How to Nonchalantly Flirt with a Guy and Enjoy It

Flirting with a guy is beyond licking the lips seductively or taking a walk together. The best starting point when seeking to flirt with a guy is making a connection. It’s even sweeter when a girl teases a guy by making a flirt not so obvious. The charm is thrilling!

How to Start Flirting with a Guy and Not Be Rejected

Having a pleasant atmosphere will naturally drive a man towards a girl. Though this might seem hard at the beginning, it is usually fun and straightforward. Besides, using the best subtle means to show a guy you are interested increases a woman’s confidence level, and that’s a good thing! Subtle flirting is one cute approach to understanding a crush and deciding whether a relationship should continue. Here are reliable tips on how to flirt with a guy and not risk rejection.


It is one of the oldest tricks for girls who want to flirt with a guy. When teasing the guy, go easy. Making it too obvious could push the man away or lead the guy to take advantage of a girl. Therefore, it is advisable to remain playful and keep the jokes witty. Also, use the mode of dressing and body language to send signals. As a girl does this, checking out the man’s reactions is vital. It will make it clear whether he is interested or not.

Make Eye Contact

A perfect way to flirt with a guy is by making eye contact. Looking at a guy for close to three seconds before turning away will push the buttons and send the intended message. However, it is essential to avoid staring as that could freak out the man. Nevertheless, after the first eye contact, take some time, and make second eye contact. During the second time, smile to get the man excited.

Make a Gentle Touch

Touching is a smart way to flirt with a guy. However, be strategic and begin with getting closer to see the reaction. In case he seems happy and interested, it’s a readiness sign indicating that the touch is welcome. At this point, start by making a gentle touch on the hand, but don’t be too aggressive at it. Making it part of an ongoing conversation could ease things up. That way, it will look more natural and comfortable. Remember, since the interest is confirmed, don’t get scared to invade his personal space.

Be Confident and Assured of the Goal

Confidence is a sexy trait to catching someone’s attention. To successfully flirt with a guy, looking good, smiling, and initiating a conversation are pluses to a girl should never miss when seeking a man’s attention. Nevertheless, being real is critical. Therefore, avoid trying to look perfect; as most guys like women don’t seem too flawless. It is important to remember men are not perfect, and they don’t want to feel pressured to match up to a girl.

Smile and Laugh When the Man Makes Jokes

For a catchy flirt with a guy, laughing at his jokes and always smiling will catch a man’s attention. Every male wants a woman who gets excited when he is around. However, do it only when it’s necessary. Otherwise, it could look creepy and freak out the person. Besides, smiling is one way to show emotions needed to establish a connection during a flirt with a guy.

Seek to Know the Man More

Another way to flirt with a guy is by catching his attention by seeking to know more about him. Avoiding too much self-talk is a good start. Take time and ask simple questions about a guy’s life. Men find it attractive when a woman seems concerned with what a male partner likes or dislikes and the daily adventures of life. Doing this could make a flirt with a guy more engaging and enjoyable.

Avoid Slipping into the Friend Zone

A flirt with a guy must be unique for it to hit the target. If a girl makes the same jokes with a guy similar to what other girls or buddies do, it only makes a girl appear an ordinary friend. Although being friends can give a platform to launching a special connection, it could fail to transition to something better. To ensure a flirt with a guy works out, be unique during interactions. Making a man feel special around you will add bonuses to the emerging connection.

Give a Compliment

Telling a man that he looks good in a casual manner is subtle to create interest and look normal. The best way to use it when making a flirt with a guy is to approve their smart dressing and then switch to a different topic. That leaves an impression on a man, which he will want to act on later. Therefore, wait for further signs as the guy will try to bring up the subject in another form and excitement. Doing it when seeking to flirt with a guy brings a girl an inch closer to a man.

How to Casually Flirt with a Guy and Love It

A hidden flirt with a guy is both fun and interesting to women. The charm is to get the man interested without seemingly driving it. Therefore, doing things that seem normal but a little bit unique to a man could do the trick. A friendly flirt with a guy must occur naturally, at least from the man’s perspective. A simple approach in this endeavor is necessary when a girl wants to flirt with a guy in a non-offensive manner. Here are some tips for a casual flirt with a guy.

