You can never have too many cute things to say to your BF

When two people find love and start sharing every waking moment, their communication becomes a central pillar of a lasting romance. While it’ fun to chat with your boyfriend about daily stuff and pop culture, sometimes it’s necessary to find words to express your true feelings. Boys may act tough in public, but they like to hear some cute things from their girlfriend from time to time, just to feel appreciated. That’s why any young woman in a relationship needs to have a deep stash of sweet words to say to a guy in various situations. That way, there will never be any tension between the couple, and they can ride the good vibrations all the time.

Choose from nice things to write to your boyfriend

For a typical girl, expressing love in a verbal format can be difficult, especially when there is a need to communicate in writing or respond quickly. This is not something that’s done every day, and getting even a few words wrong can cause problems and perhaps even jeopardize the relationship in the long run. That’s why many girls are scared even to try to send any emotional messages at all, but in this way, they risk alienating their boyfriends through perceived ignorance. Of course, there is no reason for panic as every person can find good ways to demonstrate devotion and show their true feelings with carefully selected words. Here are a few rules of thumb that could be helpful in this regard.

Expressing emotions without drama and exaggeration

The biggest trap that many young women who are trying to write sweet words fall into is adding too much excitement to a simple expression of love. It’s enough to say you love someone; it doesn’t have to be ‘for eternity’ or ‘more than all stars in the universe.’ Boys are not used to such exaggerations, and they might back off if they are overwhelmed by the content or the tone of the message. Instead, you can find a cute thing to say to a boy that doesn’t include any big talk – just mentioning a song you listened to together or saying that you miss his jokes could be far more effective. It’s enough to remind your partner that you are thinking about him, and you don’t need to make every little message a matter of life and death. It’s not unusual for young women to be very emotional about their boyfriends, but that doesn’t justify wild claims of undying love or jealous inquiries about his activities that actually do much more harm than good.

Using simple language lets you say more

When you are looking for nice things to write to your boyfriend in a text message or online post, there is a temptation to use pompous, high-minded phrases. This is plainly wrong in most situations, as even the greatest sounding quote is less effective than a simple expression of your true feelings. No need to force your boyfriend to Google several words in your message to fully understand it; just say what’s on your mind and include a few nice things that you think about him. If you are dating him, you must have many details that you know about him and small things that you adore, so just pick one of those and express it in language that you would normally use when you talk to him. In this case, the old adage that ‘less is more’ is absolutely true, and it’s wise to remember it when you are looking for cute things to say to your BF or crush.

Learn cool ways for channeling your creativity into words

Everyone has a creative streak, so it’s just a matter of finding the right words that describe where your heart is at. This can be a challenge if you are not writing often, but with some practice, you should be able to become more versatile and effective with your verbal expressions. Writing straight from the heart is the best way to write, so even if the end product isn’t technically perfect, it can still be quite powerful. When the person that your message is intended to is emotionally involved with you, the effect can be even stronger as people tend to be impressed when something is directed at them. Knowing this, anyone in a relationship has a strong incentive to hone his or her writing skills and become a more expressive communicator.

Deciding what to write to your boyfriend is not easy

Despite the fact that you are full of love, sometimes it can be tricky to choose what to write to your boyfriend at the moment when you want to reach out. With so many possibilities, you can easily become indecisive and start second-guessing everything your type. It’s essential to overcome this resistance and trust in your ability to express thoughts and ideas clearly. Writing gives you the advantage of reviewing and editing your words, thus eliminating the most apparent mistakes that could slip through when you are talking. To fully benefit from this, you will need to learn some of the principles of good writing and apply them to your romantic text messages.

Playing with words can be a lot of fun

We tend to overuse certain phrases (‘I love you’ comes to mind), but nothing prevents you from rearranging the wording and experimenting with slightly different terminology. For as long as you are certain that you won’t confuse the recipient, you are free to express your thoughts and feelings in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes you can be playful, other times deep – words can be your toys and tools for many different tasks. It helps if you are naturally a cheerful and playful person, you just need to practice a little bit, and you will soon be able to find the right words whenever you need to send a message to your boyfriend. In fact, the process itself can be very entertaining, as you go through a list of possibilities and weigh the pros and cons of each expression. Of course, keep track of your BF’s reactions, and you will know which style suits you best.

Avoiding clichés is half the job – the other half is honesty

The most important feature of good communication is that it’s authentic and imaginative. There are some great-sounding sayings you can pick up on the internet or from the lyrics of popular songs, but the only problem is that everyone heard them a million times. If you can avoid overused expressions and craft your sentences in creative ways, you will be well on your way to impress the guys you communicate with. The temptation is very strong to borrow a worn-out phrase when you are trying to think of cute little sayings for your boyfriend, but if you resist it, you could achieve a much deeper impact on his opinion about you. Instead, just look deep inside yourself, find the purest and the most innocent thought you have, and try to express it in any way that comes organically. Assuming your boyfriend isn’t a total fake, he will be able to appreciate the effort even if the words don’t come out exactly perfect.

Use quirky humor when you write to a guy

Guys tell each other crazy jokes all the time, and they love to see a female who can play with them in this way. That might mean you have to go outside of your comfort zone and use more assertive language, although this is all in good fun. Teasing your boyfriend when his favorite sports team loses or reminding him of the time you beat him at videogames might seem like conflict from the outside, but in fact, this is what boys expect from close people. Of course, there are many other fun things to write to a guy you are dating – after all, you know him better than anyone and have plenty of material to work with. The trick is not to take yourself too seriously and to have fun in ways that girls sometimes consider rude, but boys really don’t mind too much.

Learning new ways to express love in words to your boyfriend

As we already mentioned, verbal skills must be improved through constant practice before your love messages start sounding sincere and lovely at the same time. It’s not rare that young girls make a mistake when trying to find sweet words to say to a guy and just release their thoughts with no filter. That can be confusing and stressful to a guy, leading to a potentially troublesome misunderstanding or even a fight. A better approach is to express love in a series of short, well-thought-out messages using some of the tried and true creative techniques. Based on the response, you can take things further and perhaps use some more colorful constructions. This could take your relationship to another level and present you in the best possible light.

Play around with romantic and cute metaphors

Comparing your boyfriend with a lion or referring to your romance as a mystical journey are some of the ways to awaken the power of words and unleash true magic. Metaphors are the building blocks of poetry, and a well-chosen one can add a poetic quality to your romantic outbursts and make it sound very sophisticated. Not all guys are impressed by word artistry, but few will be able to resist a girl’s charm combined with a double dose of cuteness and packaged into a very romantic frame. Once you adopt and perfect this approach, you will gradually be able to craft better and better metaphorical messages that incite your boyfriend’s imagination and add some fuel to the romantic flames that are keeping the relationship alive.

Add emojis and other visual elements to spice up your texts

If you are trying to come up with nice things to write to your boyfriend, you can use some visuals and thus make the message more memorable. On social networks and other online or mobile platforms, you have a huge amount of emojis, stickers, and special characters you can use with great effect. Just a few visual elements can completely change the emotional tone and make almost any message more endearing. Of course, constructing messages that consist entirely of emoticons is possible as well, but should be used only occasionally when words are not enough to express how you feel. In general, visual elements are best when used in moderation to accentuate a cute thing to say to a boy you really like.

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