Do You Often Ask “How Do I Get a Guy to Like Me?”

There is no one magic trick to get a guy to like you; trust us, we wish there were. Instead, it's a long game of chase where you have to do the right things and play your strategy to get the boy. He could be your long-term crush or a boy you've recently met, or it could be you want to get together with a friend you've known for a long time, no matter who the boy is, we have your back, girl.

Getting a boy to like you is easier than you might think. If you're still wondering how to get a cute boy to like you after our advice, then we have failed you. But that won't happen because our top tips and tricks on how to get a boy to like you back are a failsafe way to get intimate with the guy you want.

So, let's begin your journey towards getting the boy!

8 Ways to Get a Boy to Like You – Try and Enjoy!

Follow these eight easy steps, and you'll have a boy eating out of your hand in no time.

Talk About His Passions

Talking about your passion feels good. It's a topic you know everything about, in and out, and you can't get enough of it. Boys get that same feeling when somebody asks about their passions or interests.

The simple underlying base for all attraction is, feeling good around someone makes you want to spend more time with them. So, remember that whenever you're talking to your crush. Giving the boy a chance to light up and talk about his passions will make him feel good around you, and therefore, want to spend more time with you.

Talk About Your Passions

When someone sees you feeling good, they feel good too. Feeling good is a contagious feeling, so don't be afraid to share and get excited about your passions. Sharing lets the guy see a glimpse of you, and that will make him like you.


Let's face it, girls, we all know that men are oblivious to reading signs. So be flirtatious with the boy you fancy. He needs to see that you are into him so his interest in you can begin. It's funny how to get the boy you like to like you back is by showing him you want him. Confusing, but it works.

Use Your Body

Body language and contact work a treat when trying to get a cute boy to like you. Touching is an essential part of the flirting process because it shows you're comfortable around them. Touching also makes a man want to return the favor and touch you back. So, you get to touch him, and he connects with you; it's a win/win.

Look Good

The first four points focus on flirting and the psychological aspect of how to get a boy to like you. However, you can't disregard physical attraction. Men are creatures of habit, and the majority of them feel attraction through their eyes. This fact doesn't mean you have to pull out all the stops and look like a supermodel every time you see him; far from it. All a guy needs to see is that you're putting in the effort to look good around him, regardless of how you look.

Live Your Life

It's easy to get trapped in a guy's orbit when you like him. But that is a bad idea! We want people whom we think have their lives together. If you're dropping everything to spend time with him, then you're more likely to put him off than attract him. Play a little hard to get and enjoy spending time with your people.

Be as Committed to Them as They Are to You

This sentence is a great life rule to remember, regardless if you're dating the guy or trying to get on a first date with him. If a guy is not exclusive to you, don't be exclusive to him. The same applies if he can't stick to your plans; don't feel like you have to stick to them either. Have self-respect, put your well-being first, and show him that you have a life and that if he wants to be a part of it - he needs to step up or step off.

Be Relaxed with Him

Like we said at the beginning of this list, people like to be around people who feel good and make them feel good. If you're always on edge, he will feel like that too, so relax, be yourself and enjoy spending time with him. It's surprising, but how to make him like you is by putting some effort into yourself.

Feeling happy and relaxed around the guy you like will make him feel the same way, and thus, want to spend more time with you.

Mission accomplished.

Wonder How to Get a Guy Who Doesn't Like You

Liking a boy and not being liked back is a horrible feeling. So, how to get the boy you like to like you back?

The simple answer is to get noticed by him and then follow the eight tips we've already provided. But how do you get a guy you like to notice you? Here are three easy ways to get his attention so that once you have it, you can work your magic and get him to like you back.

Be Likeable

The first step towards getting a boy to notice you is by being open and likeable. Give a guy reasons to see you by showing off that you're awesome. Make yourself available by being yourself. If you can't sing along to your favorite song around him, he isn't worth the time. Put out your vibes and see how he reacts to them.

Start a Conversation

Now is when you can begin the magic. When you get a moment to talk to him, follow the first step of the list above: ask about his passions. Some people are masters in the art of conversation; others aren't. If you're the latter type of person, make a mental note of some questions to ask him about current events, location, or anything to get a conversation started. Turn on the flirt and see where the conversation might take you.

Make Him Miss You

It's strange how the time you spent away from the boy you like can have just as a powerful effect on him as spending time in his company. We don't suggest spending vast amounts of time away, nor do we recommend spending barely any time apart. Find a balance, play hard to get, and make him want you.

An excellent way to help him miss you is to create memories, especially sensory memories, like smell, taste, and touch. Creating sensory memories will have him thinking of you every time he experiences a smell, taste, or feeling similar to the memory you two created. Therefore, reminding him of you.

How to Get a Guy to Like You Even More - Easy Way to Try

You've followed our ways to get him to like you, but now you want your crush to like you even more. You want to go from dating to relationship, or from friends to dating. Going through various stages of a relationship with a boy you like is more painless than how to get a serious guy to like you. If the boy is serious about you, then it will be him making the moves, and it is possible he can't love you more than he already does; remember, you're awesome, girl!

However, that isn't always the case. Getting a boy to like you even more isn't difficult. You continue playing the game of love, but turn it up. Turn up the flirting, the touching, and the signs, don't be shy. But the most important and fail-safe way of getting a guy to like you more is by talking to him.

Don't be afraid to tell the guy you like how you feel. His answer might surprise you. By expressing your feelings to him, you show a vulnerable part of you, which will make him feel safer opening up. If the feeling you have for him is mutual, then telling him will only make it stronger.


Getting a boy to like you is easier than it sounds. It is about making it clear that you like him, as men tend not to notice signs. Once they are aware that you want them, the rest seems to fall naturally into place. Keep the flirting turned up to 11 when you're around him, but don't be afraid to spend time apart from him and enjoy your life.

So, the answer of how to get a boy to like you is simple - be comfortable in your skin.

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