JOYclub – We Review the Popular Dating Sites of 2020

9.2 is a popular and successful dating site that appeals to people with bisexual background, sexual orientations and lifestyle. It’s appreciated for easy sign-up and the flirty nature of bisexual singles it hosts.

Looking for a Dating Site? Read a Review of JOYclub

Five facts about JOYclub

  • Members are classy and reputable online users
  • Highly active membership
  • Mobile app available for download
  • A dating site for finding kinks, sexual partners and swinger events
  • Has a magazine and forum for adult content and sexual topics

The Idea Behind JOYclub

By combining online dating, erotic groups and forums, events calendar, and a magazine for sexual topics, JOYclub (launched in Germany in 2005) has rapidly gained tremendous traction in Europe. This is a unique website that knows no discrimination, whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual. It’s recognized for providing a safe platform where members can openly discuss erotic matters with like-minded members.

JOYclub experience is not something to easily miss on since it boasts at least 3 million members worldwide, with 27% of this member base being open-minded couples. It also sees over 300,000 active members on a daily basis. You don’t have to worry so much about how JOYclub works. The registration, matchmaking, messaging processes and other more interactive features on the site are so intuitive. Read our full JOYclub dating site review below to find out what it offers in details.

The Pros of JOYclub

  • Member profiles are detailed and comprehensive
  • Free members can view anyone’s profile
  • You can bookmark a profile if you want to
  • Offers viewable matches list for members
  • Its mobile features are perfect for users on-the-go
  • Signing up via Facebook is supported
  • You can register as a business or a venue
  • Couples can have a shared account

The Cons of JOYclub

  • Sending pictures is only for paid subscribers
  • The registration process is a bit longer, taking 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Uploading a profile photo is a requirement during registration

Member Structure

With over 3 million users worldwide, majority of the JOYclub users are from Germany where it’s based. About 300,000 members are from USA. The site is dominated by men. Most users are within the age range of 25-34 years. The number of fake profiles is very minimal.

Since most of the site’s members are open-minded, they openly express their interests in a partner they’re looking for. The site is highly active with more than 300, 000 users active every day. The fact that JOYclub is mainly marketed to be a swinger website explains the high percentage of couples (27%) on the platform. Many clubs and events partner with JOYclub to host swinger parties. Members’ registration for these events from the site’s listings are favored by discounts on tickets.


  • Signing up takes 10-15 minutes to finish
  • Couples can have a shared account
  • Uploading a profile photo is required
  • Facebook sign-up is optional
  • You can register as a business or a venue
  • There is a tool for editing the pictures

Registration as a basic member of JOYclub is free. Uploaded images are displayed on the profile. When you register your dating profile, the “About me” allows you to describe yourself and dating interests in details. Apart from the profile questions and photo uploading, you’ll need to fill out the form asking about your gender and gender preference, location, birthday and email. You’ll also need to nominate a username and a password for your profile to be approved for member login.

To sign up as a business or professional looking to promote services on the site, along with other details above, you need to declare what kind of business you offer or your specialty.


Search tools

The search function of JOYclub is very extensive. The basic search filters include gender preference, location and age. Advanced search tools use relationship status, preferences for, partner swapping, body type, inclination, height, smoker, swinger, logged in as, and photoshoots. Each filter has a corresponding option based on the category. Search by city and search by username are fully supported on the site. Members can also search for users who are currently online or those who joined recently. With all these viable options for search and messaging, you won’t be troubled about how to search on JOYclub. Users are also allowed to optimize their search results and show only verified members and those who have pictures on their profiles.

Making contact

  • JOYclub offers a viewable matches list for you
  • Sending clubmail messages is free
  • Capability to rate profiles and matches
  • Sending pictures is only for paid members

Form the clubmails, forums, groups, dates and events, JOYclub has a lot of contacting features for all its members to utilize. The matching system and chatting feature are just great to miss on. The detailed profile information of the members contributes to a good start of flirting. The inbox can be filtered into read, unread or name of members. This great feature allows you to trace the entire message history.

JOYclub offers smiley selections with fun choices. Every topic has playful, erotic or funny smileys with and without sayings. Clubmails allow you to pin small gifts, purchasable with the site’s coins.

The forum feature is filled with discussion boards where you can find helpful advice from JOYclub moderators or other members. The member-created groups are usually categorized according to fetish or desire. All members are free to join any group. Basic members are however limited to joining a maximum of 5 groups.

The App

  • App features are similar to those of desktop version
  • App good for quick-contacting
  • The mobile app is named “Joyce”
  • App available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for both iOS and Android devices.

JOYclub’s mobile app has a sleek design, with all the messaging and matching features accessible in one click. It’s thus perfect for users on-the-go. You won’t find it hard to navigate as its functionality is simple and straightforward. Everything can be accessed through the menu tabs or in the collapsible menu.

Special Features

  • JOYclub’s online Magazine that publishes articles about sex and eroticism
  • Dates Advertisement shows members looking to meet up for a sexual encounter. Dates are organized based on your location.
  • Swingers’ Clubs, a directory of swingers in different locations. This list displays venues such as porn cinemas, bars and clubs, hotels, etc.

Pricing Plans

For either membership level, the longer the duration you choose, the less costly it becomes per month.

Plus Membership

  • 1 Month - €29.90
  • 3 Months - €74.70
  • 6 Months - €119.40

Premium Membership

  • 1 Month - €39.90
  • 3 Months - €89.70
  • 6 Months - €149.40


  • 500 Coins - €5.00
  • 1,000 Coins - €10.00
  • 1,000 Coins - €10.00

Free services

  • Contact folders with at least 50 contacts
  • Saving notes about your contacts
  • Participation in forums and chat rooms
  • View and register for events
  • View photos in profiles and groups

Fee-Based Services

  • Watch other members’ videos
  • Write comments on profiles and photos
  • Send messages to groups
  • Send compliments
  • Send pictures through clubmail
  • Get booked for photoshoots

Payment Methods

JOYclub allows various payment options including:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Direct Debit
  • Cash
  • Credit Card

Common questions and their answers

Who owns JOYclub?

JOYclub is owned by a German company, F&P GmbH

Is JOYclub a free dating site?

The signup and registration processes as well as the basic membership, that are limited to the site’s features and functions, are free. It’s only the paid membership that will fully open up the interactive features and functionalities for you.

Is JOYclub legit?

Yes, JOYclub is a legitimate registered website with over 3 million members worldwide.

How do I delete JOYclub account?

Login to the site and under your profile, click on the Manage Profile and scroll down to the end. Click Delete Profile to complete the process.

Summary – do we recommend JOYclub?

No other site seems to offer quick, easy and convenient platform for people looking to find different sexual encounters, kinks satisfaction, and suitable events; and all under one roof like JOYclub. Its informative sex and erotica resources ranging from the magazines, groups, and forums just make it much more than a dating site. Whether you’re on the lookout for a hot night or just curious about erotica and other sex topics, sign up on the site to explore your heart’s desire.

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