Amazing Conversation Starters with a Guy

Learn some conversation topics with a guy

Not all girls know how to start an excellent conversation to get a guy interested. Girls can put a lot of effort into trying to interest a guy and attract him, but if the girls don't talk about authentic things, the guy can slip out of their hands. Keeping up a conversation is a real art. If a girl masters it, then she has a great chance of success.

Even if you feel nervous around the guy you like, you need to muster the courage and start a conversation. With the right choice of words, it will be easy for a woman to strike up a great conversation with a guy. You should not make a pause when talking; if you have already started, try to have an uninterrupted conversation.

What are the topics of conversation? Well, there are some interesting topics you should know.

So, you know you like a guy, you know you want to start up a conversation with him, but it's hard for you to do it? Does the lack of topics of conversation stop you?

A lack of topics for conversation should not be a hindrance to starting a relationship. You just need to know a few examples! On this page, you will find the best conversation topics with a guy that can help you have sincere conversations with the guy you like.

  • Are you always so funny? (Use a question that centers on qualities of a guy)
  • If you could spend all day doing what you want you to do?
  • Do you have a hobby? What do you like the most?
  • What was your happiest childhood moment?
  • Do you have any weird quirks that no one can understand, and are you afraid to talk about?
  • What is the brightest event in your life?
  • What is your dream? What do you think is needed for its execution?
  • Do you like tattoos? Would you ever get a tattoo?
  • Have you had close people in your life who betrayed you?
  • What's your favorite dish? Would you like me to cook it for you?
  • Do you think you are a confident person?
  • Do you have a pet? Do you like cats or dogs more?
  • You are very smart; you probably read a lot. What books do you like?

What to say to start a conversation on the street

The street is the best place to meet. Questions and compliments are great topics for conversation. It's great to meet guys on the street who walk dogs. His pet is the perfect topic for a first conversation. Praise the dog; ask about the breed, name, age, character. If you dare, suggest taking a walk together sometime. Most likely, he will not refuse.

Conversation topics with texting

So, what happens when you do not face to face with the man you like? You are at a slight disadvantage. You cannot see his immediate reaction. But that doesn't mean you can't start a conversation with a guy using text messages.

On this page, you can get some smart conversation topics that you can start through via texting.

  • Do you like coffee or tea? Do you want to visit the amazing place? I could take you there.
  • Offer or ask for help or advice
  • If you had a superpower - what would it be? And which one would you like?
  • Describe yourself in three words?
  • Do you trust your head or your heart more?
  • What cheers you up?
  • I don't know what to play. Suggest an interesting strategy. What is your favorite game?
  • I want to go somewhere. Where did you go the last time?
  • Wondering what to cook for dinner tonight. What would you prefer?
  • I am afraid of darkness. Do you have any unusual phobias?

What about boring conversation topics?

Mainly boring topics of conversation are constantly discussed topics. The focus in such conversations is on famous people and their personal life, weather, world politics, and government, as well as on personal health, current insurance, attitudes towards children and weddings, everyday traffic jams, work, and shopping. It does not mean that these topics should not be brought up at all. If your interlocutor starts a conversation on any of the above topics, of course, you need to keep the conversation going, but don't dwell on this discussion for too long and move on to more interesting ones.

Interesting Conversation Starters with a Guy You Like

A great conversation starter topic can make a good conversation excellent. The below conversation starters should help spark interesting and memorable conversations with guys.

The value of such starting phrases is versatility. Anyone can use these expressions; it suggests a positive response and will help start a conversation.

You can use this idea of conversation starters for any situation. It much more exciting than the standard phrase “What do you do?"

