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Collarspace.com is completely free to use. This encourages many fake profiles creation on the site. Surprisingly, it still sees over 50,000 visitors monthly, majority of who are men.

Looking for a Dating Site? Read a Review of Сollarspace.com

Five facts about Сollarspace

  • The entire site is free to use
  • 'Beginners guides' type videos for newbies
  • The bulk of the site users are based in the USA
  • Find out about public events involving members
  • The overall impression is of enthusiastic site members who are let down by an inferior web design

The Idea Behind Сollarspace.com

Сollarspace is a website catering to the needs and desires of the BDSM community, mainly in the USA, but also Canada, the UK, and many other countries. No matter what your tendencies are, from submissive to a dominatrix, straight, gay or bisexual, an individual or an open-minded couple, the site offers everyone a platform where you will not only be made to feel welcome by kindred spirits, you will be openly encouraged to explore your innermost fantasies.

So how does Сollarspace work? This Сollarspace dating site review will provide an overview of the experience, rating whether or not it's a recommended outlet for fans of this type of erotic sexual encounter.

The Pros of Сollarspace

  • It's a free web resource – even after you've registered and want to start making contact with other site users, you don't have to pay a cent
  • The site welcomes newbies, with video guides to let you know all there is to know about this type of matching site

The Cons of Сollarspace

  • Poor quality thumbnail photos
  • The interface is clunky
  • A link on the left-hand internal navigation to 'join the BDSM community,' re-directs you to alt.com
  • It can take up to 48 hours before your application to join is approved

Member Structure

Сollarspace has been operating for some time, gaining a strong reputation for the diverse services it offers. It is estimated that the global membership might stretch to around 1.5 million, with nearly 60% of this total operating in the USA and 900,000 active participants in the UK. The male to female gender split amongst members is 70% to 30%.


To create your member login, you have to go through a fairly involved registration process – involved because you have to answer an exhaustive list of your likes/dislikes/tastes/passions, etc., in various sections. You are quizzed about your BDSM preferences, and what you are looking to achieve with your Сollarspace experience. Finally, you upload a photo and compose your profile text (up to 150 characters.) After adding more meat to the bones as far as your overall description goes, your provisional application will be pored over by the site administrator while they decide if you are worthy of joining the community.

As soon as your details have been verified, you can commence reaching out to site users and sending erotic messages. The fact that you can do this without incurring a lengthy bill (in dollars or tokens) is a massive plus point for this dating resource.

As well as one-to-one chat, you can get involved in all sorts of group discussions. Keep an eye on the message board to see if there are any subjects you'd like to offer your opinion on. There are also public events that are intended to allow members to meet up and join in. Again, this ties in nicely with the concept of this being an online community for BDSM devotees rather than some sort of dating site for bondage enthusiasts.


Search tools

The interface is not logically laid out when it comes to providing a comfortable or informative arena for you to start searching for site users who might be on the same wavelength. The Home page introduces the main panel containing random site users, with no sense of how these might be sub-categorized. So the first entry might be a bisexual female submissive from Scotland, followed by a hetero male slave from the Netherlands, then a hetero male-dominant from North Carolina, USA, and so on.

An advanced search allows you to tailor your parameters according to username, gender identity, orientation, ethnicity, age range, max height, min height, they are seeking, list as (text list), sort by (last on/joined), search for anything, photos only, and so on. This is still a bit unwieldy compared with the high professional standards of searching available in comparable dating sites.

Browse introduces even sparser search parameters, as a series of thumbnail photos are presented. Of the selection that initially uploaded, three of the images were duplicated, (one of the photos of such poor quality it looked as if it had been taken inside a cellar without any flash – perhaps it had!) and another where the flash had been used, only for it to reflect against a mirror and obliterate the subject!

Cinema offers a variety of video excerpts of varying quality (random titles – slave training, prisoners dilemma, life in the elite club and many more).

Live video introduces cam interaction, but you need to tip to get the model to proceed. When you click on the link you are taken to the login page on chaturbate.com. Local users introduce their profiles within certain proximity.

Confusingly, the next tap is Welcome (usually arranged much nearer the top of a navigation panel. This offers sage advice to anyone relatively new to BDSM, including a link to a YouTube video 'how do you know if someone wants to have sex with you?' It also outlines the 'cornerstone principle' of the BDSM community – keep everything Safe, Sane and Consensual.

Resources features various worthy video clips, including English actor Ian McKellen delivering Harvey Milk's notable 'Hope Speech,' and a clip about the Day of Remembrance – November 20th – that has been chosen to celebrate those who have been the victims of persecution due to their sexuality or orientation.

Making contact

First message tips, chatting, gifts, matching system.

The App

There is no Сollarspace app available at the moment.

Special Features

Every so often, members are invited to events that are posted on the site. These gatherings can cover a diverse range of erotic topics, but this is a worthwhile feature to have, over and above the mundane 'boy meets girl' attributes of less focused dating sites.

There's a resources section, which explains the subtle intricacies of the BDSM community. This is especially useful for anyone curious to find out more about this form of sexual activity but know their natural urges won't be satisfied by signing up for a mainstream matching resource.

Pricing Plans

Free services

  • Registration, singularly or as a couple
  • Sending messages to other site users
  • Browsing through the profiles and watching previews in the live streaming rooms

Fee-based services

  • The site is free, operating as a social network rather than a conventional 'vanilla' dating site. There are no fees applicable.

Common questions and their answers

What is Сollarspace?

Сollarspace isn't a traditional dating site. Like the larger website, alt.com (whose adverts feature prominently amongst the pages here,) Сollarspace is more of a social community for kindred spirits. The aim is to cater to the sexual desires of 'alternative' individuals, no matter what your particular interest in BDSM sex might be, or whether you prefer acting as the dominant or submissive in a twosome, threesome or group encounter.

Who owns Сollarspace?

Bayshore Software Technologies Inc., California, USA.

Is Сollarspace legit?

Yes, Сollarspace is a legit site with a respectable number of eager members.

Is Сollarspace a free dating site?

Yes, this 'dating site' or erotic dating community, is free.

How to delete Сollarspace account?

Because you sign up for free, there is no account to be deleted when the time comes for you to move on. Simply stop logging in.

How to cancel Сollarspace subscription?

Again, there is no subscription to cancel.

How to contact Сollarspace?

The support tab is located on the site's main menu.

Summary – do we recommend Сollarspace.com?

Сollarspace operates with the tagline, 'the largest BDSM community on the planet.' Firstly, there is no real way of quantifying this, other than taking the time to interrogate a web traffic analysis site such as Alexa. If it is the largest on the planet, you feel it's high time they took the trouble to give the interface a facelift.

The site has a real clunky appearance, is difficult to navigate, sparse on photographs (and the ones that are there are invariably sub-standard.) A confusing variety of fonts are used, and once you do alight on a profile you might be interested in, it's not always apparent where you go to begin making contact.

The bottom line is that this is a free service, so perhaps it's a case of accepting the site's shortcomings before trying to gain something from the site.

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