

In fact, dating a younger guy in college comes with certain perks. For instance:

  • You are going to have a busy sex life. The spike in testosterone makes men reach their sexual prime when they are in their 20s. On the other hand, women reach their sexual prime in their 30s and sometimes in their 40s. It is a perfect match for a young-old relationship, and with his stamina, you are sure to find yourself in orgasm heaven. Younger guys like to try new things, and they have the energy to back it all up. Trying new things can lead to a spike in dopamine release in the brain, strengthening your bond and triggers the desire to be around each other. It is sure to light your sexual fire amazingly.
  • Expect impressive date nights with your younger beau. Interestingly, your dates would not be limited to dinner-and-movie nights, though, because your younger partner would also love to take you on a 10-mile hike after that date. Young guys can be very adventurous in the bedroom, but they carry the same energy outside, which helps you bring your youthful side out. They will find creative ideas and go the distance to ensure it brings back youth and romance in your life, making you feel appreciated and empowered at the same time.
  • Another perk of being in a relationship with a young person in college is that he will have less baggage than a guy of your age who may have been in multiple relationships already. It is natural to bring former romantic partners along with you in any new relationship, but not everybody is prepared to deal with it. Similarly, an older guy who may have been in relationships before comes with preconceived notions about relationships and women in general. It may not be the case with younger guys who come with a "cleaner" slate and usually more open to new experiences.

Relationship with Younger Men – What to Remember!

You will probably have a fulfilling relationship with a girl dating a guy 1 year younger. It may not be as simple if you are dating someone 5 years younger. There can be many downsides, and you need to be aware of them before going any further. For instance:

  • As mentioned already, younger guys would not be carrying much, but less baggage also means the person might have very limited relationship skills, like explaining and resolving conflicts and problems. Therefore, you may have to be selective when choosing and learn to compromise on certain things to make your relationship work.
  • Expect serious lifestyle differences, especially if most of his friends are also young and single. Partying until 4 in the morning, flirting, drinking, and behaving like they are still in college may not sit well with you. It is natural for younger guys to have a stronger connection with their peers, especially if they are not seriously considering the idea of being a couple. It means they might not come to your place as often as you might have expected, which can be very disappointing.
  • They may have a hard time making commitments, and you might find it frustrating. You may be thinking it is time to settle, but your younger partner may have a hard time accepting the idea, especially when they have only shared their space with their college roommates or parents. They may not feel ready to handle all the pressures and responsibilities associated with any committed relationship. That happens because of their underdeveloped emotional maturity. You might have to give them more time, or it might never work for you.
  • There may be a clash when you want kids, and he is not ready for it yet. You will be in your biological prime in your early 30s, but you may have to wait until your younger partner feels ready to be the "dad." They develop that "dad" gene usually when they are more mature and established. You may have to be with your younger partner for several years before he finally thinks it is time to have biological children.
  • Dating 5 years or 8 years younger men often mean you are not at the same financial level. It is quite understandable as you would be at different points in your career, but that financial imbalance could be one of many potential negatives for your young-old relationship. If you become the breadwinner, it may make you be more of a mommy-figure to him, and it could ruin your relationship down the road.

The fact of the matter is that there are pros and cons of dating a younger guy, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes, it means being with someone several years younger than you. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what you want, but including younger guys in your list will definitely help expand your dating pool and improve your chances of having a physically and emotionally fulfilling relationship.

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