  • Tell me about you. This is an excellent starter conversation because this phrase invites the person to tell something interesting that he wants to share. If he wants to tell about his job - it is great. If he wants to tell you about his hobbies - it is also excellent. And it is a perfect way to know what is at the top of a person's mind.
  • Working on anything exciting? It is a great alternative to the boring phrase “what do you do?”. A question opener like this can help the person to talk about something interesting.
  • What’s your story? This is an amazing conversation starter for the guy, it invites a person to tell favorite stories about him, and you never know what exciting things he can tell you.
  • What project are you working on right now? You can ask such a question to a person you already know in one context, like work, but would like to know more interesting things about him personally.
  • What was the highlight this week? This is a pretty alternative question, “how are you?” It can get more interesting answers than just giving a simple answer, "Ok." And it is a great way to strike up a conversation.

Great topic ideas for online conversation

Dating by texting is safer: you do not see the interlocutor, and everything is not so acutely felt. Girls usually post first a lot less often than guys, so even “Hi, you look really cute” would be a great start. Guys are so rarely the first to receive attention from women that they are always sensitive to it. Below are good topics to text about.

  • Hobbies
  • Discussion of the profile - activities, interests, favorite music
  • Travels
  • Outlook on life
  • Plans
  • Job
  • Plans for the weekend
  • Movies and books.

Finding an interesting topic for conversation at the first meeting is not so easy. But there are some rules that will help you successfully start a conversation.

Try to be natural. Try to communicate openly and honestly to all the questions asked by the guy.

When a guy says something, ask leading questions, show that you are interested in this topic. If you discuss a topic, try to appear competent and express your opinion (it should not radically differ from his position). Do not be passive in any way. So you will show that you are not at all interested.

Try to find out more about the person's interests. It will help you bond.

Long pauses should be avoided when communicating. You need to ask questions, be interested in the guy's persona.

Random topics discuss

  • A great way to start a conversation is to discuss the past day. Try to ask the person you like how his day went, how his work, and more. Tell about your day, but choose the most interesting things.
  • Discuss some common interests. If you both love the beach, dream of a vacation at a resort. If you both love hiking and picnics, plan your next weekend. You can have many common interests; you just need to ask the guy about his hobbies. You can get a lot of pleasure from such communication.
  • Talk about your plans for the future. Ask the guy what he expects from life, what goals he wants to achieve. Guys like to talk about their future plans.
  • Another great conversation starter is a new book or movie. Start talking about the emotions that the new film has caused you and ask his opinion about it. And if this film did not impress him, find out why, what exactly he did not like.

Сonversation topic ideas

How to keep up a conversation with a person? What to talk to him about? We have selected the top most interesting topics for you.

Take an interest in his personality. Anyone will always be happy to talk about themselves. Start by asking the guy about his three favorite foods, three movies, and three highlights from his biography. These simple questions will allow you to take an initial portrait and start an interesting conversation. Based on this information, you can continue a great conversation.

  • Hobbies. If you find it difficult to choose the next topic, there is a way out! Remember that every person has a hobby. Someone loves literature or travel. Someone is close to astronomy or architecture. Ask what the person is interested in and tell about what interests you personally. You need to find out if you have common interests.
  • Traveling. Travel is a great topic of conversation. Tell us about your impressions. And do not forget to ask the guy what place he liked the most and where he dreams of going? Good conversations can help you avoid the inevitable periods of awkward silence. Ask a question, make it funny, listen to what the guy says and tell about yourself too. It should not be an interview but a way to learn more about each other.
  • Animals. Pets are the coolest topic. Most people have pets. And people are happy to talk about animals. But if the guy who likes doesn't have a pet, ask about his preferences. Maybe he has long dreamed of a "new friend" and will gladly tell you about it.
  • Movies. All people watch movies and TV shows. In a conversation, ask him what sort of films he enjoys. You can even advise each other on a movie that you haven't watched before. Ask him if he’s heard about one of the films that are closest to his interest. If he’s not seen it ask if it would be something he’d like to see?

These guy conversation topics give you a clear idea of how to get the conversation going. Be confident, keep having a nice conversation, use a whole lot of your charm, and it should work.

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