Reason for Loving Someone

Love is amongst those amazing things that make the world a better place as it brings unity, peace, and happiness to society. It's a feeling developed in humans for several reasons. This article will introduce you to the reasons for loving someone. But before we dive into that, let's discuss the real reasons to love someone.

Real Reasons to Love Someone

There are over a thousand reasons why you can love someone, whether your companion, friend, or family. However, not all are genuine. Experts confirm that there are at most 5 real reasons to love someone. Find below these reasons:

1. How they treat you

The way you are being treated by someone is a genuine reason for either loving or hating them. When a person showers you with care, it shows that he or she values you, and you’ve got no choice but to love them. However, when it goes the other way round, you despise the person, and this could lead to hatred.

2. Great Communication and Listening Skill

Does your partner discuss how his day went and also reciprocate by listening to how yours went? This shows how sincere they truly want to be with you. When a person communicates and listens to you regularly, then the love is real. Not everyone can create time for you, but when you find one, you know it's legitimate.

3. Selflessness

This is an important but rare trait possessed by humans. It tells whether or not a person can go the extra mile just to ensure that you are happy. Anyone who portrays this trait is real, so hold and treat them well.

Reasons to Tell your Boyfriend Why you Love Him

Have you ever been asked by your partner- your soulmate- ‘why do you love me’? If yes, what was your response?

Hahaha, I bet you are confused about what answer to give right now.

Well, it's normal for you to be speechless. But then, your response has a significant impact on the growth of your relationship. Here we will share with you ten superb reasons you can tell your man that will wow him when he asks ‘why do you love me’:

1. Personality

As we all know, personality is what defines a person in society, and loving someone because of this means a lot. Loving your boyfriend for his personality shows that you love him for who he is and the way he acts.

When you tell your boo that you love his personality, he becomes overwhelmed and curious. You might be wondering why ‘curious’? Well, his personality includes several traits, and he would like to know which of them.

Highlight some of the traits, which could be how he cares for you and the people around him, the way he talks, and many more. Be sincere while doing this because he would like to continue such an act so the relationship can last till eternity.

2. Your Feelings

Another incredible reason you could give as a response to why you love your boyfriend is how you feel about and/or around him. Truth be told, when two people are in love with each other, they begin to catch some feelings which get them attracted and always want to be together. It's fine and, of course, a good sign that both parties want each other.

Mind you, when you let your boyfriend know you’ve got strong feelings for him, it's imperative you back it up with proof, so he knows that truly you do love him. Here are a few things you could tell him:

  • Tell him you feel comfortable around him

  • Let your boyfriend know that you feel excited each time you meet or see him

  • You could also say feel relaxed, calm, and/or happy around him

  • Also, you can tell him you feel energetic around him as he lights up the butterflies in your stomach

3. He Makes Time for You

Here is another vital reason you could love your boyfriend- time. While time has made some relationships crumble, others have flourished because of it. But how?

When you let your partner know that he isn't wasting his precious time while with you and you do appreciate him for this by listing it as one of the reasons for loving him, the intimacy in the relationship increases.

4. He Cares About You

Loving your boyfriend because of how much he cares for you is a mind-blowing reason you can utter in response to why you love him. When you do this, it makes him feel on top of the world and want to shower you with more care.

You might be wondering why he would do that?

Well, that is because he feels appreciated and enthusiastic (wanting to do more) when you commend him for the care he has for you.

5. He Motivates You

Telling your boyfriend that you love him because he inspires you to get things done or reach your goal is another fantastic reason you could give as a reply to the question ‘why do you love me’?

When your man motivates you, it shows that he believes in you, and he wants you to be the best version of yourself. He snatches you out of your limiting beliefs so you can become great, and this is expected to strengthen the relationship between you people.

6. He Gives You the Best Romance

In a romantic relationship like the boyfriend and girlfriend scenario, romance is very important. Does your boyfriend cuddle you well each time you demand for it? Do you forget the world exists everytime he mates with you?

Describe how you feel about your boyfriend's romantic lifestyle to him when giving him reasons for loving you. This could turn him on again and foster him to give you another great cuddle. Appreciate your boyfriend for giving you the best romance you desire, and you will get more of it. Also, it will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

7. He Gives You Space and Freedom at the Exact Time You Need It

Sometimes in a relationship, you might need to take a break, and only those who understand you (your boyfriend) give you your space without complaining. Also, he allows you to do whatever you want to do in your leisure time.

If your boyfriend does this, do not hesitate to list it amongst the reasons why you love him. Let him know that the chance and freedom he gives to you at certain times when you need it makes you wanna be around him every time.

8. He Listens to You Often

Does your boyfriend give you listening ears each time you discuss with him? And this has made you fall in love with him more? Then you should let him know. Communication and listening skills are two essential traits that make a relationship either last long or crumble. Once your partner possesses both skills, you should expect a long-lasting relationship.

Allow your boo to know that you enjoy his company, communication, and listening skills. He would be happy and would like to showcase more of this skill. And you will enjoy your relationship more.

9. You Love him for no Reason

I’m pretty sure this is surprising to you. Well, you need not be surprised because you could actually love someone for no reason- unconditional love. Tell you man that there is no reason attached to giving him all your tenderness, passion, and care. While saying this, be real, so he doesn't take it as a sort of joke.

10. He is Attractive

Let your man know that you are attracted to him because of his physical appearance. You love the way he dresses and moves. Compliment him for his attractiveness, so he would always have it in mind that his girlfriend cares about his look. You could tell him which outfits look best on him so he can always put them on. Do you love his beards or smile? Kindly let your boyfriend know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these extended knowledge questions and answers to understand the subject matter more:

Is ‘Love’ and ‘Like’ the same thing?

‘Love’ shouldn't be confused with ‘like’ as they both mean different things. While ‘love’ is often used to express your emotional feelings towards someone, ‘like’ is mostly used for material things. Love is timeless (you can last forever), like it isn't. Also, when you love, you could accept the person's imperfection. However, when you like, you want everything perfect.


To love is great, but letting the person, you love know why you do it is very important. Expressing how you love verbally gives your partner more cause to love you more. It strengthens the bond between the both of you, thereby deepening the connection. Let your man know why you love him today, as it means a whole lot to him and your relationship.

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