The Lips Attention Trick

Though it sounds bizarre, it’s a play to use in a perfect flirt with a guy. Men are attracted to women’s feminine nature, and when it’s played on them by a girl, attention is guaranteed. To make a win, wait for the right moment to make eye contact and apply lip gloss on the lips. Avoid making it too obvious. However, if it comes out as a welcome, the man will be dreaming about it for some time.

Make a Smile Passing or Greeting Each Other

A smile is a welcoming gesture when seeking to flirt with a guy. Having a smile before even engaging in a conversation puts a girl on the radar of their crush. Thus, making a sexy smile while waving is an excellent way to spice up the atmosphere. That guarantees the guy will be fantasizing about it all day.

Catwalk and Assertively Around the Man

One of the best ways to flirt with a guy is walking confidently and like a model. Every guy wants a woman who presents herself as confident and self-appreciates. Making a man feel a woman’s worth creates interest. Therefore, to win a flirt with a guy, make the man think he is looking for you and not the other way round.

Ignore the Man for a Moment

A flirt with a guy works best when he misses the girl trying to get noticed! After catching a man’s attention for a while, try to look disinterested. Using a different route and looking a little bit busy could do the trick. Remember, the aim is to make a man miss you and not create hostility. As such, be courteous and friendly but unavailable. That is usually a nice move to make a man seek a girl’s attention.

Hangout with Other Guys

When a guy notices you, it’s time to chat with other men when he is near. However, avoid excessiveness when doing it. Be casual and moderate enough to make the man feel others are interested but don’t let the other guys appear to be your boyfriends. Naturally, what other people seem to approve of, is what attracts most people. Using the trick is a good enough approach to flirt with a guy, and he will be seeking the girl’s attention.

Do Something Cheesy When He Is Close

There is no need to develop a unique pick-up line to flirt with a guy. Being original is a great start to break the ice. Start a conversation about ordinary things. As it progresses, things will ease up, leading to more funny jokes once in a while. The advice is to let it play smoothly and be in it. Also, ensure the guy is in it while talking or playing.

How to Discreetly Flirt with a Guy and Easily Succeed

Girls making a flirt with a guy must use the best charming tips to get the man. However, this doesn’t have to be so predictable. Sometimes, getting a guy to notice a woman while looking disinterested is smart to seduce a man. A flirt with a guy when acting indifferent makes the man put extra effort into getting a lady. That is always a sweet thing. Naturally and culturally, a connection is more adorable when a man believes he initiated it. It makes a guy treat a girl with respect while catapulting confidence. Here are some easy ways to flirt with a guy in an unprovocative manner.

Be Authentic

Acting comfortable and original in a flirt with a guy adds bonuses to the endeavor. Men love women behaving normally but not those trying to do awkward things to appease them. Remember, the goal is commencing a connection; thus, trust is essential. If a woman appears to pretend, it will freak out the guy killing the connection instantly. So, being the real and be proud about it is a safer approach.

Instigate Deliberate Accidents

Initiating some mishaps that will look unintended but make the man interested is an excellent trick to flirt with a guy a woman should always consider. Several ways that could be done include:

  • Brushing legs when sitting closer to a man.
  • Block a man’s way on a walking path leading to almost a collision.
  • Dropping a pen or a pulse, when assured, the man will reach out to collect it.
  • Send accidental messages that are not offensive but which should keep a guy interested.
  • Have fun around the targeted man

Another excellent way to flirt with a guy without making it too obvious is acting seemingly happy around him. However, avoid overdoing it as it could reveal the intentions. Make the moment look friendly but input some suggestive tricks once in a while. For example, when the moods are high and laughter and enjoyment capture the moment, a simple wink would go a mile into catching the man’s attention.

Show Confidence

Portraying some high level of confidence around a guy is a positive gesture attractive to men. Such a flirt with a guy makes them feel wanted and will bring a man closer to a girl. Every man wants to make a girl happy and not appear offensive. Therefore, a show of confidence around makes a guy recognize a woman’s value. Besides, it also proves to the man that a woman feels safe around him.

Act Hard to Get

When looking to flirt with a guy, pretending to be hard to get is an excellent trick. However, remember it’s an act and not an intention to put a man off. So, avoid excessive aggressiveness in doing so. Again, when doing it, show respect and keep the man confused about the intentions. That forces a man to step up and seek to connect more with a woman. Nevertheless, the trick could be undone, especially when a man feels a woman is playing with his emotions. Therefore, please avoid escalating things too much as it could hurt him.

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