Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend To Turn Him On

Relationships are all about expressions. The way you express yourself to your partner, the way you make them feel, the way you respect them all matters. Relationship is a complete package of love, care, understanding, compassion, spending time, and not to forget pampering. Pampering can be done in many ways – expensive gifts or rather surprise gifts, creating cute moments for your partner, bringing them their favorite food items when they are low, a small peck on the cheek, a tight hug, everything comes under pampering. One very common way of pampering and showing your love towards your boyfriend is to call him with cute names.

Girls, this a fact; your man likes to be addressed differently at different times and occasions. He loves his name, but he would want people to address him by that and not you. That one nickname that you call him by, adds a spark to your relationship. And if you are creative enough to think of variations of cute names to call your man, there can be no bigger turn on for him.

The usual baby, babe, handsome, shona, jaan are so commonly used that they sometimes become a part of our daily lingo, and sooner they lose the special feeling they are supposed to give.

Nonetheless, when used with a cute tone or puppyface, they get the same value that they should, and your man feels special.

Girls have often asked why should they call their boyfriends with nicknames and not with their regular names. Men show and say that they are tough and strong and that they are not moved by these cheesy gestures; the truth still is that everybody loves to be loved, and so do boys. They love this affection that you ladies give to them; they might not be able to bring it out in words, but they show that they like it with their gestures. So, do not hold back and let your emotions flow in the form of these cute nicknames. Good boyfriend names which fit the occasion help in strengthening your bond owing to the following reasons:

  1. Gives a special feeling

    When you call your boyfriend a cute name in a cute tone at the right time and place, it is bound to give a special feeling to him. This special feeling is shown to you in different ways, sometimes in bed, sometimes by gifts or flowers. Why would you want to leave the opportunity for an amazing sex when it comes so easy. Right girls?

  2. Keeps your relation blooming

    This small gesture of yours keeps newness in your relationship alive. Surprises, when good, are always welcome and leave a cherishing memory for the coming days.

  3. Comforting

    When nicknames are used in distress situations, they act as healers and comforters. Listen to them, and when it is your turn to say something, start with a Honey, I get you or Baby, you are absolutely right. They work as magic.

  4. Comes with a sense of belongingness

    If you are not one of those girls who call her friends (especially male ones) with nicknames, then your use of cute names comes with a sense of belongingness for the guy, and he knows that you love her and are there for her through all thick and thin.

  5. Display of emotions in a subtle way

    There are times you are not able to convey the right emotion with many words. At such times, these small words come in handy and help you showcase your love to your boyfriend in a very subtle way. Remember, this subtlety is acknowledged one way or the other.

There are hundreds of cute names to call your partner but, what can you call your boyfriend? Scroll down this page to discover cute nicknames to call your boyfriend.

What to call a guy you are dating? It's an indisputable fact that men like it when they're pampered or shown excess romantic love! So, if you think you're thinking of a cute name to call your boyfriend, it's vital you think of something sweet and joy-giving. However, calling your cute boyfriend nicknames helps to make them understand your affection towards him. Imagine nicknames that'll make your man leave whatever he's doing and come to you. Mind-blowing right? Yes, the cute names listed in this section entail the best of the best that any lady can ever use on her boyfriend just to turn him on in any circumstance. So read on to discover the sweet names to call your boyfriend to turn him on, and these aliases we've outlined should get you started.

1. Big Guy

Men love feeling powerful, masculine, and in charge of things. Use of a big guy gives them the feeling that he is good looking and powerful and that his presence makes you feel secure and safe. Also, this can be a naughty indication also that you are letting him know he is big and that you crave for him in every way possible.

2. Babe

This is one nickname that can never go wrong. This has been in use since eternity and fits almost every occasion. It is flirty, romantic, caring, sweet – actually, whatever role you fit it in, it plays it well. “Babe, I want you here right now,” and the guy will be forced to be with you the very next moment.

But be cautious; if you are calling him Babe all the time, it will get boring and will lose its vigor and essence.

3. Honey

Honey is a classic nickname which is again sexy and sweet at the same time. The proper use of the word honey can be a real turn-on for your man. It depicts love, care, and concern and the fact that your man’s efforts have been recognized by you. Be a little bit cautious with the use of honey because it definitely means more than a friend and more like in a romantic way. Random use of honey will take out all the sweetness from it.

4. Hot Stuff

Just like girls, guys also like to know that you find them hot. This makes them know that you find them attractive and handsome, and HOT. This nickname can be used in the initial days of the relationship to build up intimacy or even when you want to seduce your man on any special day. This will be a huge confidence booster, and he will get even more impatient to get romantic with you.

5. Big Daddy

This name is usually only used for giving sexual connotations and should be avoided during regular days. No matter how weird it sounds, you are definitely going to be his prize. It makes them feel powerful, and they are happy to know that they have been able to satisfy their women well.

What Can I Call My Boyfriend Besides Handsome?

As the world evolves, many ladies have come to understand that men love uniqueness, no matter how their partner may want to express it to them. However, the term “Handsome” is one commonly used nickname any woman will want to use for her man. And the craziest thing is handsome is a term that lots of men today consider just as a compliment. Thus, to make things come naturally for all women globally, we've outlined some top romantic names to call your boyfriend and make him feel more special.

“What can I call my boyfriend besides handsome” can be answered with the following alternatives:

1. Champ

Champ- the short form for champion conveys the meaning of a winner. Your guy would love to know that he is a winner and has power in one way or the other. This nickname basically satisfies the power need of your man.

2. Boy

This simple three-letter word gives him the feeling of rejuvenation. He gets transmitted to his young days and gives him an energy boost, for life and also for intimate times, if you what is being said!

3. Captain

This particular nickname sounds flirty, too, and makes your boyfriend feel in command. When you are agreeing to what he is saying, a wink and “Yes Captain” or “Aye Aye Captain” is bound to change things around.

4. Sunshine

Because he turns your days around with his mere presence, brings happiness into your gloomy days, calling him sunshine will bring a sense of happiness for him also. He will feel wanted and will stand by you no matter what.

5. Darling

Darling is another substitute for Handsome, which conveys love and is a huge energy booster for the relationship. This nickname again suits all sorts of situations and is loved by men when their girlfriends call them like this.

What Do Men Like To Be Called?

Men like to be pampered, and any cute and loving word that comes with the right intention towards them. They would take all the nicknames very happily and will revert manifold what you give to them. What do men like to be called? If you get a hold of this, you can steer your way through your relationships easily.

1. Their own name.

There are times when men want to listen, their own name from your mouth. Just say it, and you probably will not need to do anything else.

2. Baby

This is another nickname that men like being called. This is the most commonly used nickname that usually boys call their girls. Vice versa makes them feel good and keeps your relation lively.

3. Tiger

Based on a survey, it has been shown that males like their girls to call them “Tiger”. It conveys speed, strength, and power to them, and they feel more masculine, which makes them behave well in the relationship.

4. Sweetie/Sweets

For sugar coating your relationship, you can use these nicknames. Although over usage of these lead to their value reduction but for a change, if they are used, they are pretty impactful.

This is a list of nicknames for someone you love. Use them well, and you are golden!!

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